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2827 Atwood Ave, Madison, USA

Bunky's is a Must for Locals and All Visitors!

Bunky's is just simply, - wonderful! Within their menu they offer gluten-free items and vegan fare, so there are many different items to please and amaze everyone! I am a pasta freak, so I love their Spaghetti & Marinara Sauce. I am a Vegan and I highly recommend Bunky's to everyone... they serve the highest quality cuisine at very nice prices. Write it down: Italian and Mediterranean · Gluten-Free · Lunch or Dinner · Spaghetti on the Board(ask about this!!) · Homemade Ravioli - Luscious Desserts

318 State St, Madison, USA

Simple, Peaceful, Delicious

This small restaurant is one of the most popular on State St in Madison WI. All the menu choices are as diverse as the patrons who eat at Himal Chuli. Whether you live here and have not been to HC, or if you come for a visit to Madison, I highly recommend HC for its delicious and distinct menu selection. My favorite menu item is - Vegetable Dumplings accompanied by a side of rice, a cup of dal, and a piece of warm roti bread - all filling and very comforting.

2089 Atwood Ave, Madison, USA

Monty's Blue Plate Wonderfulness...

If you seek comfort in your excursions into cuisine not made in your own kitchen, then Monty's is the place to be! They even have delicious selections for me, a very active Vegan. Whatever you choose from their extensive and interesting menu, you will not be disappointed. From toast to desserts, their world is your place of complete contentment - you win every time!

1101 Williamson St, Madison, USA

Mother Fool's - Funky with Fantastic Food !

Any place that creates and serves delicious Vegan fare is tops on my list and welcome on my plate.
Great building and simple ambience combined with their food selections makes this a great place to spend some time solo, or with friends. It's such a wonderful addition in the cafe scene of Madison! Relax & Enjoy.

1810 Monroe St, Madison, USA

Glad it's in town...

Set in the Monroe Street neighborhood, Madison's Trader Joe's is a welcome entity that carries traditional groceries and very interesting and enticing not-your-usual-food products which make for wonderfully delicicious meals and snacks - and what kind of review would this be about TJ's if I didn't mention the insanely popular and quite tasty "3 Buck Chuck Wine"?

1221 Williamson St, Madison, USA

The Best Natural Foods Co-op in Central Wisconsin!

Willy Street Co-op is one of the best natural foods store icons in Wisconsin, and has been since 1974. The selection of shelf product, fresh foods, bakery, frozen foods, and body care items is completely and welcomingly diverse. I've never walked out of either of their locations wonting, I always find what I need or want, with or without the assistance of staff. As a Vegan I can state with all confidence and directness that Willy St always has what I am looking for - they have an incredibly extensive selection of Vegan products, produce, and offerings of fresh Vegan fare in their delis and bakeries. Plus, their class offerings meet anyone's interest(s).
Willy Street serves and supports the Madison area with deep commitment and joy. It's a place all members and customers are very proud of and support.

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