Serves meat, vegan options available. Nepali restaurant. Owners are vegetarian and menu includes vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian food cookied in separate pans from the meat dishes. Open Tue-Fri 11:00am-8:30pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-8:30pm.

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First Review by rccourtney


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27 Aug 2023


This was our first time here and we were very impressed. The food was delicious. There were plenty of vegan options to choose from. We will definitely be back

Pros: Cozy space , Food



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16 Jan 2021

Very accommodating

Owners are knowledgeable. Vegan and vegetarian options are marked as such, lots of good options. The food is different but definitely worth a try.

Pros: Plenty of veg options clearly marked, Fast service


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20 Sep 2020

Nepali for the win

I have never had Nepali food but it was healthy and delicious. Vegan is also explicitly labeled on menu items. There is even a dessert that honestly also seemed healthy but satisfied my sweet tooth. The mamocha was so good. Would seriously go there just for those little steamed dumplings.


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22 Jun 2020

Wish I Could Give Five Stars!

An amazing meal! Everything we tried rocked from the saag to the dahl to the dumplings to the bread... You get the idea! And don’t forget to order the coriander sauce. Magic!!

Pros: Fresh and delicious, Lots of vegan options, Owners are vegetarian

Cons: Wish they were all vegan!!


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28 Jan 2020

NONE of the Moma or Dumplings are Vegan :(

I have been to Himal Chuli four or five times and I loved it. EACH time, I have asked to make sure that the dumplings (or Moma, or Momos, or Momocha) that appear in their soups and other dishes are vegan. I have always been told that they are. The servers I have had in the past must not have understood the difference between vegetarian and vegan. This past weekend, I had a server who is a vegan herself for the first time. She told me that with no uncertainty, none of the dumplings here can be ordered vegan. NONE of the bread or roti is vegan. The bread is used in ALL of the dumplings, in the filling... And this is why there will be animal products in all of them. Needless to say, I was devastated, but I told her I truly appreciated the information. I have had the Tuk-Pa soup on several occasions, thinking that what I was eating was vegan... but I want everyone else to know that it is not (unless you order it without the dumplings, but what is the point of that?) Instead, I ordered the Tarkari special with brown rice, and a green salad, which was very good. My vegetarian/flexitarian daughter had the Tofu Buff with the roti (which was a little oily, we thought.) The food here is very good, and there are lots of plant-based options. I don't appreciate being misinformed in the past, but then again, I appreciate my most recent server setting me straight so that it won't happen again. I want to make sure that others know what they are getting into here... the stews and soups are delicious, but steer clear of the dumplings and breads if you are a strict vegan, and don't believe a server that tells you otherwise!

Pros: Lots of healthy plant-based options, Delicious out of the ordinary spice

Cons: Misinformation, Potential cross-contamination, Potentially unreliable server information


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12 May 2019

Wonderful Nepalese Cooking

Every chance I have while I’m visiting Madison Himal Chuli is on my wish list for lunch or dinner. I’ve shared this restaurant with numerous family and friends over many years. The people running the restaurant are nice. Good variety on their menu!

Pros: Wonderful herbs, Tasty soup and bread


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15 Apr 2019

So many options.

So yummy. I love everything here. Menu clearly labeled.


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01 Apr 2019

Wonderful, authentic Nepali cuisine

Himal Chuli has so many veg and vegan options it was hard to choose! The food was one of the best things I have ever tasted and I would highly recommend this to everyone


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06 Mar 2019

Delicious, Many Veg Options

The dishes of this restaurant are authentically Nepalese, spice/herb-based, and oh so delicious! Highly recommended for those wanting to expand their culinary horizons and go beyond the standard Indian fare.

Pros: Delicious, healthy food, Authentic with many options, Kind staff

Cons: Not very salty (which is also a pro), Brightly lit inside


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04 Oct 2018

Great Food!

I love the rustic, intimate atmosphere. Music is played in the background and is not intrusive. Compared to Indian food, this is more subtle with the flavor of the vegetables in the forefront. I had the Farsi tarkari. It was delicious and fresh tasting. I like that the dal includes many different lentils and beans.


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09 Sep 2018


My family is on a road trip through the Midwest and just ate at this restaurant in Madison for the first time. We had 3 entrees and each was excellent. I love that they have brown rice as an option and I really loved how delicious and healthy everything was. So many restaurants have vegan food that is extremely greasy, this restaurant doesn't seem to go that route. Brown rice, lots of fresh vegetables, little oil and super delicious. I would definitely go back should I find myself in Madison again.

Pros: brown rice, excellent food, right sized portions


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08 Jun 2018

creative, excellent

Love this place! So many vegan and vegetarian options. I’ve been to many Southeast Asian restaurants, and this one was really creative and different - and tasty. They even have a dessert that is vegan and gluten free.


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12 Mar 2017

delicious daily tarkari!

This restaurant was wonderful! I had one of the daily tarkaris which had butternut squash, onion, and peas, my friend had the other daily tarkari, which was spinach, potato, and black-eyed-peas. Both of them were amazing and very filling. There were several vegan options, which were very clearly marked, and an entire vegetarian section of the menu (I think the majority of it was vegetarian). I would definitely make sure to check it out!

Pros: excellent food, several vegan, many vegetarian options


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12 Jul 2016

peanut momos and jackfruit curry

This restaurant is not afraid to use meat substitutes like seitan, jackfruit, ground peanut "meat" and tofu. We got a soup and a curry dish. The rice was on POINT which Is definitely something to be proud of. The curry was good, but the plate was about a 1/2 cup of curry, and a cup of rice. The soup was probably about 2 cups of under seasoned broth that really was just spicy with cabbage and broccoli. The momocha was really sour. I am Nepali so I guess I have really high Nepali food standards. I would say for $30 I would never go back there again. The soup was not worth more than $6 but I paid twice that. Everything was too lemony and on top of that the server did not seem stoked to be serving us at all for whatever reason.

Pros: jackfruit, tofu, seitan and peanut substitutes, extensive vegetarian options

Cons: under seasoned soup , way too expensive , underwhelming service


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29 May 2016

Great place for vegans

The staff of this restaurant were thoroughly versed in vegan and gluten-free diets. The menu labels vegan options and our server was able to answer all our questions about ingredients. They have some really unique and delicious options, such as curried jackfruit.

One caution: when they say hot, they really, really mean hot. Their heat range goes well beyond what one might normally encounter in foods served to Westerners who aren't used to seriously hot food. One of our party, who loves of very spicy food, was unable to finish his food because it was so hot.

Pros: Diverse menu options, Friendly staff, Moderately priced

Cons: "Hot" here is much hotter than at other restaurant


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19 Sep 2015

Great little place!

This is a tiny little restaurant with great vegan food - which is hard to find in Wisconsin!!! Definitely worth visiting but note that they are cash-only.


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27 Mar 2015

Delicious Nepalese Food

This was my first time experiencing Nepalese food and it was insanely good! I had the Veggie Momocha, Katahar Kabob, and Quati. Each were a delight to eat and share. Wish we had good Nepalese food in Chicago!

Pros: vegan-friendly, huge vegetarian section , quick service

Cons: pricey, vegan dishes not marked


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25 Oct 2012

Simple, Peaceful, Delicious

This small restaurant is one of the most popular on State St in Madison WI. All the menu choices are as diverse as the patrons who eat at Himal Chuli. Whether you live here and have not been to HC, or if you come for a visit to Madison, I highly recommend HC for its delicious and distinct menu selection. My favorite menu item is - Vegetable Dumplings accompanied by a side of rice, a cup of dal, and a piece of warm roti bread - all filling and very comforting.

Pros: Diverse Menu, Friendly service, Easy on the eyes atmosphere

Cons: When uber busy service is a bit slow


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02 Sep 2012

Finally good Vegan

We really wanted good vegan food and we had worked our way through many over-raved Madison places only to find the meal of our dreams over there on State Street. We'd read warnings about the high prices so we stuck to the simple Tarkari dishes. They let us have a half and half option of the specials of the day, so we had our rice and two different tastes. It really hit the spot. We will be back.

Pros: great food, quaint atmosphere, warm staff

Cons: Cash only, No receipt, On a business trip


11 Jul 2023

When I’m in Madison Himal Chuli is my favorite!🌞✌🏻


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04 Aug 2012

Tasty Nepalese Food

My husband and I really enjoyed our dinner at Himal Chuli. They have many options for vegans on the menu, including tofu, seitan, and jackfruit dishes. I had the seitan buff w/dahl and brown rice. It was all very tasty, especially the seitan. The flavor was really good, lighter than Indian food and a bit lemony.
My husband had the jackfruit based katahar kebab which was also quite good.
The special tarkaris of the day both sounded very good as well; we had a hard time deciding what to order.
My only complaint was the price. Our dishes were both $15-16, and the portions were not all that large (plenty for one person, but they couldn't really be split, as I thought would be the case at that price). I feel that this type of dish should fall into the $10-12 range.
That being said, I would definitely consider going back if I returned to Madison.

Pros: Good vegetarian selection, Tasty Food, Nice location

Cons: Price, Crowded


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12 Jun 2012

Tasty but on the pricey side for a casual meal

Never one to turn down jackfruit when it's an option, I had a salad and roti with the Katahar Kabob. In it jackfruit is marinated with a blend of spices and sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. The dish had wonderfully fragrant and complex spices. It tasted delicious; although, it was on the oily side.

My husband had a salad and rice with the seitan buff, which included big chunks of seitan stir-fried with onions, garlic, mushrooms, broccoli, and green peppers in Mediterranean spices. The dish was savory, rich, and very filling. While I thought the lunch was very tasty, my main complaint would be the price. At around $16/per plate, I thought it was unusually expensive for what it was.

Pros: interesting and unusual, outdoor seating, good portion sizes

Cons: Pricey for lunch

Rob Latousek

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03 Mar 2012

Healthy and cozy

Reputedly the first Nepalese restaurant in the US. Opened in 1985. Excellent traditional vegetarian and vegan options their specialty. Generally Indian-style cuisine. Daily tarkari specials. Brown rice available. Small, cozy space, which can fill up on busy weekend evenings and lunchtime, in popular State Street shopping area between UW campus and state Capitol building.


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19 Aug 2008

Great vegetarian place!

This is my favorite restaurant in Madison. Most entrees are 10-14$. All of the veg food is cooked on separate utensils and pans since the owners are vegetarians as well. Great vegetarian menu which is larger than the meat section of the menu. Potatoes, onions, tomoatoes, seasonal produce ,seitan and tofu are the main ingredients in the dishes as well as spices.
I love this place.

Pros: Large veg menu, veg food cooked on seperate pans, amazing food

Cons: wish it was cheaper

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