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1239 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, USA

Great for everyone

10 Apr 2012

After couple of days of not- so-good food during our vacation, this was just what our body wanted: all raw veggie goodness! Great selection of juice/smoothy. Most meals come with entree sized hearty salad. Their burger is great even if you are not vegan. Stick to the hot special if you don't want raw.

22 NW 4th Ave, Portland, USA

okay but not great

23 May 2011

I have been wanting to go here for a long time because its all veg restaurant. The first time my family went there, the look of the place drove us sway! But we wanted to give this a try. Hot n Sour soup was very good. Veggie curry chicken and Chicken in Pineapple sauce tasted good. But both were way too greasy for me. I would love to try some dish which is not greasy :) And their specials menu was very very dirty!

917 Simonton St, Key West, USA

Fresh * healthy * delicious

10 Apr 2012

Great spot for lunch. Loved their juice/ smoothies. Peaceful Tempey and Italian veggie sausage were yummy. Most meals come with entree sized salad. Recommend the place 100%. The store is nice as well. Found a fresh mango bread that was one of a kind.

4888 NW Bethany Blvd Ste K6, Portland, USA

Good vegan food this part of the town

05 Jan 2011

Great vegan place this part of the town. Pho is very good. Although I've had better pho before, those places are very far and this place is 2 miles away! Other soups they offer are good too.Heavenly Kabob is..well heavenly. Humble bao was a bit dry. I love their side of seasoned white rice. Has a very homemade taste. Overall a very good place to eat.

509 Southard St, Key West, USA

Must try

10 Apr 2012

One of the best place I have ever eaten! So many choices. Generally our veg food comes from a hole in a wall. This is a charming place with character and friendly service and awesome food. I wanted to try their whole menu. But we had Stuffed baked eggplant(unique & delicious), Stir fry (amazing), gyoza dumpling(yum),Stuffed peppers and more.All great! Definitely recommend it.

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