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300 E 12th St, New York City, USA

Nothing to Write Home About

24 Dec 2012

The food was okay. Some was good and some was bad. The veggies I got were mushy, maybe over-cooked. The prices are too high for the portion & quality, and I found our server to be very snotty. For the prices I was surprised that they only accept cash. Not a place I plan on visiting again.

2033 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, USA

Vegans Beware

24 Dec 2012

I went to Lanesplitter a couple weeks ago. A man took our order. My friend ordered her items, including the "Vegan Herbivore". She mentioned having seen it in the display up front. She's not vegan but wanted to try it. I am vegan and severely lactose intolerant. I ordered the same thing. I, as I typically do in non-vegan restaurants, pointed to the item on the menu & specifically stated "Vegan". I order 3 slices because I'd barely eaten all day and was starving. It was my last day in CA before flying back to NYC. My first ever visit to Berkeley, & my one day to spend with my friend I hardly get to see. We were talking & eating, I commented that the cheese was very much like real cheese, as far as I could recall. When the waiter came to get the plates, after I'd eaten all 3 slices, I said "Wow, that vegan cheese is a lot like real cheese". He said "Oh, you wanted the vegan one"? I said "Yes, that is what I ordered". So I spent about an hour or more barfing in their bathroom, which, after chemo, I really bleeping hate, and then we went to get some lactose digestive pills that cost me $12! The waiter apologized and comped most of our meal, although he did charge us for a drink which I felt was really lame. He should have comped us AND offered us what we really order to go so I could eat vegan pizza after I barfed up the rest. I can't get that time back, but Lanesplitter can fix their menu. If you offer a vegan version of a non-vegan pizza give it an entirely different name. Apparently they have one called "Herbivore" and one called "Vegan Herbivore". I've been vegan a very long time so I am good at being specific. The waiter didn't ask us "vegan or non-vegan" so I had no reason to believe he had not heard me say "vegan". Plus, I had not seen on the menu that that particular pizza came as anything but vegan. Pointing at the menu should have made it obvious. It ruined my last day in CA, which makes me sad. Very disappointing & stomach upsetting visit.
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 23, 2012

3409 24th St, San Francisco, USA

Not Worth It

17 Jan 2011

I used to live in San Francisco & I would get food from Papalote. I have never gone there and had my correct order handed to me. I'm visiting now and my friend & I decided to get take out. We got home and both of our orders were wrong. I was meant to have two tacos and I only received one, and my friend didn't get her chips and guacamole. So I called to complain. The girl I spoke with reluctantly said she would give it to us next time we came in. I called ahead the following day and talked with the manager. She wasn't very nice & kept stating "it's not possible to only get one taco when it comes with two." She also wasn't really answering my questions. But she said she'd get it ready for us and give it to us. We drove back over there and picked it up & got home & my vegan tacos were COVERED in sour cream and cheese!!! I'm only visiting so I have no intention of ever returning. If you like getting your order correct and avoiding the waste of food by having to send it back I suggest going elsewhere. There are so many Mexican food places in SF that are capable of getting order correct and their food is equally as good, if not better. I suggest skipping Papalote unless you want to check your order thoroughly before heading home. But, like I said, they have never gotten my order correct the first time, and more than just this weekend have they gotten it wrong the second. Plus, most of the staff are VERY rude. The food is good, but not good enough to deal with this.

60 W 23rd St, New York City, USA

It's Fast Food, Not Health Food

09 Mar 2011

I go here a lot. Nearly every day. It's got really great stuff to eat, but keep in mind it's fast food so it's greasy (lots of sauce) and most items are fake meat rather than vegetables. I recommend the following items:
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (spicy sauce & really messy, but good. Good without sauce as well)
Grilled Veggie Sandwich
Caesar Salad (The dressing is amazing!)
Green Shake
Chocolate Shake (better w/Almond milk)
All the desserts are good but nothing comes close to the greatness of the cup cakes! Be careful, they are addicting.
Some items are healthier than others. I shouldn't be eating soy but it's hard to resist some of this fake chicken & Terri has the best in NYC. The owners are very nice, and most of the staff is friendly, although I have encountered delivery issues and certain staff members can be a little rude.
It's small, not much seating but good for pick up/delivery. It's right off the F train at 23rd & very easy to get to (right next to a gym). I do recommend going there, but not eating there daily. It adds up in price & in grease content! But, it's not health food it's more of an indulgence.

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