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232 SE 1st St, Gainesville, USA

Casual, Fun Restaurant and Bar

12 Sep 2012

I've been eating here ever since it opened a few years ago. The vegan options are great and the vegan queso they make is really quite good. I love their hot sauces, the guacamole and the fresh veggie tacos. They have a vegan breakfast burrito on the weekends too. This is a great place to go for the night - have dinner on the porch under the string lights and then stay for drinks, music, ping pong or pool on the back porch. Service is friendly but can be slow so relax, order a beer and settle in for the long haul here.

4783 PGA Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, USA

Excellent Food

24 Dec 2011

Excellent, fresh, delicious, creative, flavorful and beautiful food. This is the number one place for veg food in this area. My husband and I eat here at least twice every time we visit s. Florida. Recently I have eaten the
"tuna" wrap, the Kimchi roll, the avocado roll, a special taco dish and several juices. The kimchi roll is creamy, spicy and packed with delicious
and crunchy vegetables. Also, as a person who doesn't normally bother with dessert, I always save room for it here because raw deserts and especially CK deserts are the best.
If you've never tried raw foods this will spoil you forever! This place is great for lunch or a romantic dinner. It is def on the expensive side, but what isn't in S. Fla?
Updated from previous review on Friday December 23, 2011

505 NW 13th St, Gainesville, USA

Delicious Brunch

03 Aug 2011

I've been eating here for ten years and the food has always been decently good but nothing to write home about. The menu had not been updated in what seemed like forever. Recently however I ate brunch here that was fantastic. My husband and I split vegan banana crepes that were out of this world and a tofu scramble with seitan bacon. Everything was so good. I really hope they will keep this up.

435 S Main St, Gainesville, USA

Great Grocery Store for Vegans

12 Sep 2012

Great little grocery store for vegans. They have fresh, local produce, a good bulk section, all kinds of frozen vegan delights, a good dry goods section, plenty of cruelty free cleaning supplies, and a small but impressive beer selection. Lots of the employees are vegan so they're very knowledgeable and helpful about their products. Only downside is this place can be pricey.

295 Grand St, Brooklyn, USA

Crispy, Greasy, Fried Heaven

03 Aug 2011

So crispy, so greasy, so fried and I can't stop thinking about their chikn wings. I dont' think I could eat there every day - I really am a health nut - but it's soooo delicious and such a treat for vegans.

201 SE 2nd Ave Unit 110, Gainesville, USA

Love this place!

12 Sep 2012

Yummy cupcakes and they're all vegan except for the ones with marshmallows. It's a cute place right downtown in a great spot. Don't know which cupcake to recommend because they're all colorful, adorable and, of course, delicious!

1516 NW 13th St, Gainesville, USA

Yummy sandwiches, fresh soups and salads

06 Sep 2013

The owner here makes a serious effort to buy local, organic produce. I see him every week at the downtown farmers market and the effort shows. They have fresh, seasonal produce, creative soups, and yummy sandwiches. Cool hand cuke sandwich with cashew cream cheese is great.

401 NE 23rd Ave, Gainesville, USA

Wonderful, Cozy, Charming with Good Local Cuisine

26 Jan 2012

The Jones serves consistently good, simple, yummy, healthy food in a small charming restaurant. They try to serve only organic and local foods. They always have a large selection of vegan items and often have vegan specials. The Thai tempeh wraps, the Stir-it-up, the Quin-what, the tofu scramble and the Tree Hugger bagel sandwich are all great options.

They seem to always be open! Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 7 days/ week.

Cash only.

521 NW 13th St, Gainesville, USA

Terrible produce, good frozen and dry selection

12 Sep 2012

Decent market for occasional purchases but it's not a place to do all your shopping. I end up buying a fair amount of hard-to-find vegan items here but always regret purchasing any produce. It may be organic but it is never fresh and doesn't ripen properly.

4320 Almeda Rd, Houston, USA

Delicious, Hearty Paninis

04 Nov 2011

Great solid food with creativity! I had a zen panini with lemongrass and tempeh that was great. I also tried the Latini Panini which was also delicious. Whatever bread the Paninis are on is really yummy too. Awesome smoothies!

Make sure to try the kale salad too!

619 W University Ave, Gainesville, USA

Consistently Delicious

03 Aug 2011

This place serves great food. Nice atmosphere. Lots of vegan options. Perfect for lunch, a casual dinner or takeout. I can't stop eating the Curried Palm Hearts! So good!

706 W University Ave, Gainesville, USA

Serves Lamb Chops

26 Jan 2012

I certainly understand the appeal of this place. It's a cozy, warm, lovely atmosphere with a nice wine selection and great Jazz.
However, I can't believe this place is even listed on here. They have very few vegan options and they even serve lamb - which I thought was kind of a deal breaker on Happy Cow. There's a vegetable salad and a black bean soup, but you must ask them to leave the cream out. There is one tofu stir fry that's decent. More of a pity dish. They serve vegan french toast on sunday. If you're stuck going here with carnist friends then you'll survive but I would never recommend it if you're hungry.

I listed it as a 2-needs improvement because I would looove it if they offered more vegan food and head there in an instant!

171 Sullivan St, New York City, USA

Heavenly and Hearty

04 Nov 2011

I ate in the beautiful back garden and enjoyed everything. I tried the Tacu Tacu, Tallereinas ala huancaina, a ginger smoothies and, my personal favorite, the mushroom ceviche.

Such fresh, flavorful food and incredibly filling. I can't wait to go back to NY to eat more Rockin' Raw!

1714 Southeast Hawthorne Rd, Gainesville, USA

Delicious, Southern, Charming

06 Sep 2013

Great place in East Gainesville with an entire page of Vegan options in the menu. Pickled watermelon, bbq tempeh sandwich, vegan cakes, vegan mac'n cheese, black eyed peas, collards, etc. You will leave feeling completely stuffed.

725 NE 1st St, Gainesville, USA

Great Ambience - So So Veg Options

06 Sep 2013

I love going here because of the beautiful building, lovely garden and exceptionally friendly staff. There really isn't much in the way of veg food though. You can order the veggie panini minus the cheese. They can usually put hummus on instead but there's really nothing dedicated for vegans.

30 N Main St, Gainesville, USA

Great for Vegans

12 Sep 2012

I've eaten here weekly for years. It's a busy, hectic, quirky, fun atmosphere. Service can be slow when it's busy but they're usually very friendly, knowledgeable and about all the vegan options. I like the Vegan Caeser, the Ginger Tempeh Tacos (tuesdays), pecan encrusted tofu, the falafel burger, the black bean burger with seitan bacon and all the tempeh dishes. They usually have a vegan special too. They have an entire section of vegan brunches on sunday. The Vegan Benedict can either be delicious or too greasy to stomach so be warned.

515 NW 23rd Ave, Gainesville, USA

Great Place for Produce/ Vegan Items

12 Sep 2012

This is my favorite grocery store in Gainesville. It's the place to go for produce, vegan food products (except Gardein is noticeably absent), vegan hair and beauty products, delicious beer and good, cheap wine.

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