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CLOSED: Foodswings

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Contact 718-388-1919

295 Grand St (at Havemeyer St, in Williamsburg), Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11211

Brooklyn vegan fast food restaurant. Veggiechicken cutlet parmesan hero, mac n cheese, buffalo wings, philly cheezesteak, and other vegan fast food. Reported closed to HappyCow.

Category: Vegan, American, Fast food, Take-out

Reviews (41)

First Review by slack_scholar

comme ci, comme ça - Edit

I *love* that this place exists, but not all dishes hit the mark. I was excited to see vegan 'sliders' on the menu, for example, but cannot understand why they put *chipotle* sauce on them! The tank shake, on the other hand, was fantastic. I did not experience the rudeness that other reviewers reported from the staff, but I've only visited while on vacation or on weekends, when I can let my freak flag fly. I can imagine the staff not being so pleasant if I came in wearing my boring office attire.

Pros: all-vegan, comfort food, cool stickers

Cons: unhealthy, spotty quality

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Best vegan comfort food - Edit

There's no better place to get a vegan milkshake or gravy fries. Seriously, if you're looking for reasonably-priced vegan comfort foods, this is the place for you. LOVED it.

Pros: Tons of options, Super tasty, Fast

Cons: Not open for brunch

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Very Happy - Edit

I was pleased with my experience here, I had the Foodswing burger, and I loved that it was huge and tasty. A little greasy, but I am okay with that, (actually perfer it sometimes) so if you have a sensi stomach, be careful. Ordered the punk fries (cheese & bacon), they were alright, not amazing, the bacon bits were a little soft for my liking, and the cheese (the 'wiz') had that oily flavor that I try to avoid with the cheeses...the actual fries, though, were really good, really crispy. Also had the chicken bacon ranch, I only had a bite, but it was really good, chicken patty was hearty and I am a fan. The gyro was probably the best thing I tried on that menu though, tasty, great texture and ingredients! Overall, I recommend this place as the food was really good and there should be more places like this around NYC.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday May 21, 2013

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Cool Place - Edit

I had been "dying" to go here, but I hate to say that I didn't love it like I had hoped. I liked my food and general experience, but it didn't live up to the high standards I had. Also, I did end up getting a bad stomach ache like others who have posted about that! My stomach is very sensitive if I don't eat healthy, and the greasy food at Foodswings did affect me.

Food: 7. I had the bacon chicken ranch sandwich with the punk fries (cheese and bacon bits on them). The chicken patty was extremely realistic in texture and was very crispy. It didn't seem too flavorful to me, though. I didn't care for the ranch dressing. The bacon wasn't as crispy as I would have liked. The sandwich was pretty huge. Overall, I liked the sandwich a decent amount but probably wouldn't get it again. (I like the similar sandwich at HipCity Veg in Philadelphia much better). The fries were good but not great. I also had a Butterfinger milkshake, and that was my favorite item by far! I tasted a piece of a friend's cheesesteak sandwich, and I've had much better ones... this one had too much of a smoky taste or something.

Price: 8. Seems about average for an all vegan place.

Staff: 9. Very friendly.

Atmosphere: 8. Cute and cozy. Decently clean.

Pros: All vegan, Great variety, Great for v*gans and omnis

Cons: Not the healthiest of options, May cause stomach aches

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fast food fix! - Edit

Last time out in New York, we missed food swings as they were already closed.

This time, we popped in for dinner with a few friends and enjoyed a variety of dishes family style. My favorite was the chili. Mac n Cheese was good, but not great. Fried chicken was also very good.

All in all, a must stop if you want to get you fast food fix!

Pros: inexpensive, bargain, tasty!

Cons: close early, cash only

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Never a let-down - Edit

I have been to Foodswings several times, always when traveling to NYC. In fact, friends and I have made special trips to the city, just to visit Foodswings. It is THAT good. Over the years, recipes with which I wasn't that impressed have been improved, the menu has expanded, and they just keep getting better and better. There is nothing I've ever ordered here that I would say isn't good. The hardest thing at Foodswings is deciding what to order, because it's all so amazing. Just pick something and enjoy - it's all delicious.

Pros: All-vegan, variety, milkshakes

Cons: cash-only

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BBQ drumstix - Edit

Brooklyns only vegan greasy spoon! Okay, I don't know if that's true, but it's the only one I've been to. I had the drumstick trio. Vegan 'chik'n drumsticks, battered and fried, then coated in bbq sauce, buffalo sauce, and some other sauce. Served with ranch dipping dressing. I also tried mac n' cheeze and fried plantains. Everything was exactly as one would expect from a vegan junk food place, fried and delicious, but unhealthy. I wouldn't eat here everyday. It's nice on occasion.

Pros: bbq chick'n drumstix, mac n' cheeze, fast

Cons: 'fastfood'

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vegan fast food - Edit

Pretty damn unique spot.... It's a bunch of unhealthy fast food like cheese steaks, burgers, milkshakes, wings, etc. Only vegan! Never seen anyplace like it. A little expensive but hey if you're vegan you're probably not eating like that often! Pretty psyched I work in the neighborhood.

Pros: wangs, cheese steakz, open late

Cons: a bit pricey

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Nice people and place - Edit

This is a good restaurant if you want vegan fast food. The people was really nice when I asked several questions about their food. I was mainly interested on some ingredients from their burgers and I ended up knowing that they used olive oil to make them, great no?! Burgers were really nice and tasty. We also ordered some chips with "cheese" and "bacon" bits and they were nice as well. One thing that you have to keep in mind, the food in this place is not expensive. Then, don't expect fancy things. The quality of the food is way better than any other fast food but keep in mind that it is rather greasy.

Over all, we loved it. Greasy food, once in a while it is fun!

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Vegan fast food - Edit

If you want vegan chili cheese fries or baked potato skins with cheese, sour cream, and "bacon" then Foodswings is the place to go in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Definitely satisfies your greasy fast food urge, but certainly not healthy. But, we all need naughty food sometimes!

Pros: Vegan fast food, Lots of vegan options

Cons: Greasy

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Reviewer Avatar

the worst food ever - Edit

I stopped going there 4 years ago, because food was so bad, but I decided to give them another chance... - big mistake. The french fries are from the cheap key-food frozen section and the frying oil wasn't changed for weeks. The "home made" chili was the worst chili I had in my life and I am not young... I ate some because I was so hungry, but I got sick right away. All the kids working in the cafe probably write good reviews for themselves in spare time, but please beware or just go somewhere else...

Pros: none

Cons: bad food, old frying oil

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Crispy, Greasy, Fried Heaven - Edit

So crispy, so greasy, so fried and I can't stop thinking about their chikn wings. I dont' think I could eat there every day - I really am a health nut - but it's soooo delicious and such a treat for vegans.

Pros: greasy

Cons: greasy

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American Comfort Food - Edit

I was craving a Gyro one day and Googled "vegan Gyro NYC" and this place popped up. I was thrown back with all menu choices that were just plan, comfort food. I was not disappointed. The Gyro was great and just as authentic as you could ask for. The chicken wings were awesome as was the Chocolate Shake. I place to go back there and eat my way through the menu. It's great knowing we have these options in a vegan setting.
It's not a healthy-raw vegan establishment and they know it. I think it's silly to criticize them for having "greasy" type of comfort food. Go somewhere else. This type of food is fun, comforting and has spirit. It uniquely connects vegan dining with mainstream America. Worth a trip if you live in NYC. If you are visiting NY,..leave Manhattan for a couple of hours and try this place, you will be happy you did.

Pros: Food, friendly staff

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The place for vegan junk food - Edit

Amazing selection with choices unheard of especially between 11pm and 2am ready for people leaving the bars - everything deep fried and called midnight munchies.

very much a vegan mcdonald's equivalent with seating simply to eat food and leave.

funky vibe and staff.

Ate the Vegan Heart Attack Burger and woke up with chest pains - lives up to its name but worth it!

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Greasy, sloppy heaven - Edit

I've been to a handful of vegan junk food restaurants, and this one is the creme de la creme without a doubt. If you're looking for something light and healthy, go elsewhere. But if you're looking for a vegan chicken cordon bleu sandwich that tastes like [edited by staff] chicken cordon bleu, this is your place. The "vegan heart attack" and the "wings" were very tasty also. The staff was super friendly and the price was quite reasonable.

Pros: best vegan fast food I've ever eaten, friendly staff, good prices

Cons: fattening and addictive

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eh, give or take - Edit

I went to Foodswings over the weekend for the first time. A lot of online sites had said it was a must-visit. I got excited at the prospect of vegan fast food, but I wouldn't classify this place as fast, and the prices were much higher than typical fast food prices. As with most vegan restaurants, I was completely overwhelmed by the menu and just asked what was the best. When I sat down to eat my vegan chicken parm sami, it was awesome!! But not so awesome later whent he greasy-ness of the sandwich and fries (delicious!) finally caught up with my stomach. I had some cake as well, and it was incredible. The icing was amazing! So overall, good place to visit, but I don't know if I will be rushing back there.

Pros: menu, cake, service

Cons: price, speed, greasy

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greasy vegan fast food - Edit

i haven't been to foodswings in a couple of years now and don't plan on going back. a good size menu that has food that takes a long time to digest. a couple of the items i have had are pretty good but others were just to greasy and reminds me of real fast food. the staff consists of gutterpunks so that gave me some concern. no interest in easting there again.
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 18, 2010

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Melody13 27 Jan 2011 - Since gutterpunks are homeless or transient individuals I can ASSURE you we have NONE of those working at Foodswings! Half the staff do have some tattoos though, sorry.

Greasy Spoon - Edit

My wife and I visited New York for a week and this was one of the places we decided to visit for a meal. We are both vegetarian and the last Vegan meal we had in a Parisian restaurant was absolutely dire. Anyway, we needn't have worried as the meal was excellent and great value compared to Manhattan. I had the Vegan Heart Attack and my wife had the Chili Con Seitan. With regard to the decor, in England this would be called a greasy spoon as it is just like a typical small town cafe. This however, is part of its charm, and if it had been closer we would have been back every night to try the rest of the menu. I know our Vegan friends would kill for a place like this in the UK!

Pros: Great menu, Excellent value

Cons: Distance from Manhattan

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So good! - Edit

The first time I went in there I spent about $60 and got like 2 sandwiches, an amazing milkshake, a root beer float, the best vegan chick'n wings, and I believe I also got some Mac and Cheese out of the deal. It was all amazing. So I went back recently feeling really depressed over a sick cult ritual that involved swinging chickens and slicing their necks, folks were performing around Crown Heights. It cheered me up pretty instantly I had gotten the butterfinger shake (wow) plus a decent sausage and peppers sub and the pu pu platter along with more chicken wings. Then I went back and bought two more sandwiches and mac and cheeze and it was so so so good. Those chick'n wings brought me back to a nice happy place and the sauces they put on them are liquid gold so tasty and fitting.

If you need a pick me up (and slow you down) Foodswings is number one. The food is amazing and the prices are pretty decent. The only problem is if you sit facing the menu you get really really really hungry and order more...errr at least I do. If you have a chance to visit Foodswings do it and do it again.

Pros: great food, good prices, butterfinger milkshake

Cons: not available where I live, hard not too want too order everything, a bit fattening

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Go for the Food - Not the Atmosphere - Edit

So many people my age (late 60s) and even younger will only eat in a place with atmosphere of classy decor and well-dressed customers where wait-staff come to your table. I go for the food. I don't care who else goes there or what manner the decor. The food here is not only delicious - it's fun. It's not meant to be a classy restaurant. It's a sandwich shop with a wide variety of really good stuff. I came from Detroit to the other end of Brooklyn for a few days but I stopped here to eat on my way in and on my way out.

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Amazing junk food - Edit

It is great to sometimes visit a nice junk food restaurant. I visited this place in july 2009. I shared a portion with 4 different kind of meat sticks (drum sticks?) and then we had meaty salads with thick and tasty sauces. The shakes are great, especially the mint chocolate one.

Don't go there if you don't ever like to eat junk food, even creamy shakes. This food won't be good for you. We looked more ladylike than punks and the place was really welcoming and laid back.

Pros: Tasty!, Meaty!, Good selection

Cons: Not good for you, Silly posters on the wall

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Vegan Fast Food For The Punks - Edit

I have noticed that this place gets a pretty good mix of very positive reviews and very negative. Not sure why that is but...

I personally had a good experience. I thought the staff was nice enough. The room is small, but looks like it should: pretty much like a classic fast food restaurant that's been overthrown by renegade employees. It's not sparkling clean with a fresh paint job or fancy furniture, but it's definitely clean enough to relax and eat a meal in.

The food is about the same. Pretty basic fast food, but vegan. I went with some friends and everyone left happy. I had the mock fish (fillet o sole? or whatever it's called) sandwich. Pretty good. Also the chili con seitan was great, as well as the buffulo wings. The milkshakes are good as well. The side salad is pretty much what you'd expect from a place like this. Not an elaborate celebration of vegetables that you might find at a regular veg restaurant. Just a basic diner type salad, which brings me to my point:

Don't go to a place like this expecting something healthy or unique. It tastes like the junk food you grew up on. The shite you ate before you were vegan. HOWEVER, if you ever do get a craving for that kinda stuff, I'd say it's worth a trip. It's not organic- it's not good for the planet, it's not good for you, but it tastes good, and it's animal product free.

Pros: Delicious vegan junk food!, Good shakes!, Seitan Chili!

Cons: Maybe a little pricey for what it is...

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Fast food heaven? - Edit

I went to foodswings today, I was starving and slightly hang over, actually the best starting point to have a good food experience in my opinion. I ordered the Gyro Burger, with no fries for 7,50 and what should I say, I was still hungry after that and I usually don't eat a lot. The patty itself was tasty, but I had whished for more actual Tzatziki sauce, cause that was the reason for ordering this particular burger. Kinda boring. I then ordered the Combo Plate for 9(three drumsticks with choice of side) with Mac n Cheese, cause people around me had ordered it, I figuered it must be good. The Mac n Cheese was just gross, nothing tasty about them, but the drumsticks were OMG! the meatiest experience in several years, so if you come here order them, maybe with a salad? The biggest surprise was actually the homemade Chilli con Seitan for 4,50 I had to go. Perfect and tasty, fresh and nice with sour cream! Just lovely! Had the Crunchberries shake to go too, it was so lame I almost forgot about it!

All in all I have had more tasty experiences, the atmosphere was okay, some skater boys and the girl at the counter was not grumpy. The fit broccoli body they have on their flyer is not to be achieved here. A little more veggies are not just healthier, they actually would add taste to all the mock products...

Pros: drumsticks!, fast, online menue

Cons: not so tasty, not organic, not to hang out

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No no, really, it's vile. - Edit

Foodswings. Wow. I remember being really excited when it opened. Then I remember being really, really sad when I finally went there. Cheese fries - warm french fries with a slice of Tofutti cheese laid across. Macaroni and cheese - macaroni with garlic powder. French bread pizza - a hard roll with tomato sauce and two pieces of Tofutti cheese.
Still, I went back, cause the people who ran it were really into being vegan and a lot of people I knew would go there after shows.
After a while, I would go, but just hang out. The food never got any better. It was still the same nasty, low-quality C-Town items, everything from a freezer.
Anything they make there, you could (if you even wanted to) easily make at home for far less.
This is the kind of place that should only be able to stay open in a college town in Ohio.
Seriously, it's New York. New York is the vegan capital of the world. This is not the place to go. Ever.

Pros: no, no, no

Cons: gross, greasy, bad

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Junkfood Heaven - Edit

I am glad I don't live in Brooklyn. Open late in bedford and crammed full of delicious vegan junkfood. They have a huge menu and the staff was super friendly and fun.

I had my first Philly Cheese Steak sandwich in my life and it was amazing! (Well, in the "that tasted so good but I can't believe I just ate that" sort of way). I also had a veggie buffalo wing which was excellent (and pretty large) and a root-beer float to really do the evening right. The guacamole there is great too.

Not sure what to say, you wouldn't want to eat here everyday but it seems like heaven for those who need your junkfood fix from time to time.

I am looking forward to coming back and trying some other menu items!

Pros: Cheap, Delicious, Friendly Staff

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foodswings - Edit

me and my friends stayed in brooklyn, and we had to check out this place....you don't see a lot of vegan comfort foods. and this place was great. they had an awesome menu, it was hard for the vegans to pick something out and the meat eaters also enjoyed it. the mock fish products were so delicious. it was a funky little place and the girl that took our order was friendly, and the food was great, they even has great icecream treats and floats- i got a cherry bomb, it was vanilla cherry soda with chocolate ice cream- yum.

Pros: cheap, fast, menu

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Reviewer Avatar

Sometimes you need a little junk food. - Edit

Foodswings has become one of my new favorites. Not only is it in my 'hood, it's a vegan's dream world with all sorts of options (milkshakes, come on!), for things I thought I would never been eating again. It's almost a sort of comfort food for me, really. My current favorite would have to be the Filet o' Sole, though the chili and mac and cheese are pretty high on my list too. It's pretty much great.

Pros: fast service, good food, vegan everything

Cons: not really so good for you food

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Favourite spot in New York - Edit

I visited Foodswings several times the last time I was in NY, and went through most of the menu - there are many things to choose from. Their drumsticks, nuggets, milkshakes and fries are the best ever. I love fastfood and was amazed how good it was. Highly recommended. I didn't care for their burgers and hotdogs though - I thought they were pretty tasteless.
The neighbourhood is cozy and its easy to get to from Manhatten.

Pros: excellent fastfood, good value

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Great food, cool politics, and serious hostility - Edit

I love the food here. I love the political vibe , too. I'm very pro-bike. I've drawn for anarchist newspapers. I'm a member of Greenpeace, aging punk rocker, etc., etc.I know this review isn't about me, but I wanted to establish that, other than not being a vegan (and wearing leather - sorry about that), I'm exactly the kind of person who should be welcomed here. And I've always felt very much at home here, even though it sometimes makes me feel a little old. I catch myself thinking that the mostly very young clientele sure has weird taste in clothes, and it makes me chuckle.

Anyway, I've been going to this place since it opened, although not that often, since I live in Greenpoint. I made a trip south expressly to have their fabulous chili last night. I locked up my bike, smiling at the the funky sculpture that serves as a bike rack out front. I walked up to the counter, and the following conversation ensued:

"Hi. I'd like the chili, please, to stay. And can you make it spicy?"

"Can we make it what?"

"Spicy, please."


(a little slower, louder)"You know, hot. Spicy"

"Oh we have hot sauce right over there. You can put it on yourself."

"Oh, OK. The other times I was here you didn't have any hot sauce out."


"You didn't used to provide any hot sauce on this side of the counter. I've always had to ask the kitchen to put jalapenos on it."

"We don't have jalapenos."

"That's OK. Just whatever you can do to make it spicy, that would be nice."

At this point, she said they could put Buffalo sauce on it. I said OK, then thought wait, that's a barbeque sauce, and it's probably really sweet and smoky, so it wouldn't be right on chili. I said so. She canceled the Buffalo sauce, and a guy from the kitchen appeared, assured me it was just hot and not sweet, so it was reinstated. I got my change, said thanks, and started looking around for something to read. There was a political poster on the wall, and I said it was interesting that it compared Bush to Hitler, when in my opinion this administration is closer to Italian fascism.She said she wasn't interested in what I had to say. I called that a poor choice of words and not very nice.
She said maybe I should just leave when my food was ready. I asked why and stayed reasonable while she had a meltdown in front of me, accusing me of being rude. I begged her tell me how I had been rude, and even apologized. No dice. They made me leave, and a customer insulted me on the way out. It sucked. A lot.

Pros: Delicious, Politically savvy, Cheap

Cons: Psycho wait staff

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vegandan 11 Jun 2008 - my personal opinion is that the staff was probably correct about you. I have been vegan for 14 years and will give a chance at any restaurant that accommodates a meat free / appetizing delight to my palate. Instead of looking at the walls and debating politics with the staff , try to critique the food. My wife and i love the vibe and the atmosphere and would highly suggest this place to go and see - try the buffalo stix - they are amazing!

Up Da Punx - Edit

Good for fifteen-year-olds with nothing better to do than stare at post-punks across the storefront.
Not good for post-punks across the storefront.
The food is basically what you could get at a veg-friendly Wal-Mart. Boca Burgers, fake bacon, disgusting fake cheese; all this can be yours, and more!
The Tank milkshake was all I enjoyed when I was there. But it's not too hard to make a good milkshake. Their milkshakes are great, so at least they got something right.
*Minus one star for the rainy evening when I stopped by.

Pros: Milkshakes

Cons: Price, Regulars, Food that has to be chewed

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My new home - Edit

this place is truely unbelievable. the food is excellent. i got Quesadillas. they were really good. i also got The vegan heart attack. WOW that damn burger was so damn good. i swear they gave me beef. lol the fries taste like they just cut them. and the milkshake gets 2 thumbs up. my friend (whos from Philly)got the cheesesteak and he said it was really really good. the people were very friendly. the music was great. i just wanted to keep ordering more food.

Pros: the great tasting food, the good music, hospitality

Cons: i was to full to eat any more

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not what its made out to be. - Edit

After reading reviews we were super excited to go here, but when we got there the staff was kinda rude and the sandwiches were so-so. They didn't even offer us water and when asked for it they gave us very small cups. That said, the milkshakes were absolutely fantastic. I would go here again for the shakes, but not to sit down to eat.

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Foodswings 12 Oct 2007 - Are you kidding me? when was the last time you went into any fast food/counter service place & were offered water? a falafel place? a pizza place? a chinese take out? what part of fast food did you not understand?

Vegan comfort food - Edit

Well, this is my favorite restaurant in NYC. Everything is 100% vegan. Staff is super friendly. Oftentimes customers talk to the staff. It's in the most cutting-edge part of New York (Williamsburg Brooklyn) so plenty to do after you eat. The food is simply to die for. This is the place to bring your friends who potentially could go veg*n to and maybe try to show them how they can still have all their favorite animal foods but live a more compassionate lifestyle. Favorite thing on the menu is the Godfather. It's a huge vegan burger with soy mozzarella and pasta sauce on it. In fact, the Italian flavored foods on the menu are my favorites, but maybe that's because my mom is Italian and she made a lot of this stuff for me before I was veg. Has a great variety of fast food type meals. All natural sodas. This restaurant is the place to go when you want some truly decadent food.

Pros: awesome staff, amazing food, big portions

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