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Gangolfstraße 2-4, Am Hauptbahnhof, Bonn, Germany

Wide selection

This supermarket has a very wide selection, but the prices are not a bargain. If you are looking for bread or produce, you could save money shopping somewhere else (although it's convenient to have it all in one place). However, the store has an excellent selection of soy and other vegan products. It also has other products that are not available in other stores.

Green Bldg 1F, 5-1-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

So good!

Yes, it's not cheap and the portions are small (even compared to regular Japanese portions), but it's worth it! It is hard to find pure vegan food in most of Tokyo, and it's a really sweet little cafe. I just got a bento and an onigiri to go, and they were both very good. I had no idea how the made the food, but they made it well; this is a restaurant run by people who actually know how to cook, not just politicos. One downside is, there isn't really anywhere to sit if you just order food from the cafe. I had to go walking around until I found somewhere to eat my lunch.

Marienburger Strasse 38, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Good but pricey

I suppose that the amount of vegan options varies every day, but when I went there about 5 of the 10 dinner options were vegan or could be ordered without cheese. Unfortunately everything was rather pricey for me, mostly close to 12 euros. You do get bread though; the portions are also large, and the food is well-made. The girl who worked there was not very friendly, but when she didn't hear my request to make my order without cheese, the cook remade the entire dish (which was nice). The ambience is also nice, and the atmosphere is pleasant. Also, although I don't eat desserts, I did see that there was a vegan cake available. Overall, the food was good and the proportions matched the price, but it was a little out of my price range. The mishap with the cheese could have been a bummer but they very kindly redid my order (although the waitress did sort of try to blame the misunderstanding on my German, which wasn't fair!).

Prinsenstraat 12, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pretty basic

Going by the description here and the restaurant's description of itself I expected the vegan pizza to be actually a pizza. However, it really was more like a focaccia- a lump of white bread with tomato sauce on it, no veggie toppings or anything. Not bad or anything, but not pizza. It left me wondering, what's the difference then between the pizza and the focaccia? So be warned, 3 EUR might seem like a great price to pay for pizza, but you're actually getting a piece of bread. Which isn't really such a great deal!

Yorckstrasse 52, Berlin, Germany

No cooking involved...?

Contrary to what the previous reviewer said, I found that the cafe actually was cosy, decorated with lots of pillows and so forth. However, I agree that the portions are small for the price and there does not seem to be any actual cooking in the kitchen. By that I mean pretty much everything served is something one could buy oneself-- i.e., hot chocolate mix, store-bought muesli, those vegan tofu slices that are available in every health store. Yet the prices are way overpriced-- for example, a SMALL cup of tea costs almost 2 euros, but all it is is boiled water and a tea bag! Overall, I appreciate their trying to be green and the all-vegan menu, but the food selection and preparation was unimpressive. (P.S.: They do speak fluent English if you consider that appealing.)

3764 Watseka Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Good in a pinch

It's sort of like the cheap, vegetarian version of Souplantation. It's very convenient because all of the vegan options are clearly marked. The salad bar is good, but they don't have any nice, juicy beets, sadly. Sometimes the hot food here can be good. However, it can definitely vary since the selection is rather limited. If you don't like the vegan special of the day, that is just too bad. Personally, I tend to not be crazy about the curries because they seem to use tomatoes heavily, and I am not a big fan of tomatoes. They do always serve brown rice, though, and the vegan dal is reliable. Also, refills are allowed and the prices are very cheap.

Muntplein 1, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Falafel by any other name?

I'm surprised that people get so excited about this place because there are a million other shawarma/falafel joints in Amsterdam serving basically the same thing for 2 Euro cheaper! BUT I guess the positive of Maoz is that it's ALL vegetarian, unlimited filling, and there is a whole-wheat bread option (although it's still "fast food," I don't expect that it's 100% whole wheat). The salads are very yummy. It is more expensive than generic falafel- but you can get your money's worth from that unlimited salad bar I guess!

Eerste Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Worth a visit

I had some reservations about going here because 1) it's way out of the way and 2) the person on the phone was pretty brusque, so I was worried it might be a bunch of crazy anarchists. Luckily it was a nice building and the people there seemed completely nice. The 3-course meal( where else can you get 3 courses for 5 eur?!!!) included sweet potato soup (sweet potatoes are expensive in Europe!), a plate with coucous, hummus, bread, cucumber salad and mixed vegetables and beans with sauce, and a cinnamon roll. The portion size was very reasonable. One negative is the doing the dishes by yourself, because you're basically at the mercy of your fellow diners and can only hope that they are thorough when cleaning. Also it was wholesome but I felt that the night I went wasn't super duper healthy, as the meal included refined couscous, white bread and the cinnamon roll I think was full of sugar. But I know not everyone is as concerned about these things as I am. Also a negative is that it is only open M-Fr after 19:00.
P.S. The correct time to call is after 14:30 (even though some sources say earlier)

Venloer Strasse 5-7, Cologne, Germany

Pretty good

As mentioned, most of the food is vegetarian, not vegan. Still, it doesn't cost too much as long as you don't pile your plate high with food. The food was fairly good, pretty typical veg buffet and the kind of stuff that wouldn't be too difficult to make at home. Overall it was good for a quick lunch but nothing too impressive. I didn't have the daily special, though, and it was quite popular.

1047 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, USA

Too much of a good thing

The food is really good. Too good, in my opinion, because I always eat too much. Yes, I know that I could take it to go, but I wish they could just sell some smaller portions for cheaper prices instead. The balance of flavors is very subtle and good. For a while they were even selling some kind of lentil wrap in Whole Foods, but unfortunately that seems to have ended. Also be warned that you will almost definitely need to park on a side street, but that's to be expected in this neighborhood.

Jodenbreestraat 94A, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Good soup

I had no idea the bread was not vegan- that would come as a surprise. The soup I got was nice though. The prices seem very low, but the small and medium sizes of soup would make a pretty small meal. Still, it's not expensive. It can be crowded. When I went, there were two vegan soup choices. One con is that they don't designate which items are vegan- and I didn't ask about the bread because bread here is typically vegan. Maybe it has changed since the prior review? Unfortunately I didn't think to ask.

10438 National Blvd, Los Angeles, USA

What's the big deal?

I don't understand why so many people I know love this restaurant. It is greasy, the flavors are crude and sloppy, and I just get the overall impression that the people who work here do not really know how to cook. I so much want to like it, especially because it is close to my house, but I just don't. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing when I ate here, but I think that there are many tastier vegan options available nearby. Oddly enough, they also provide board games. Maybe they want to make up for the poor food by entertaining us.

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