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2965 5th Ave, San Diego, USA

Great Vegan Fast Food

I have only been here once. (I don't live in the area.)

I used the drive though, I am not sure if there is seating inside. I ordered the vegan mushroom Swiss burger, sweet potato fries, tropical sunrise shake, and some cupcakes.

I the burger and fries were great, and a bit messy. Fast food vegan style. I enjoyed the shake. I didn't get the cupcakes I ordered, and forgot to double check my order, so I am not sure how they would have been.

All and all, I would go here again, but would make sure to double check my order.

1905 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, USA

Great Food.

I went here 3 times while I was in SD on business.

I had the Crispy Rolls, Jumbo Drumsticks, Clay Pot Sensation, Lucky Mongo, Pandan Cake, and some cookies.

I thought the food was great, this is my favorite type of Vegan food. Mostly Asian style and the use of a lot of mock-meats. I liked the Lucky Mongo most, and the Clay Pot Sensation was good as well. I wish the Clay Pot Sensation came with more veggies, but not really a big deal.

The desserts were ok, next time I will just save the calories for something else.

The place was more crowded than I would expected, I went during late lunch (East coast dinner), but wasn't so crowded to be bothered.

I would definitely go there again, next time I am in SD.

742 W 21st St, Norfolk, USA

Great Place for All

I have eaten here 2 times now. They have many menu options for Vegans and Vegetarians. The menu is clearly marked which items are vegan/veg on not. I think they may even have a separate menu if you ask. All the staff I have talked with isvery helpful in what dishes are/aren't vegan/veg, and know the differences.
The food tasted great. The 1st dish I had was EGGPLANT BHARTHA. It was very tasty. The 2nd time I went I had the VEGAN THALI labeled "Vegan Favorite", and that is no lie. The vegan Thali is a combination of 5 or so different things. It has a little of everything on one dish.
The atmosphere is well designed, and clean. You can find pictures on-line, and see menu options.
Price for 2 adults & 1 child = about $50.00 including large tip.

5860 Harbor Towne Parkway, Suffolk, USA

Great Food; Great Service

I have been going to Rajput in Norfolk for many years, and started going to this Rajput in Suffolk since it opened. Both have great food and a very large vegan menu. I go often, and have never been disappointed.

I usually order and recommend the Vegan Thali. It includes Vegetable Pakora, Palak Tofu, Chickpea Masala, kachumber Salad, Basmati Rice, Roti Bread & Carrot Dessert.

This is also a great option for couples or groups that may not be all veg*n, as there are meat options too. This location also has allot of room fro large groupsparties.

They usually have a (non-vegan) buffet during lunch, but you can still order from the menu. This location does not do the monthly vegetarian buffet, only Norfolk does.

There is a children's menu. My (non-veg) 3yo son loves the Fish Tikka kabob.

They deliver, you can pick-up, and can also order on-line. Their website provides a full menu and better detail.

Below is link to Vegan menu:

3304 Taylor Rd Ste D, Chesapeake, USA

Good Selection for Vegans

I have gone here many times, mostly for frozen and refrigerated vegan products. They have a decent selection of vegan items, and carry all the essentials and a couple extras. They also carry a large selection of vegan / "healthy" snack and deserts, and some grab-and-go's from Pasha Mezze.

Although they are not really my thing, they also seem to have a large selection of dietary supplements, and some gluten-free foods.

Prices are mostly fair, and seem to be MSRP.

The store is always clean, but you may just want to double check the best-by and expiration date before you buy something.

984 Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach, USA

Great Vegan Food, Fast

I have have eaten here many time while shopping in the store. I often get 'Build your own' Black Bean Burger w/vegan aioli. I have always enjoyed the food.

I also buy there "Grab 'N Go" items. I love their vegan noodle salad and sesame pasta thing.

2123 Colonial Ave, Norfolk, USA

Great Vegan Breakfast & Lunch

I have only been here once, but ordered food for more than one day (ate there and took some on a business trip).

First off, there is a great selection for vegans. One of the reasons I ordered food for to take with me the for next day, was because I couldn't decide on just one thing. They had at least one flavor of vegan cream-cheese and plain. They also have about 12 sandwiches/wraps to choose from, not to mention the baked goods section with vegan items in it.

I was there around closing time on a weekday and the place had allot of customers, but still a places to sit. Parking was a little pain, but this was my first time so I may find better parking somewhere else near by.

Ordering was easy, and everything was clearly marked. They are also more than willing to customize any sandwich. Server was great.

I had, 1) Bagel w/veg cream-cheese. 2) Vegan Pulled BBQ on bagel. 3) Vegan Egg, Sausage and Cheese on bagel. 4) Vegan PB-Cookie.

I thought #1 & 3 where great. The Vegan 'egg' wasn't what I was expecting, but better. I am not sure what it is. #2 & 4 where very good as well.

The bagels themselves where good, but I want to try them again on a different day to give a more accurate review of them. I am a bit stricter when it come to NY style bagels.

Yorgo's also has non-veg*n sandwiches and baked goods. My wife had a non-veg*n sandwich, but I can't remember which. I know she liked it very much. She also had a few Challah Puffs, and absolutely loved them. the Blueberry ones where her fav.

Over all, Yorgo's seems to be a great place. I will be going here again, and my only regret is not going sooner.

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