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778 Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, USA

fresh and fabulous

22 May 2012

I had lunch at Bliss Cafe today, and it was a pretty wonderful surprise. A handsome, breezy, relaxing little place with soaring ceilings. The menu is super wholesome and appetizing --I started with a light smoothie that featured banana and kale, and ate something I rarely dare order: a "vegetable sandwich," this time with tempeh. The shredded veggies (lettuce, carrots, beets) were abundant and fresh, the bread was local, brown and deliciously smeared by hummus and vegenaise, and the tempeh hearty. On request they piled in some sauerkraut, which pretty much made it a reuben. Served with a pile of wildly delicious home-made lavash chips, that they'd seasoned w/ nutritional yeast and more. Highly recommended! Esp. as an antidote to greasy road-trip food. I think I'll go back tomorrow.

3770 SW Alaska St, Seattle, USA

Fresh and filling

02 Jan 2013

Yowz! During a recent stay in West Seattle, I was thrilled to discover there was a veg resto nearby--and organic no less. Pleasant space, warm and friendly employees, delicious food. I had a "hippie bowl"--starring quinoa with wonderfully flavorful bites of tofu. In the mood for carrot-o.j., I was delighted to find that their house juice is that very thing, amped up with appled and ginger. It was quite energizing. To top it off, I had a bowl of chocolate tapioca pudding, which was very well done. Not over-sweet nor chalky, just creamy, cold, and lovely to roll around in the mouth. I look forward to coming back!

1141 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, USA

tasty, cheap, friendly

22 May 2012

loved the quick, scrappy ambiance here--lots of counters, casual energy, great place to go alone. Also, I loved the mysteriously swirly (smoked?) thinly-sliced tofu that came on top of my chili noodle salad. However, that dish overall didn't satisfy me; the dressing was kind of unbalanced in the direction of chili and citrus. So I ordered another dish, and it was out of this world: Indonesian Gado Gado. A rich, black bean/peanut sauce on top of some amazing seasonal vegetables (chard and mushrooms predominated) with brown rice. Damn, they nailed that dish--go and try it!

2637 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, USA

lovely and leafy

22 May 2012

When I crave a massive hearty fresh salad in Cincinnati, Indigo is the place I go. The prices were tad steep, but they were recently adjusted, so the splendid salads have become bit more affordable. I pretty much always order a Saigon Chicken Salad minus Chicken--with some seeds/nuts instead; the soy/ginger dressing is brilliantly tangy. Comes with their irresistible, slightly greasy/yeasty home-made bread. Also, their fries are the best in the world. The black bean burger is okay. Good wines. There are many vegetarian options and a few vegan options, all labeled on the menu. In clement weather, their patio is a totally divine place to sit under dappled sunlight and watch the chiquerie of Hyde Park Square pass by. Very civilized, but relaxed--no need to dress up, low-key and very friendly servers. A great place to bring visitors to Cincy!

Via Farini 1/3 r, Florence, Italy

my favorite restaurant on the planet

22 May 2012

Hm. I have traveled far, many times, to eat at Il Sedano Allegro (which means 'the happy celery' in Italiano); they do include the occasional shrimp on their menu, and yet it remains my favorite veg-esque restaurant anywhere, including my homeland of California, veg paradise. They serve a salad of avocado and hearts of palm, which drives me wild, along with extraordinary veg versions of Tuscan staples; an astonishingly tender seitan "boar" stew, and red pesto bombolotti are two favorites. For dessert, they serve my favorite crepe in the world: filled with apples, topped with pine nuts. I am overdoing it with the superlatives here; I can't help it. The food here is spectacular.

Also, the owners/chefs are terrifically warm hosts, and the ambience is fabulous, and uncommonly subtle/edgy for Italy: black and white collages (of antique movie stills, if I recall correctly) plaster the walls, and the terrace twinkles with holiday lights year round.

If you are a vegetarian into local/authentic Tuscan grazing, I suspect you will be awfully pleased with Il Sedano Allegro. Full disclosure: I usually end up relaxing my veganism when in Italy, i.e. not bothering to exclude dishes that may have eggs worked into the noodles, or cheese stirred into a sauce. So I can't totally vouch for the breadth of their pure vegan offerings.

8316 Plainfield Rd, Cincinnati, USA

vegan shawarma!

22 May 2012

Kinneret has got few but great vegan dishes that I've never found anywhere else, like its shawarma plate--intriguingly-seasoned roast seitan, amid good baba ghanouj and hummus. Everything seems to come with their Israeli salad, a tangy and fresh little bowl of chopped cucumber, tomato, lemon juice, and olive oil. Also, I've enjoyed some tasty, greasy little cigar-shaped pastries filled with seitan "lamb" a few times.

For a vegetarian, the place is wonderful: chicken-free matzoh ball soup, veg chicken caesar salad, many grilled vegetarian sandwiches, and all kinds of middle eastern items that rarely crop up in the U.S. (eggs fried into tomatoes, for example).

The place also offers the pleasant feeling of being in another (Mediterranean) country, due to its sweet, amateur decor, its schmoozy, bustling Israeli owner, and the fact that it fills up with Orthodox families at lunch.

My only reservation about Kinneret is that they seem to blow through servers quickly; I wonder how well they treat them.

6227 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, USA


22 May 2012

The Loving Hut offers superb fixes for my three most frequent cravings: vietnamese food, vegan comfort food, and hyper-wholesome vitamin-packed vegetable glory. Their sandwiches (esp. the American panino and reuben) are divinely satisfying in a greasy, grilled way.

Their salads are fresh, local, and organic, and their almond ginger dressing is perhaps my favorite salad dressing anywhere. They offer loads of fake meat, as they aim to convert the masses, but I don't think this is their strength.

Most triumphant are their Vietnamese dishes: minty summer rolls with a creamy peanut sauce, and wildly scrumptious pho soup. I find that the ambiance varies widely from the front to the back of the cafe; the window tables are lovely luminous, and quiet, whereas those behind the counter are too devoid of artificial light for my taste. Anyway, go and enjoy; the food is excellent. p.s. they are constantly treading the path of veg-burger innovation, with great results, like their quinoa burger and their sunshine burger.

4822 California Ave SW, Seattle, USA

cheap, hearty, and delicious

03 Jan 2013

The Pho Than Brothers menu is comprised solely of pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), headlined by a vegan broth which is the best I've had. A rich, savory soup containing chunks of fried tofu, a soft nest of rice noodles, and straw mushrooms, wonderful on a cold day. A plate of accoutrements--bean sprouts, lime, basil, and a cream puff--arrives immediately, so if vegan, ask to hold the cream puff when you order.

Four sizes of soup, all huge and inexpensive. Friendly and quick. A haven in West Seattle, which is a pretty veg-hostile landmass compared to the rest of the city. Chaco Canyon, of course, is a wonderful haven, but for a cheaper, quicker, simpler meal, I highly recommend Pho Than Brothers. I've been twice--once swaddled in sweaty biking gear, headlamp beaming, and once in my pyjamas, and both times I lingered a long while with a book; nobody batted an eyelid or nudged me on.

They also offer a variety of teas and coffees--their chrysanthemum tea, which is lightly sweetened, was a new and lovely taste for me.

1429 12th Ave, Seattle, USA

classy and delicious

03 Jan 2013

I've been here twice for Sunday brunches and once for dinner--the dinner was pretty nice, and the brunches were insanely scrumptious things of dreams. They really know their ways around tofu here--tofu scrambles with delicate mushroom flavors; baked tofu on "avocado toast" with creamy dill spread; and an amazing appetizer: a mason jar full of kale, cooked with tiny, smoky, crispy bits of tofu.

I wasn't as wild about my linguine alfredo w/ capers--kind of a one-note flavor--but then I should have listened to my server, who recommended the other two pasta dishes. And I found my friend's tempeh vermouth to be too lemony.

But, both brunches were beyond reproach. Including a spectacular chocolate crepe, and a fabulous array of mimosas. It's particularly nice in the daytime, because the full wall of glass lets light pour from the street into the vast, high-ceilinged space with middle-earthly vertical wall plantings.

Servers have always been lovely. Though they don't seem entirely... happy--I sense a weight of managerial oppression in the air.

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