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6227 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, 45213

Part of the international chain of Loving Hut restaurants; each location is individual family owned and operated. Offers vegan cuisine with a kids' menu plus smoothies, gluten free and raw options. The cafe environment was created using many found, reclaimed, and reused materials. Operating since Mar 2009 previously as Loving Cafe. Open Tue-Fri 11:00am-3:00pm, Tue-Fri 4:00pm-7:00pm, Sat 11:00am-7:00pm.

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Reviews (28)

First Review by ohheysusieb

Perfect. - Edit

Been here many times... friendly staff, fully vegan menu, fantastic food. The new quarter pounder with cheese has been my favorite meal... also love the cheesecakes in the cold case, American panini, mac n cheese, and vegan chili. Can't wait to try everything at least once!

Pros: All-vegan menu , Variety, Friendly staff

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holy guacamole. - Edit

This place is so good! After finding it on HappyCow, my family and I came intending for me to order here and for my family to order from a meaty taco truck around the corner. After seeing the nachos and the Mexican wrap, my parents changed their minds. I ordered a bowl of mac and cheeze, my dad ordered a Mexican wrap, and my mom ordered the Golden Burger. We also decided to order a plate of nachos. There was a big seating area with lanterns and a fountain in the back, and the atmosphere was really calm and relaxed. Everything was inexpensive and came in good sizes, and the staff was happy to recommend other veg-friendly places for us to try during our stay here. My brother initially refused to eat any of it, but later, he did try a spoonful of the mac and cheeze and a few of the nachos. I've seen several reviews claiming that this place is too "preachy", but while the walls do sport many vegan posters and things, the staff was very friendly to my non-veg family and did not make them feel uncomfortable at all.

Updated from previous review on 2017-04-20

Pros: Really good vegan versions of non-vegan foods, Peaceful atmosphere, Friendly staff

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delish! - Edit

Extensive menu, wonderful staff, comfortable environment. Love this place !

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Friendly and conscientious staff every time. - Edit

Spot on service with an attention to detail unlike any other Cincinnati Cafe I have come to know in recent times. I always leave there feeling good about having gone the distance to experience their cuisine. The quality and variety of their offerings is excellent. A personal favorite is the Split Pea Soup. Also enjoy trying their new desserts as they appear.
Looking forward to getting back there soon as the cooler weather begins to set in.

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Love the Loving Hut - Edit

I have had many items here and all were good. Especially like the Raw Taco Salad and the Pumpkin Chili. Great Sloppy Joes - I get the spicy version. If you love dessert, you have to try the vegan chocolate cake..........AMAZING. I wish they were open on Sundays.

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My favorite vegan restaurant - Edit

Great food and a great atmosphere. A bit pricy but worth the money. Very friendly staff also.

Pros: Great food

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My Go To Vegan Restaurant - Edit

This place is fantastic! They have tons of options. You can choose to go standard veggie or try one of the many "meat" and "cheese" options if you want a bit of a change of pace. This is flat out the best vegetarian restaurant in Cincinnati.

Pros: Many choices, Fantastic food!

Cons: Atmosphere is a bit underwhelming

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Very Good Food - Edit

I went to the loving hut once with my friend & a second time with some family members. It's very hard in this area to find a good raw vegan meal. I ordered the zucchini noodles with marinara sauce & it was very good. They had vegan & raw vegan meals so the people I brought with me weren't limited to raw vegan food.
A couple things I would point out is limited seating. It's probably just because it's one of the few vegan restaurants around Cincinnati but we have gone & had to stand while we wait for a table to clear up. They also have odd hours so it's can be hard to plan to make it there.

Pros: Good food, Friendly people, Good variety

Cons: Minimal seating, Store hours

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Tasty and super friendly - Edit


After eating there a second time in two days, I'm afraid I have to drop them a star (from five stars to four.)

Two major reasons:

The portions are really paltry on both of the sandwiches I've had. Today I had the CX ("chicken") sandwich, and it was thin. Really thin. (See the image I uploaded.) Two very, very thin slices of grilled "chicken", a single lettuce leaf, one half tomato slice, a couple pickles, and dressing. Yes, it was tasty (largely due to the dressings) but just not justified for a $7 sandwich.

I also ordered a side of the very tasty "Tempeh Salad" starter. It was yummy: I guess sort of a take on tuna salad. At $4, it was actually an okay portion for a side, and it filled out my sandwich nicely. But then it's an $11 sandwich, not a $4 sandwich.

Second major reason for the point deduction: for a place that expressly bills itself about environmental stewardship and respecting the earth (and its animals) it's gross that they serve EVERYTHING with paper products. They have a sign near the LANDFILL cans that proclaims that their plates are compostable, and bowls and cups biodegradable. The latter is a borderline worthless distinction, and doesn't account for the dead trees and water and bleach and environmental justice issues with making paper products. And "compostABLE" is not the same as "compostED". Composting any kind of bulk of this kind of stuff usually requires industrial, super high heat composting (this isn't the cute stainless bucket on your countertop: think bulldozers moving around mountains of compost in a big, stinky compound.)

The remain as nice as can be. Just small portions, and to make it substantial enough to be a filling meal, it stops being "inexpensive."

I made it in just ten minutes before closing last night, and they were nice as could be. I got takeout, so no good pictures.

My Seitan Panini (%7) was very tasty and well done, if a little on the thin side. Fortunately I got a side of the Mac & Cheez, which was very well done. A little under-seasoned, but a little salt and hot sauce did the trick. Not exactly health food, but there are plenty of healthier options on the menu.

I'd definitely go back: for all vegan, with fun options, it's at a great price point.

Only real down side is the limited hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 11 AM - 3 PM; 4 PM - 7 PM (Closed from 3 PM - 4 PM)
Saturday: 11 AM - 7 PM
Sunday & Monday: Closed

Pros: tasty, friendly, vegan

Cons: limited hours, small portions, all paper serving products

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My Go-To Place - Edit

Living in a conservative and conventional area like Cincy, I find Loving Hut is a breath of fresh air. I do not know any other vegans in this city, so when I step into LH, I feel accepted.
I love their food, hands down. The price, the variety, the taste, the quality. Period.
I dislike the space- it's either outside on two tables, several window tables (which are often taken), several bar tables (which are awkwardly placed as they are inches from the front desk and entry), and the cavernous, echo-y, dim back area. I leave reeking of fried oil (which I wouldn't mind if I was to go home and do laundry...). The ease of entering/exiting available parking spots is a bit scary as cars block the view, and Montgomery Road is often busy.
I wish the location were closer to where I live (but that's a personal thing). I'd live there if it were the case.
Basically, it comes down to location, space, and quality of space.

I love, love the positive energy and feel.

I had a coworker (vegetarian) tell me that it's too preachy (bookshelf of vegan articles, books, newspapers, magazines, documentaries; wall quotes; posters of celebrity vegans, etc.). I didn't see it that way; because, well, I'M VEGAN! I understand her point of view, though- why preach to the choir? Well, it's their space, and why not? If you are to get the message out about something that you fiercely believe in, why not in your vegan restaurant? *shrug*

Oh, and their restrooms are always clean and smell divine!

In conclusion: if you're vegan and live in Cincinnati- GO. THERE. Furthermore, if you're vegan on a budget (and want to treat yourself)- it's THE best place to go. The national chains of Tex-Mex food (only acceptable vegan fast food places in the tri-state area): Chipotle, Hot Head, and Qdoba- get really old, really fast.

Pros: Cheap, Extensive, crazy delicious menu, Friendly/well-informed staff

Cons: Weird/limited hours, You leave smelling like a fryer, Inadequate space/quality of space

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Vegan Heaven - Edit

Extensive vegan menu that will surely satisfy omnivores too.

Pros: inexpesive, extensive vegan menu, yummy food

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Great place - Edit

I'm a little late with this review, but I definitely remember my visit to Loving Hut. The staff was super friendly and helped me decide what to order. The food was amazing and I'd definitely come back.

Pros: Awesome food, Friendly staff

Cons: Small

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Yum - Edit

So many options, so delicious. Try the salads and the faux meats. I love the "chicken" salad.

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Reviewer Avatar

Eat here! - Edit

We went about 45 minutes out of our way to eat here and it was well worth it! It had a great menu and everything tasted great and it was fast service. Nice atmosphere and fairly kid friendly. We have 2 small children and they had a kids menu for them and some puzzles for them to play with while waiting. The most friendly staff ever! If we ever come through the area again we will be stopping.

Pros: Great good, Friendly staff, Kid friendly

Cons: Limited parking

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Fantastic Food!! - Edit

I had the Portabella Panini and my husband had the Quinoa Burger. If you like mushrooms then this sandwich is an obvious choice. The service is wonderful and the menu is varied. It is a rare occurrence to walk into a restaurant and be able to truly be able to order "anything" on the menu. Their lemon cake was also wonderful! I highly recommend this place!!

Pros: Food, service, menu

Cons: hours

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Makes Me Want to Move to Cincinnati - Edit

The Cuisine, the Food, the Tea, the Smoothies, the People, the DESSERTS....m-m-m-m-m - ALL fantastic.

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The Loving Hut offers superb fixes for my three most frequent cravings: vietnamese food, vegan comfort food, and hyper-wholesome vitamin-packed vegetable glory. Their sandwiches (esp. the American panino and reuben) are divinely satisfying in a greasy, grilled way.

Their salads are fresh, local, and organic, and their almond ginger dressing is perhaps my favorite salad dressing anywhere. They offer loads of fake meat, as they aim to convert the masses, but I don't think this is their strength.

Most triumphant are their Vietnamese dishes: minty summer rolls with a creamy peanut sauce, and wildly scrumptious pho soup. I find that the ambiance varies widely from the front to the back of the cafe; the window tables are lovely luminous, and quiet, whereas those behind the counter are too devoid of artificial light for my taste. Anyway, go and enjoy; the food is excellent. p.s. they are constantly treading the path of veg-burger innovation, with great results, like their quinoa burger and their sunshine burger.

Pros: scrumptious, affordable, great variety

Cons: lotsa propaganda on the walls

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Love it - great tasting food & Smoothies!!!!! - Edit

My husband & I are vegan and travel quite a bit so to find this place is truly amazing!! Every time we come to Ohio we HAVE to stop in lol!

The food is extremely tasty the wait time is perfect. You will go home satisfied filled and happy. My meat-eater friends gives it two thumbs up.

Wish it were open Sunday and Monday!!
Updated from previous review on Tuesday November 01, 2011

Pros: Everything is 100% Vegan, Price is good, Clean atmosphere

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So Great! - Edit

There is parking around the back, but you have to drive down a really tight driveway to get there. Not a big deal for me and my tiny car, but it might be an issue if you drive a Hummer. You place your order at the register. If you order drinks, it is self serve out of their fridge. There are about 8-10 tables in the back area to dine at. It's a nice atmosphere; much different from the Loving Hut in Chicago.

My husband wasn't hungry, so he got the $2 dumplings. There were 3 of them (2 for him and one for me). They were very good. Small, but the perfect mouthful. I ordered the American Panini. I loved it! It was melt-in-your-mouth yummy goodness. It came with a small side of what was called corn chips, but tortilla chips would be a more accurate description. The sandwich filled me up, so dessert wasn't an option. However, the desserts looked great.

The place was busy, but we were the only table that ate there for the most part. I would definitely go back if I'm in Cincinnati again.

Pros: Delicious, All vegan, Inexpensive

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Loving Hut, Best Veggie Restaurant - Edit

I am my 2 teenage daughters love the Loving Hut Restaurant in Cincinnati, OH. We love the wide variety of food choices. There's something for all compassionate eaters, whether just starting on the path to eliminate animal products from their plates or accomplished raw foodists, fruitairians, etc. If just get started on the healthy vegan diet, they have unbelievably scrumptious meatless meat options, not only veggie burgers, but also many (meatless) chick'n dishes, but even vegan seafood such as sushi & coconut shrimp, two of my personal favorites! We also enjoy the portabella panini sandwhich. All their food is our of this world! My oldest daughter is graduating this year & we are planning her graduation party here! They have something everyone will enjoy! Best Restaurant in Cincinnati!!! It's worth the 1/2 drive to us. We absolutely love it! The customer service is divine! The overall general atmosphere eminates such good, positive energy, we hate to leave!!! It's like we can feel the LOVE! No wonder they call it LOVING Hut! We need more of these all around the globe!

Pros: excellent food , friendly service, clean, loving atmosphere

Cons: need more restaurants like this all over

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Avoid eating here... - Edit

I'll be as brief as possible...
-lots of options
-eclectic menu
-didn't try the deserts, but the raw vegan cheesecake LOOKED good
-area of town
-they put (vegan) cheese of some kind on EVERYTHING!! If you don't want cheese make sure you ask for no mayo, cole slaw, cream cheese AND vegan cheese or they'll put some combination of each on every sandwhich.
-poor customer service (accused me of not ordering properly when my super cheesy "grilled veggie" sandwhich had cheese on it and, when asked if I wanted "cream cheese" I said no.)
-weird pro vegan propaganda EVERYWHERE!! quotes on the walls, framed pictures of "famous vegans", tv channels tuned to foreign talk shows talking about veganism...very eerie. NOTE TO OWNERS: I'm vegan, which is why I tried your restaurant...I KNOW ABOUT VEGANISM! Needs to be toned down.
-Lots of fried food. Not very many "Fresh" options.
-Wished there was more Salads on the menu
-Lots of store-bought food. EX: Chips from Costco, Cheese is all daiya, etc...If you like shopping at Whole Foods and getting your own alternatives and preparing a meal yourself...then you are probably safer doing that.

By the end of the meal, my friend and I were so uncomfortable, we decided never to go back.

With a restaurant like MELT in Northside in existence, there is absolutely NO need to eat at this restaurant.

Pros: Desert options, Eclectic Menu

Cons: Decor, Location, Attitude

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Aelfgifu1 12 Feb 2012 - I agree with the Guest above. I found HappyCow today, because I am trying to switch to veganism. I just found this restaurant that is LITERALLY right around the corner from me. I could walk there. So I looked up its website and then started to read the reviews. Everyone is raving about it except this one reviewer.

I had to register, because I believe this reviewer is upset because s/he is a closet bigot. His/her cons listed the "area of town." This is code for "a lot of black people live here and it's not as trendy as Northside where the beloved Melt is located.

Don't insult my community through your ignorance. You're really missing out on a lot!  

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JohnnySensible 22 Feb 2013 - I like pro-vegan propaganda!

I like 'foreign'!

I am a confident person so I rarely feel 'uncomfortable'!

Loving Huts are not for everyone.

This is not a Review - it is an unpleasant display of bigotry & deep personal insecurity.


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Luv2Veg 22 Feb 2013 - Wow, Johnny. I have no idea what happened? I love this restaurant. It's closer for me than the melt, which is also very good, so I and my daughters visit quite often. We love the atmosphere, the food and the service. And we can't ever leave without dessert! All the food is always very fresh & yummy. For such a small restaurant, they really do have a very wide variety of food choices. I think maybe they try a little too hard to have plenty of choices, to be sure they have something for everyone. But, we've never had any problems. I am so sorry you did not enjoy your visit. Everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe just go for some dessert or a smoothie to see if you still feel those uncomfortable vibes. Well anyway, wishing you much love, happiness & peace!  

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Nice place...sad to see it go - Edit

I stopped in there before my flight home and ordered the American Panini. It was excellent! I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the delicious sounding choices, but was truly happy with my decision. I overheard one of the women behind the counter on the phone saying that they were about to become the Loving Hut. Another fav of mine when I travel, but I hate losing vegan spots to international chains. Plus, the Loving Cafe offered a different variety of items and the Loving Hut offers the same from location to location. I'm glad a had a chance to eat here before they changed over. Sorry to hear they're leaving...

Pros: friendly staff, reasonable prices, good variety

Cons: changing to Loving Hut

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Great Food - Edit

The Loving Cafe is a very, very tasty restaurant that even offers raw dishes! Definitely make the time to check this place out. They also carry raw love force bars and local kombucha. Just make sure to check out their hours online before driving out there.

Pros: Delicious food, Healthy, All vegan

Cons: Restaurant hours

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Wonderful Place - Edit

Lots of options. I had the chicken sandwich and it was really good. The customer service is great, prices reasonable. I am going to start going here once a week, I even got a pretty sweet organic tshirt for only $10. Great place.

Pros: Reasonably priced, Yummy, good parking

Cons: The dining area needs music

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Loving food - Edit

Really great place, Casual with great food! Great value for the money. Will go back whenever I'm in Cincinnati. Try the Pho.

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Our favorite restaurant! - Edit

Loving Cafe opened early in 2009, and we are so glad they did! The service is by far the best I've ever had at a vegan restaurant and the food is incredible. Our family favorite is the panini sandwich. It's on the best bread I've ever tasted! The prices are very reasonable and portion sizes are great. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone - not just vegans! (Also - the staff is very knowledgeable about food allergies, if that is a concern to you.)

Pros: service, excellent food, ample seating

Cons: not very close to the highway

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Jeffrey 22 Feb 2013 - Hi Lindseysoda, nice review of the loving cafe. I'll try it the next time I am in town.  

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Wonderful, all-vegan! - Edit

I was very pleased with Loving Cafe, the only all-vegan eatery in Cincinnati. The staff was very friendly and walked us through the menu, and when we couldn't decide (how nice is it to be able to order anything from the menu?!)the woman who took our order said she could make us a sampler plate for 5, 6, or 7 dollars each! So we took her up on the offer and were glad to have done so. We had a sampling of the special, called s.o.s., an orange-tofu-type dish, another tofu dish, rice, mixed veggies, a tempeh dish with tortilla chips, slaw, and bbq "chikin." Plus we were each given a raw and a slightly-baked veggie roll because it was our first time dining there. We also had delicious shakes and a chocolate cupcake (not part of the sampler deal, but worth the extra money). The food was fresh, delicious, and we were certainly filled up with the portions (she gave us a lot for $7/each). The staff was excited about the food they offer, which I like to see. They want to promote healthy, vegan food in Cincinnati, and I hope they succeed! They also recycle and compost everything, which is terrific to see! I would definitely recommend this place, and I think even non-veg persons would enjoy it. Seating is somewhat limited, but we didn't have trouble finding a seat.

Pros: 100% vegan, great portions for price, delicious food

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