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Video: Europe’s Premier Raw Food Chef b.alive Interview

 Borris Lauser / Chef b.aliveBased in Berlin, Germany, Boris Lauser is a Spiritual Life Food instructor, gourmet raw food chef, culinary artist, and Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist.

Lauser traveled the world for years, and it was in Asia where he had his first experience with raw food. He did a 10 day Vipassana meditation silent retreat in Myanmar, an intensive training to become an Ayurvedic yoga massage therapist at The Sanctuary on Koh Phangan in Thailand and a 3 1/2 day cleansing program at The Alternative in the Philippines. His extensive traveling and exposure to alternative lifestyles led to his growing interest in alternative medicine and organic foods.

While traveling to San Fransicso in 2006, he ate at Café Gratitude, and was excited by the raw gourmet vegan food he found here, especially a raw vegan cheesecake. He became increasingly passionate about raw vegan gourmet food preparation, and wanted to somehow bring this new type of cuisine back to Germany.

He searched the internet to learn about preparing the foods he became so passionate about. He stumbled across a kitchen apprenticeship program to become a Spiritual Life Food instructor at one of the world’s major research centers in Living Raw Foods and Spiritual Nutrition: The Tree of Life in Patagonia, Arizona. He quit his former job as information management expert at the United Nations in Rome, Italy and turned around his life at the age of 32.

After three months of training, he realized his new path in life. Upon his return to Germany, he started a dinner club in Berlin where he continues to share his gourmet raw vegan food creations in intimate private high end gourmet dinner parties for up to 14 people.

Boris continues to spread his knowledge and raw food preparation and yoga around the globe with his dinner club, raw gourmet food preparation classes and his own raw food retreats combined with yoga, mountain biking and soon more.

HappyCow’s Ken Spector spoke with Lauser in Berlin, Germany about his raw food prep adventures. You can check out the interview here:

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