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The Three Principles of Detoxification


By Ben Rolnik:

There are a variety ways that one can detoxify their system. Most people assume that detoxing means doing a master cleanse — lots of green juice, lemon, and water — and colonics. This overlooks the very serious problem of “re-toxing” right afterwards — not to mention the other cognitive-behavioral dimensions of detoxification!

There are 3 major principles of detoxification I call: rejection, ejection, injection. If we just followed these 3 basic principles, we could say adios to disease and hello to health! Before we can discuss these 3 things, however, it’s vital that we understand toxins and tonics. Simply put, a toxin is anything that is not good for us — physiologically and holistically speaking. These are the things that we want to reject and eject from our systems. A tonic is anything that is good for our system, restoring balance and vital life force energy. These are things that we want to inject (ingest) into our system. Simple enough? Let’s move on.

Rejection concerns rejecting the very things that are toxic in the first place. The reason this comes first is because if we don’t do this… guess what! The detox is completely useless! For example, if you spend 30 days healing on Gabriel Cousen’s diabetes program then return home and ingest all the toxic things that fomented the diabetes in the first place… you’re not going to stay healthy very long. Therefore, the first step is to reject toxins from our life. At the end of this post I’ll give you an effective way you can commit to taking action towards this now.

Ejection is the most traditional form of “detox” around. This is about literally taking the toxins out of your body, as in, for example, a cleanse or juice fast. There are many “ejection” forms of detox around… I suppose the greatest trouble is finding one that is effective for you. As a matter of well-being practices, there are a few things you can do every day in order to maintain a healthy and proper level of “ejection” or elimination of waste from your body.

The first is: DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Chances are you’re probably not drinking enough water. The surface of the world is composed of roughly 80% water. Your body is composed of roughly 80% water. Dorian virtue has an ascended master card: Drink More Water! What do you think you need most of (besides oxygen) for your body to thrive?! Make sure you’re drinking the purest water you can find, ideally from a natural source or a reverse osmosis / de-ionized source with minerals added back into it (neither tap water nor plastic bottled water is particularly “outstanding” in its ability to tonify and not toxify you). Make sure you’re flushing your system out!

Secondly, make sure your draining your lymph! Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymph system has no heart or pump in order to move it around our body. Therefore, we have to move it around mechanically. According to Dr. Jack Shield, one of the most effective way to stimulate and circulate the lymph is deep diaphragmatic breathing — which (beyond water) could be considered by far the most important constituent of health. Another way, if you practice yoga, is shoulder stand. Finally, if you don’t have one, get a rebounder and spend 5 minutes in the morning and night bouncing on it. Get your lymph moving!

Lastly, another effective way to “eject” toxins from the body is to chelate. There are many types of chelators — from zeolites to bentonite clay. As with everything, there are proponents and opponents to this and which products you should use, however, one thing is certain: you have to find a way to draw heavy metals and other toxins out of your body! I’ve seen many holistic doctors recommend zeolites. I personally stick with bentonite clay. You can also consider and experiment with Oil Pulling.

Lastly, we must make sure that we are injecting tonic substances into our system through any and all points of opening: the mouth, the eyes, the skin, the nose, the blood stream. Now, I’m not talking about injecting with a needle — although for some people a vitamin and mineral I.V. is necessary. I’m talking about making sure that you’re getting tonic substances in. For example, alkalinity has proven to be an essential source of health, especially from the work of Dr. Robert Young. When our bodies are acid things go haywire: disease, discomfort, debilitation, etc. We get fatter, sicker, and nearer to death. By alkalizing the body we can not only reverse this process but also create a buffer that protects us from future illness.

There are many ways you can easily and immediately begin alkalizing: (i) eat more fresh leafy green vegetables (ii) add chlorophyll to your water (iii) buy pH / Mineral drops (iv) consumer more vital green powders (v) add lemon to all your water. It takes around 8 parts alkalinity to neutralize every 1 part acidity… meaning that without rejecting and ejecting toxins, you’re going to have a tough time alkalizing. You can invest in pH strips and test the pH of your urine regularly.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, the most critical dimension to good health is our psychology. Without a healthy psychology we’re going to be incapable of making healthy choices physiologically. There’s A LOT more that can be said on that subject, but it basically boils down to this: FEAST YOURSELF on positivity!!! Whatever that means to you: affirmations, comedies, good friends, cute animals, prayers, forgiveness, community rituals, etc. Really feed your heart and commit to being positive as a matter of choice, meaning determining to always look at the bright side — even at the WORST situations. This may sound trite or even insensitive to you now — but as someone who spent the early part of his life interminably sick, in and out of doctors offices about once a week, and also egregiously compassionate and political (a deadly mix) — I can tell you from the  experience of healing myself that laughter is, by far, the best medicine.

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