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TCBY Rolls Out Second Vegan Frozen Yogurt Flavor

Back in the fall of 2013, the first and largest frozen yogurt brand, TCBY™, partnered with Silk® Almondmilk and created the first ever national dairy-free, almondmilk-based frozen yogurt option. This was a huge step for the Fro-Yo giant, who after 32 years of serving frozen yogurt, was finally able to accommodate customers with dietary restrictions!

TCBY Silk Chocolate AlmondThe flavor that TCBY™ released was Silk® Chocolate Almond, made with Silk®‘s Dark Chocolate Almondmilk, and it had dairy-free citizens all over the country jumping for joy. Dustin Finkel, Vice President of Marketing & Strategy at Famous Brands International, stated that following the introduction of Silk® Chocolate Almond, TCBY™ received an overwhelming number of heartfelt thank you emails. The dairy-free frozen dessert was initially scheduled to have a 12-week run to all full-service TCBY™ locations (approximately 250 stores) as well as in over one hundred other TCBY™ locations co-branded with other food chains, such as Subway or Blimpie. But only a few short days after its arrival in TCBY™ stores across the United States, Silk® Chocolate Almond had already sold out in many locations! Not long after, Silk® Chocolate Almond took a permanent place on the TCBY™ menu.

Because the reaction to TCBY™’s first dairy-free frozen yogurt option was so positive, it’s no surprise that they’ve now introduced a second option! What flavor is it? (Drumroll) Silk® Vanilla Almond! It’s made with Silk®‘s Vanilla Almondmilk and is set to hit select stores this month. Is anyone else ready to order a chocolate-vanilla swirl??

TCBY Silk Vanilla Almond

We think this news is pretty great. Companies are continuing to take notice and make changes to accommodate dietary restrictions. They’re listening to what the consumers want—more plant-based options! And even better, this story breaks right after the big announcement that Field Roast‘s vegan frankfurters and burgers will be available at the 2014 Super Bowl! What an exciting month January has been for vegan food 🙂

With Silk® Chocolate Almond already available and Silk® Vanilla Almond soon to follow, make sure you head over to a TCBY™ and give these flavors a try. And better yet, tell TCBY™ how happy you are to have vegan frozen yogurt so easily accessible! Tell them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—wherever you can. TCBY™ will notice your appreciation, and so will other companies!

Have you tried  Silk® Chocolate Almond Fro-Yo already? What did you think?

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