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Super Cleansing Green Kale & Coriander Drink

Super Cleansing Green Kale & Coriander Drink

Juicing can give us a potent hit of helpful nutrients – think ’8 salads worth of high vibrational goodness in a glass’! There are an infinite number of combinations that you can create, yet, most people usually find a favourite combination that they go back to again and again. I’ve been juicing my favourite ‘super cleansing green tonic kale & coriander drink’ for years now…

Super Cleansing Green Kale & Coriander Drink

My juicer—ideal for kale and cilantro

After traveling last week I am feeling the effects of eating more dense, less vibrant foods than I usually do.  The draining effects of extra electrosmog, hotel rooms, the chaos of airports and train stations all have all battered my system a bit, so this morning felt like positively perfect timing for a super high vibrational green drink!

I gathered the fresh ingredients from my local organic market stall first thing this morning (which rather fortunately for me is a two minute walk from my house) and eagerly dashed home in excited anticipation of my clean, green breakfast. I am blessed to have a good quality masticating juicer to create great juice. As someone who loves juicing, it feels like an excellent investment in my health. A masticating juicer actually mimics the chewing action that you would do if you were chomping your way through all of those veggies yourself. This basically squeezes even more of the juice out of your vegetables than a low cost, centrifugal juicer would. A centrifugal juicer certainly has it’s benefits though. It is a lot less expensive to purchase and still works fine if your are just going to make an occasional juice. Juicing is so much fun and really easy. If you feel to juice, then just start with whatever you have to hand.

My favourite ‘Super Cleansing Green Kale Drink’

So, I roughly chopped and juiced the following ingredients:

A few thick celery stalks
Several really big kale leaves
Two medium sized apples

A handful of fresh coriander leaves

How to make the juice?

It’s really simple. You chop your fruits and veggies and push them through the juicer, whilst the juicer separates the fibre/pulp and magically delivers you the juice out the other side. I put the pulp through a second time, to squeeze a little bit more out. I then pour into a nice glass, sit down, close my eyes and really feel the energy of the divine nectar that I’ve been given.

So, how did my juice taste this morning and what sort of goodness was in it?

The energy was pulsating. I felt so fortunate to get local kale, local coriander and English apples this morning.

Super Cleansing Green Kale & Coriander Drink

Delicious Cleansing Green Drink

I sat peacefully in my lounge feeling like I was falling deeper and deeper into heaven with every mouthful. There was something incredibly nourishing about the potent vibrancy as I felt it permeate through the cells of my being. Maybe it was the life force of such freshly picked, organic, well loved veggies. Perhaps it has something to do with the chlorophyll too – a natural tonic and cleansing agent for the blood, present in abundance in kale and coriander (and anything green). Coriander (cilantro) is a powerful detoxing herb, known for helping to remove heavy metals from the body. Kale is full of all sorts of goodness too, like vitamins A & C, whilst boasting a power-packed prescription of vitamin K. It’s also great for iron, calcium, copper, potassium and mangenese whilst coming up top with its high levels of carotenoids and flavonoids (anti-cancer anti-oxidants). Apples are delicious as well as healthy and add a lovely tangy sweetness to this juice. Celery is a must in any conscious cuisine as a cleansing tonic. It adds a welcomed array of nutrients to the mix. Hippocrates (back in his day), had great faith in celery’s ability to calm the nerves, which to be honest, most people in our modern world could use! Celery is always a friend in my kitchen.

I feel clean, rejuvenated and alive after all that.

“Thank you Mother Earth for sharing your bountiful harvest with me!”

Author Bio: Trinity is passionate about creating healthy vegan cuisine, with 20 years experience of eating an exclusively vegan diet. After many years as a vegan chef, catering for spiritual retreats and workshops, Trinity recently published her first vegan recipe book ‘Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen‘ which is filled with 168 pages of original recipes, inspiration and photos. Visit: www.trinityskitchen.

This recipe was originally featured on Trinity’s blog, Trinity’s Kitchen.


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