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Restaurant Highlight: Bar Bombon, Philadelphia

Ah, Philadelphia. How I miss you. Philly is one of those cities that you’ll never expect to be a fan of, and then you show up and realize that you’re at least a little bit in love with the place. There are wide-open lanes for bicycles, stunning parks, and a modern artistry scene that will shock you. Philly is a plethora of old meeting new. Oh, and there’s a handful of incredible vegan restaurants. So, basically what I’m saying is: Get to Philly. And get there fast.

I spent a weekend in Philly earlier this year visiting a friend from school. While there, I thought it might be fun for us to have a little vegan restaurant photoshoot and before we knew it, we stepped through the doors of Bar Bombon in the heart of the city. I never really know what to expect when I show up to volunteer for restaurants. It’s always a new experience, as no two vegan restaurants are the same. Bar Bombon was no exception to this rule. I showed up to a completely packed house. They didn’t have a single table free. The place was absolutely booming.

Bar Bombon is a truly beautiful restaurant and features an outdoor seating area where guests can lounge during the summer months. They’ve also got a highly-skilled libation specialist behind the bar whipping up craft cocktails like I’d never seen before.

The restaurant manager greeted us and it was off to the vegan taste bud races.

My friends and I were absolutely floored by the dishes that we received at Bar Bombon. We were lucky enough to get a handsome sampling of their menu and everything from the home made guacamole, to the buffalo cauliflower tacos, to the Spanish meatballs were just insane.

Oh, and the bartender put together an entire tray of cocktails for us to try out. It wouldn’t be a Sunday in Philly without a little day-drinking, right?

If you find yourself strolling through the downtown area of Philly, take a second to stop gawking at all of the incredible historic landmarks and beautiful art to get yourself a table at Bar Bombon. You’ll be glad that you did!


About the author: James is a full-time traveler and vegan restaurant photographer that offers free photo sponsorships to plant-based restaurants all around the world, helping them spread their cruelty-free crusade to the masses. James is currently on his second year of travel and is making his way through Europe as we speak. You can follow his adventures on Facebook and Instagram @theveganveggiebond.

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