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Omega Creamery™ makes several types of products including proprietary blends of organic flax, rice and hemp milks that are gluten and dairy-free. One of my favorite ice creams on the market is: Hemp Date Nut Omega3 Creme, which, like their other products, can contain up to 4600mg Omega3 per serving and are packed with superfood goodness.

Omega Creamery

My first thought when I had my first taste of the Hemp Date Nut was: “Wow. Um, this is awesome!!!” The rich but delicate, savory, and just-sweet-enough ways puts it in the higher realms of my Tasty Scale.

All of their products are USDA Certified Organic, vegan, and gluten-free. This was one of the first things that got my attention besides the hemp-date combination, which is something I have tried at home, so I was interested to see the results of their labor of love as well. On my ice cream flavor scale it is definitely a 10. Hemp Date Nut also contains a few of my other favorite fortifying ingredients: blue green algae (8 essential amino acids and bio-active enzymes), barley grass (11 times more calcium than cow’s milk), chlorella (vitamins B, C, E), Omega 3 (flax, hemp, and rice), antioxidants, probiotics ( and nettles (generally awesome). John Schindler, who conceived Omega Creamery with close friends, formulated his delicious dairy-free plant-based beverages and desserts through his design brand SuprNatural Nutrition™. The main vision is to provide “fully functional foods” – those with disease-preventing and health-promoting properties. Having ingredients I usually add to some of my favorite concoctions at home in the form of a new flavor of ice cream is certainly a wonderful find!

OmegaCreamery hempHemp Date Nut is definitely worth keeping in my freezer and something I am excited about passing along to my friends – you can find a list of stores that stock Omega Creamery products at and if your product isn’t on a shelf near you, you can inquire about ordering at

Hemp Date Nut

INGREDIENTS: Organic (OG) Flax-Milk (Filtered Water, OG Flax Oil, OG Lecithin), OG Hemp Milk (Filtered Water, OG Raw Hemp Seeds), OG Brown Rice Syrup Solids, OG Brown Rice Syrup, Junglesweet™ (Xylitol, OG Coconut Sugar, OG Stevia), Supergreen Blend (OG Spirulina, OG Chlorella, OG Nettle Leaf, OG Barley Grass), OG Hemp Oil, OG Pecans, OG Dates, OG Tapioca Starch, OG Lucuma, OG Vanilla, Himalayan Pink Salt, OG Guar Gum, OG Locus Bean Gum, Probiotic: Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086

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