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Delicious Holiday Eats & Vegan Treats

Greetings :

‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry. As we celebrate family and community in the coming days, please indulge on treats that are kind to both the animals and your body. Also try some of Cows’ favorite treats and goodies below. Happy Holidays.

A deliciously dairy-free cheese alternative you can enjoy in your favorite recipes.

Victoria Fine Foods

Naturally organic, vegan, raw and delicious protein. It’s your Perfect Fit!

Comfy House Vegan Puddings,
healthy comfort food, anytime!
Questions? [email protected]

From Sun to Sea to Cell
We Go to Great Depths for Your Health®

PROBAR Meal bars are blended not baked
so they’re deliciously fresh and always vegan.

Perfect for French Toast & many dishes.
Great stocking stuffer!

NutCheese: finally, something herbivores
and omnivores can agree on!

Cell-nique Super Green Drink gives you
8 servings of organic fruits & vegetables.

Seasoning secrets to make your
vegan food tasty! Order today.

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