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Product Review: Omega Creamery

Omega Creamery™ makes several types of products including proprietary blends of organic flax, rice and hemp milks that are gluten and dairy-free. One of my favorite ice creams on the market is: Hemp Date Nut Omega3 Creme, which, like their other products, can contain up to 4600mg Omega3 per serving and are packed with superfood goodness. My first thought when I had my first taste of the Hemp Date Nut…

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It’s Hemp Week and Two Delicious Recipes!

It’s the 4th Annual Hemp History Week! June 3rd-9th, 2013 Hemp has been on the “IN” list for years. It’s one of the most well known “superfoods”. But for some reason I did not get on the hemp train until this year. Sure, I’ve had it in smoothies and dressings at restaurants, but didn’t start using it on the regular in my own kitchen until a few months ago. Crazy…

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Superfood Hemp

Hemp or Cannabis Sativa is a tall, vigorous annual that has been grown and used throughout history. Its closest relative is the hops plant. Hemp has many benefits to us all and is kind to the planet. Used as a strong, yet soft fabric, a substitute to virgin tree pulp in paper, an alternative to petrochemicals in plastics, an option as a fuel source, a moisturizing cosmetic, a healing drug…

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