10 Things Vegans Say About Being Vegan

Let’s play a game: try and describe your experience being vegan up until now in under five words. How would you sum up the challenge, connection, and fulfillment that’s part and parcel to the vegan lifestyle? Hundreds in our Instagram community responded, and here are the top 10 things vegans say about their identity. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments!

10 things vegans say

10 things vegans say

1. It changed my life

Many of you said that veganism has had such a fundamental impact on your life, that it’s changed it forever. Whether it’s through an improvement in health, a re-alignment with personal values, or a community of like-minded individuals to connect with, there’s no doubt that it’s made us who we are.

10 things vegans say: it's life changing

2. It’s been the best choice

Going vegan seems to be a decision that most of you count as one of your best. No regrets!

10 things vegans say: it was a good choice

3. It’s lots of fun

Veganism isn’t just about personal values and life-changing realizations. It’s also about food! Eating plants is simple good fun, both in your kitchen or out!

10 things vegans say: it's fun

4. It’s challenging, but not hard

Many of you commented that veganism is a challenge, but that it’s a worthwhile one that’s easier as you go along. We know that we’re super excited to see more and more vegan restaurants and products available for us to try!

10 things vegans say: it's a challenge, but not so hard

5. It’s a glow-up

Many of you shared that the plant life is the good life. It’s made you happier, healthier, and more energized. That’s plant power for ya!

10 things vegans say: it's made us happier and healthier

6. It’s for the animals

Everyone goes vegan for different reasons, but animal compassion is one of the biggest ones for us. There’s something about going to bed at night knowing we’re on the same side as our furry friends.

Vegan for the animals

7. It’s aligned with my values

Just as animal welfare empowers us to make different choices, so does our desire to live according to our values on every level. Change begins on your plate!

Veganism aligns us with our values

8. It’s a learning experience

Vegan choices involve a great deal of learning, re-learning, and educating of those around us. Fortunately, this is also where most of the comic relief comes in!

Veganism is a learning experience

9. It’s a forever thing

Many of you said that there’s just no going back now that you’re living the good vegan life. Once you know, you know.

Vegan forever

10. It’s better late than never

After so much reflection on the impact vegansim has had on our lives, it’s tempting to feel that the switch was a choice made too late. But there’s no such thing in our mind; there’s never a better time to start than now!

things vegans say

What does veganism mean to you (in five words or less)? Tell us on Instagram or in the comments below! We love chatting with you 😊 -TeamCow

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