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Not so Vegan Friendly, the media

I cannot believe that calling someone a Vegan in the news is relevant to their story when it is regarding a marriage breakdown!  “The Vegan Perception”, as Canook phrased it is alive and well in the Media.  

 The article was about Sir Paul McCartney who is ready to offer estranged wife Heather Mills £30 million to “get her off my back” (reported on the 15th of Feb in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper).  It describes Heather mills as: “The 40-year-old vegan – who is representing herself in the settlement…”    

Now honestly, can anyone explain to me why someone being vegan is relevant to her description? Does this mean that she will not be eating Paul McCartney, or that she won’t be asking for the leather couches?!   Why don’t we hear about “the meat eating defendant”, or “he who only eats fish”, (does that make him fishy?).   

My feeling is, that it really is about the characterization of her personality as being difficult and a little out there!  It has a negative connotation, and fosters that attitude in the community, the community being “normal”.  Vegan is not “normal, therefore it is strange and odd and something to be feared.  It is evidently alright to make fun of us; it’s not discrimination is it?  Or is it?

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