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Worldwide Volunteers

Huge THANK YOU to all of our HappyCow Ambassadors, past & present, who help maintain and improve the listings in each of their cities. These volunteers are the ones who make HappyCow different from other sites and keep this site going strong! Presented here is a list of our current HappyCow Ambassadors...

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Username Location Contributions
Username: 770veg Location: New York City, New York Contributions: 643
Username: A.Z.P. Location: Jerusalem, Israel Contributions: 403
Username: AaronMG Location: Fort Walton Beach, Florida Contributions: 334
Username: AchimGuldner Location: Dresden, Germany Contributions: 224
Username: Agadooska Location: Glasgow, Scotland Contributions: 326
Username: Alessandro Location: Bologna, Italy Contributions: 515
Username: alevtina Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Contributions: 198
Username: alexandra_vegan Location: Palo Alto, California Contributions: 1553
Username: aline7b Location: Brasilia, Brazil Contributions: 105
Username: Alisha764 Location: Macon, Georgia Contributions: 155
Username: AlishaM Location: Austin, Texas Contributions: 220
Username: Aloo Location: Melbourne, Victoria Contributions: 1762
Username: Alysoun Mahoney Location: Frederick, Maryland Contributions: 481
Username: AmandaAttard Location: Gold Coast, Queensland Contributions: 160
Username: AmeliaC Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Contributions: 294
Username: American Vegan Location: Vineland, New Jersey Contributions: 472
Username: Amy1274 Location: Brno, Czech Republic Contributions: 3396
Username: AmyLeySzeThoo Location: West Singapore, Singapore Contributions: 694
Username: analavegana Location: Panama City, Panama Contributions: 198
Username: anastronomy Location: Moreno Valley, California Contributions: 427
Username: AndyT Location: Hannover, Germany Contributions: 1493
Username: Anticopy Location: Porto, Portugal Contributions: 1086
Username: ArielRoberson Location: Austin, Texas Contributions: 54
Username: Arthousebill Location: Portland, Oregon Contributions: 2223
Username: Arti Location: Kirkland, Washington Contributions: 625
Username: arya00 Location: Santiago, Chile Contributions: 274
Username: ashleycrowder Location: Frisco, Texas Contributions: 152
Username: AshleyLorden Location: San Francisco, California Contributions: 903
Username: Ashni Location: Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong Contributions: 621
Username: ASomerville Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico Contributions: 416

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