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Dennis Kucinich is a vegan politician


In his early political years, Dennis Kucinich was elected as the youngest mayor in US history. He is a long term Democratic Congressman from Ohio who has ran for the US presidency in 2004 and 2008 as the "Peace Candidate." Kucinich and his wife, Elizabeth Kucinich, a British-born woman, are both vegans and advocates of peace, universal health care, and democracy. Article: csmonitor


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I saw Dennis Kucinich speak once in southern California, during his run for the presidency in 2004. Although I liked him, I thought he was rather too soft spoken for to be a politician. These days you have to have real thick skin to be in politics! I am grateful for Kucinich being out there and speaking out for peace among other values.

Chia, I am responding to your post on the 6th of January. Have you read Dennis Kucinich's recent book, "The Courage to Survive"? If there is one thing Dennis Kucinich is not, it's thin-skinned! And there is nothing wrong with being soft-spoken when that is most appropriate, but he can certainly stand out and make a point when necessary! He's doing more than just speaking out for peace, animal rights, and many other issues. He's been fighting for them in congress for many years. He's very mis-understood and overlooked in the media. Please don't sell him short! He's honest, kind, thoughtful, but also has strength, wisdom, and everything this country needs in a leader.

Vegan Mom, I'm not selling him short, though he is a short person, especially when he stands next to Elizabeth Kucinich in high heels. I like Dennis, and I am very happy for what he is doing. I am simply sharing my experience and my thoughts. That's all.

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