Alyssa Milano is rumored to be a vegetarian actress

Alyssa Milano was a child star in the hit American television series, "Who's the Boss" where she played daughter to Tony Danza.

Since then, she has appeared in another hit television series, "Charmed," among others.

Reportedly no longer veg as of Dec 2015. Source:



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Posted on 14 Apr 2017

I'm almost certain I've seen her advertisement for Atkins. Hopefully, shes no longer affiliated with Atkins.


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Posted on 04 Feb 2017

Milano has definitely gone to the dark side. Turn on any television in 2017 and you'll see her doing ads for Atkins. So that pretty much confirms, to me, that she is no longer vegetarian.

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Posted on 04 Jan 2014

As far as I know shes still a vegetarian. Although 14 hours ago I found this posted, but it is a gossip site I found it on... She its probably a lie. She is pro vegetarian on another site.

Lets hope she is still veggie atleast she's my favourite actress and have always looked up to her.

Vegan Tony

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Posted on 01 Oct 2013

On June 24, 2013 someone on twitter asked her what her favorite kind of cheese is and she answered "Gouda".


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Posted on 25 Jun 2012

Alyssa Milano has begun eating fish. Very disappointing. Hopefully she'll reconsider her decision.


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Posted on 20 Aug 2011

Alissa Milano is not vegan at all. Few days ago (August 18th 2011) I read her twitter account talking about cravings she had. She talked about Milk!!!! I asked her about it, but she didn't answer me.


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Posted on 27 Jul 2009

She was on Rachel Ray earlier this year and she said she is a vegetarian. She didn't mention veganism.

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Posted on 15 Jun 2009

born dec 19

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Posted on 19 Jan 2009

so she's Vegan?! Hooray!! But does she still endorse Proactive solution? don't they have pretty harsh not very organic ingredient?

Divine Mystic

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Posted on 12 Oct 2008

Chia you seriously think Alyssa Milano is unattractive? She is by far the most beautiful woman on television! I think she has a natural beauty and that she is no way artificial. She couldn't be unattractive if she tried! I am also a fan of Charmed and I am sad that it ended.


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Posted on 16 Aug 2008

Alyssa is great. I love Charmed. It's my favorite show.

Avatar darky_


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Posted on 05 Mar 2008

So shes seroiusly Vegan now?? :D
Noooo way I am so proud and happy about this because i like her a lot and I am a fan of Charmed...9 Years! Love it!

Go Alyssa :P

...Keep it up!


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Posted on 11 Jan 2008

I watched Who's The Boss as a youngster with too much time in front of the TV. I thought Alyssa Milano was really cute with her rabbit teeth and curly brown hair. But what happened to her? After she became an adult I saw pictures of her looking very artificial and un-attractive. Pressures of Hollywood, probably. Hmm.

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