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Alicia Silverstone

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Alicia Silverstone is a vegan actress

Birth date: October 4, 1976
Birth place: San Francisco, California


Alicia Silverstone is an television and movie actress who is also an active animal welfare and environmental activist. Silverston first emerged onto the screen in a music video for the rock band, Aerosmith. She was in the movies, "Crush" and "Clueless" amog others. Siverston resides in Los Angeles. She has been voted by PETA as the "Sexiest Female Vegetarian." Video of Alicia Eating her way thru NYC:


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I recently saw Alicia Silverstone at a party. It was a small party, in a small room, so I could see her very clearly. She seemed quite normal and very relaxed. Though I think she and her friends smoked weed (I'm cool with that). I was too shy to say hello. Oh well.

I remember Alicia giving an interview about ten years ago when I was a teenager taling about going veggie. At the time I thought you had to born into a vegetarian family or something. After that the thought stayed in my had, and I made the decision to go veggie. I completely forgot the influence she had on me as a teen until now.

Definitely the current darling of the vegan world. I think it's awesome she's been working with PETA, so many of the masses respond to celebrities and it's great PETA has one now, too! I remember Alicia being on the Tonight Show several years ago shortly after she went veg. It was exciting to watch, I'm so glad she made it a long term life committment and not just a Hollywood fad!

I am mostly a vegetarian. I think Alicia is cool. She is a reassurance to me as a vegan. She's the one who said how tasty veg food is, and it is, and very filling. I like how it suppresses hunger for much longer than meat. I also liked her in "Clueless". Mostly Veg since 01/02/2010.

"First of all, I order all the vegetable rolls and other veggie dishes that look exciting. Most of the time, when I'm done with all that food, I'm stuffed and feel very satisfied. But, every once in a very long while, if I'm still tempted by the fish, I nick a piece of sushi off a friend's plate right at the end of the meal. Yes, it tastes amazing, but if I'm really honest with myself, no better than anything else I've eaten. Sometimes I just have to scratch that itch. I wrestle with guilt about eating a fishy friend, but that's my way of living in a sushi world. I hope my strategy works for you too. P.S. Living in a butterscotch pudding world can be hard, too! I just take one (or two) bites of a friend's pudding when it feels impossible to pass up, but then I remember, like I did with the sushi, that it's no better than the desserts on pages ..., and I can eat those every day!" She seems more of a flexitarian than a vegan or even a vegetarian

I love her book, The Kind Diet, and I have tried a few of the recipes in it already--they're great! (and easy to prepare--bonus!) She walks the walk and if she 'slips' every now and then by having a piece of cheese, who cares? It makes her human; and as all humans, we are naturally flawed and allowed to 'slip up' here and there without criticism (hopefully).

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