Plant-based kitchen making sandwiches, wraps, soups, smoothies, and sweets since Jun 2017. Replaced the previous business, Baagan. Open Mon-Sat 8:00am-7:30pm, Sun 9:00am-7:00pm.

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First Review by Laura.Wilk


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21 Nov 2023

Lovely cafe with all-vegan menu

Total hidden gem cafe in an off-the-beaten-path strip mall. All-vegan menu, so I wish I could've stayed all day and tried everything. But what we did try (Prana bowl, taco salad, and hot lattes with pumpkin seed milk) was so fresh and fabulous.



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Mostly Veg
29 Aug 2023

Nice café type vibe!

The restaurant had many options for snacking, meals, smoothies, and desserts. The meals and some of the desserts they make in house and they have many other options that are brought in from somewhere else.
I ended up getting the Tiger Mushroom burger with avocado. It was definitely good and was very filling. It was a bit messy but eating messy food never bothers me. I will for sure be going back to try the sweet potato tacos and the nachos. Thumbs up so far!!

Second time here I went with the chicken bacon ranch sandwich on their Nutty Nourish bread. Although it was decent, it tasted nothing like chicken and was lacking anything that resembles bacon. Not my favorite but it was still good. Maybe they should rename this one a veggie patty sandwich or something. I also went with the Iced Golden Warrior. It has turmeric, cardamom, raw coconut sugar, and pecan milk. I thought that was super good. I wasn't expecting something with those spices in a drink to taste good but it did.

Third time's a charm they say! I had the large serving of the nachos and they were so good! Bomb-diggedy good! I would highly recommend. Chips got a little bit soggy but there was plenty of nachos to fill you up.

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-11

Pros: Nice café vibe, Food options, Kindness of the staff

Cons: A little pricey


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24 Jul 2023

Oil free and fully raw guides

Cool restaurant with great food, beautiful art, and a lot of take-home goodies like adaptogenic mushroom blends and date sugar. They have oil free and raw guides for the menu, and many things can be made gluten-free. Their specials are great, the Island Pancakes with mango/pineapple spread, toasted coconut, and fresh ginger weren't just limited to breakfast. I was able to order them close to closing time.

The raw nori seaweed wrap tastes much better than a typical sushi-rito because the rice spring wrapper holds everything in and adds a nice flavor. I added in avocado, which made for a creamy, delicious bite. The raw, gf cheesecakes change seasonally and taste fantastic. My mom loved the Peaceful Panda drink.

Updated from previous review on 2020-10-05

Pros: Raw options!


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19 Jul 2023

AMAZING Experience

The staff was so friendly and the food was great! We had nachos and a BLT


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13 Jul 2023

Best of the best of the best!!! GO GO GO!!!

Absolutely everything about this place is fabulous! The staff and vibe have great energy. Various art for sale by locals on the walls. A reading nook. A mini market of various vegan items from mushroom coffee to greeting cards. Live plants to accompany us throughout the joint and on our tables, or sometimes fresh herbs or flowers. Good music that'll intrigue you. Composting and recycling. The food is yummy no matter what you get and substitutions are allowed to accommodate your palate and dietary needs. Nutritionists are in the house ready to help you choose the right grub for your nutritional needs! They have an oil-free menu, a raw menu, and almost anything can be made gluten-free! How much more accommodating and healthy can you get than this?

As for the menu personal ultimate fave is the Nachos Grande (I add another scoop of beans) as Owner/Chef Angelique's sunflower seed-based cheeze sauce is foodgasm good! Angelique also makes an amazing Indian-inspired Prana Bowl. I love the perfect balance of brown rice in a tomato base, topped with raw veggies. I also love the seasonal paninis (eggplant mmm), seasonal items (once they had waffles using their GF pancake batter and wow was it soooo goood and who can say no to waffles at all open hours?), GF panackes, egg scramble with beautiful beet/tator hash and veggies, the burrito, the nori wrap, Tiger Mtn buger, and they have shakes, smoothies, teas, and so so much more! So much more, I'm probably forgetting a whole lot.

Pros: Great vibes from staff, décor & flowing energies, No matter your diet, they have YUMMY food for you, In-house nutritionist, master chef (imo),

Cons: I would've sd plz start using reusable mugs..., ...but they already started to! So..., cons from me!


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09 Jul 2023

Healthy Yum!

4.5 stars. This is my favorite kind of restaurant - all vegan, fresh, healthy, flavorful; with nice staff, big open dining area, pretty art on the wall, and even some grocery items.

The Berry Sage Limeade from the specials menu is something I’m going to dream about! The kale salad with “honey” mustard dressing was also 👌🏻.

The only aspect I wasn’t impressed with was their sandwiches. I got to try the BLT from their main menu, and the Mushroom Panini from their specials. Both were too small for the price, and I did not care at all for the coconut bacon or the goat cheese. (It’s too bad they are anti-soy, because tempeh would really elevate their game.) I also wasn’t a fan of the weird chips they serve with the sandwiches. I wouldn’t recommend either sandwich. Otherwise, there are lots of other items to try on the menu!

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-09

Pros: All vegan, Awesome non-alcoholic drinks, Healthy!

Cons: Sandwiches small and overpriced, Slow service


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22 Jun 2023

Insufficient help during lunch hour

We decided to try this on Wednesday June 21st. When we walked in the restaurant was empty except for one pair waiting for their lunch order. I ordered the Tiger Mushroom burger and my spouse ordered a small salad. After we sat down at least five other couples came in and ordered. We received our order within 10 minutes and so did most everyone else EXCEPT the couple who was there first. Finally the male asked the waitress where was their food. She looked embarrassed. They had completely forgotten the order and were issued a refund and left. Another couple asked the waitress where the rest of their order was. They had also forgotten a portion of that order. There were only two people running the restaurant. One cook and one order/waitress. My Tiger Mushroom burger was marginal at best and really not very tasty. Nothing I would go back for. The salad was very poor with only four ingredients and mostly chopped carrots and red pepper. At first I would have given them a three or four but after witnessing their uncaring attitude to their customers I would not go back, ever. Thus the rating of two.

Pros: They do offer no oil cuisine, You can specify no salt or delete a component, The restaurant was clean

Cons: Food is marginal, No vegan drink options like carrot juice, Service is very poor


16 Jul 2023

That was my experience there too, but I only see amazing reviews so I thought that perhaps it was just an off day. I’m sorry to hear this.


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20 Jun 2023

Great vibe

What a wonderful cool establishment in a small retail mall area. Great picture wall, plenty of tables and tall bar like tables.
So many choices and ended with veggie burger, peanut butter shake and for dessert brownie. All was delicious unfortunately two and half hours away from home to get back often to test the rest of the menu. Preparation was slow but to me worth the wait.
Big thumbs up.

Pros: Plenty of variety, Cool interior

Cons: Slow preparation


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08 Jun 2023

Always good, always plant based!

Creative and tasty offerings! Wraps, burgers, panini sandwiches, brunch menu, friendly staff. Great portable snacks available to go.

Pros: Always plant based, Always delicious , Great food options, including desserts

Cons: It’s 40 miles from my home! 😂


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29 May 2023

Simply the best

The staff is AWESOME 😻🫶🙌🏻 friendly and accommodating. I recommend the tiger mountain mushroom burger, the nachos, any wrap, bowl and every dessert. The pancakes and breakfasts are also delicious.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-04

Pros: All vegan, Whole food plant based, no oil options, Raw options, nut free, GF, allergen friendly

Cons: None whatsoever, other than wish they were 24/7, Why is there not one in every city ?!?!?!?!


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21 Mar 2023

Their Indian inspired options are my favorite.

Kitchari to go is always a must.

Pros: Lots of vegan options.

Cons: Always worth the money.


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15 Feb 2023

Love the coconut bacon sandwich

So yummy! We get it each time.


15 Feb 2023

Then you should try the coconut bacon sandwich at Nectar Cafe too if you’re even in the Auburn area! Both are really good! 👍


10 Mar 2023

Thanks for the tip. I have been to Nectar and love their stuffed avocados - I must try their coconut bacon now 😊


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10 Dec 2022

Great little sandwich place

If you are looking to get in your veggies, this is the place. They have a bunch of different sandwiches, burritos, tacos, soups, and fun coffee and tea drinks. Plenty of gluten free options like gluten free sourdough or gluten free multigrain bread for the sandwiches. We order or come here when we're craving a good sandwich or a healthier meal.


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26 Nov 2022

Quality restaurant!!!

Zest Kitchen is without a doubt the most nourishing and healthy plant based restaurant I’ve ever visited. Everything is fresh and delicious and the raw food menu is definitely appreciated. Their raw nori wrap with cilantro jalapeño sauce is amazing!!! It’s so nice that there’s a vegan restaurant nearby that doesn’t rely on soy and fake meat ingredients.

Pros: Quality ingredients: nuts, seeds, micro greens! , Fresh and delicious , Doesn’t rely on soy and fake meat

Cons: None!!!!


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22 Nov 2022

Very nice place with very nice friendly people and delicious foods

The vegan nachos were amazing and great portion

Pros: All vegan, Cool art work for sale

Cons: 3,000 miles from my freaking house


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26 Sep 2022

Fresh and Delicious

The restaurant has a nice vibe, delicious food, and friendly staff. I got the Quinoa wrap. It’s full of fresh greens and vegetables, has a delicious chipotle sauce and lots of quinoa. The free lentil chips that come with most dishes are yummy and healthy.


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Mostly Veg
08 May 2022

Freshest food ever

Amazing veggie packed options and super friendly staff. Small grocery section as well.

Returned on 5/7/2022 and the food was better than ever! My mom had the mushroom burger and I had the Chana bean wrap and the nachos. They seriously have the best and freshest food and nicest staff! Amazing produce too! I plan to come back more often!

Updated from previous review on 2021-04-26

Pros: Freshest produce, Awesome menu, Oil free options

Cons: None


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20 Feb 2022


Come here every time I’m in town. Their pancakes are fabulous. Not your average white flour doughy pancakes. These actually have a wonderful flavor and texture. Love their taco salad too. So happy there’s a fabulous vegan cafe here.


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17 Oct 2021

Amazing quality food!

The food at Zest is win, win, win! It’s delicious, healthy, and quality! So grateful to have this amazing restaurant in the greater Sacramento area! The owner is passionate about her restaurant and the food and it shows!


Points +199

14 Oct 2021

Wow wow wow!! Amazing!!

So many options I was a little overwhelmed but in the best way! Everything from breakfast, lunch and dessert. And very GF friendly too!

Pros: Everything is vegan and GF friendly, Great prices, Amazing flavor


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29 Jul 2021

Excellent all vegan restaurant

I decided to order the popular prana bowl and my picky toddler enjoyed his pb&j sandwich and berry smoothie. There is no confusion here since everything is vegan. I highly recommend this place.

Pros: Many vegan options, Lovely staff, Cozy


Points +93

18 Jun 2021


Tons of options and all can be made gluten free. Super friendly and helpful staff. Great artwork and even some grocery items. Delicious and highly recommended!

Pros: Gluten free options , Variety


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10 Jun 2021

Original Yumminess

Love the excellent, house made food and the great service. So many yummy choices!

Pros: Food is so flavorful! Friendly service.

Cons: Uncomfortable chairs


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04 May 2021

Run don’t walk to Zest

The food here was truly delicious. I had the Kitchari and a Taco Salad. Absolutely yummy and healthy

Pros: Lots of tasty vegan option , Quick service , Healthful food

Cons: None


Points +969

25 Jan 2021

Breakfast at Zest

I’ve been to Zest before but fist time for breakfast. Actually I didn’t know they did breakfast until I was hungry and looking for open options. Burrito was good. I didn’t notice it had green peppers otherwise I would have omitted and there was a lot so if you like peppers this would be for you the beet and hash browns and just egg was a satisfying breaky. Will return again

Pros: Breakfast options , Vegan , Healthy

Cons: Too many peppers (but that’s my preference)


Points +131

05 Nov 2020


The people at the counter were really pleasant. Didn’t feel rushed to make a counter order.

I had the kale salad and chipotle tacos. I would have them both again! I’m in the area til Saturday (today is Wednesday) and definitely want to go back.

Pros: Service, Food, Drink


Points +76

14 Jun 2020

loved it!

Fantastic options and great “cheese”. Thank you for the yummy birthday dinner!

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