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Offers western style casual fare including veggie burgers, sandwiches, spaghetti, salads, and nuggets. Beverages include iced coffee, soy milk tea, and shakes. Reported open September 2023. Open Mon-Tue 11:00am-8:30pm, Thu-Sun 11:00am-8:30pm.

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First Review by Stevie


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22 Jul 2023

Quick and delicious

Ye Shu offers tasty Western style food for cheap prices within a clean and tidy venue. The ordering system is rather Japanese, using an ordering machine which then tells the hardworking ladies behind the counter what to cook for you. We had the kimchi burger, fried combo platter and black tea soy milk. All were delicious and very reasonably priced. Make sure you come here!

Pros: Delicious food, Fast service , Clean



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25 Apr 2023


Went there twice

Pros: A lot of options , Not that expensive , Quick service


Points +490

24 Mar 2023

A nice break from typical SuShi

All-vegan fast food restaurant with a vaguely American diner style. You order through an automated machine near to the door (English available).

They seem to focus on burgers but there are some other options, like hot dogs. Burgers are fairly standard Taiwanese flavours. The spicy kimchi "double beef" burger is the best of the burgers I tried. The fries are good, but the hash browns are better.

Service was very prompt. The staff didn't really speak to me, but it wasn't a big deal. Price was higher than a typical veg buffet place, but not too bad.


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20 Feb 2023

Get your fast food fix here

We were the only customers at 3pm, an odd time to eat lunch. The server ignored is until we were ready to order, which was actually nice. She showed us the machine to order at, and we ordered our food and paid in cash at the kiosk no problem. The food came out pretty fast, I was worried it might take awhile as there was only 1 person working but it didn't take long at all.
The kimchi burger was good, as others said. The spicy chicken nugget burger had a nice sauce, but was literally 2 chicken nuggets on a bun with fixings. The fried platter was ok but I wish I had gotten hash browns instead. Hazelnut soy latte and caramel milk tea both very sweet, made from mixes and squeeze bottles.

Pros: Relatively inexpensive, Fast service , Kimchi burger

Cons: Skip the chicken nuggets burger


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04 Oct 2020

Veggie burgers!

I enjoyed my veggie burger with fries here. Service was quick and it was easy to order. But I would consider the food to be a bit overpriced for the quality. The food is good, but not awesome. I still would come back as it can be difficult to find exclusively vegetarian western food in Taiwan

Pros: Many vegetarian western food options, Bilingual menu and staff, Fast service

Cons: A bit overpriced, Bland interior


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08 Mar 2020


Tasty vegan food. The price is a bit high, but it is worthy.


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03 Mar 2020

Tasty western vegan dishes

All the burgers here taste very good to me and they also got a lot of other dishes.


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27 Feb 2020

Yummy vegan food

Completely vegan. Serves several kinds of dishes like risotto, pasta, burger and yummy sides. Set meal available. (No typical Taiwan food.)

Pros: Not too expensive, No throw-away cutlery like usually in Taiwan


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24 Feb 2020

Very good

I had the chicken nugget burger, calamari, and a hazelnut latte. Everything was very tasty!


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19 Feb 2020

Kimchi Double Pattie Burger

Ordered the Kimchi Double Pattie Burger with a side of Chick'n nuggets and a caramel milk tea and was blown away. Amazingly good and good service. Must visit if in Kaoshiung. There is also a dessert stall directly out the front if you are still hungry after the big meal!


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31 Jan 2020

Fast casual continental cuisine

Order from a menu and pay upfront. Menu in english, but ingredients to sandwiches, not. So, I got a sandwich with mashed potatoes and apple, which was a shocker. The chikn nuggets were good. Kind of an Americana theme. Cute decor with cats assuming funny roles in paintings. The food was tasty with a decent price. Different from the typical taiwanese 'su' food.

Pros: nuggets, western, decor

Cons: irregular flavours, few seats


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04 Jan 2020

Good food, service okay

My partner and I shared the Udon carbonara and the chicken burger with fries. Food was very good, but we had to ask for our drinks as take-out since they hadn’t arrived by the time we finished the food.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Fair prices

Cons: Service timing off (food came before drinks)


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27 Dec 2019

Mediocre at best

My drink order was forgotten about until I asked for it well after we had finished our food. My aunt is very sensitive to the smell of cockroaches, and she could detect it on the iceberg lettuce used on the burger, which had a mediocre, dry patty. The paella was disappointing since it should traditionally be flavored with saffron but was instead flavored with turmeric. They were already out of ice cream and couldn’t make affogatos at 16:30 on a Monday. What gives? It wasn’t even that busy, and the staff couldn’t deliver orders to the right tables. This experience could have been so much better.

Pros: all vegan

Cons: mediocre food, off service


Points +190

09 Dec 2019

Western Style food

Good food, and great service, the price is also very cheap. They are serve till 845 BTW.

Pros: Cheap, quick convenient, good


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29 Nov 2019


The service is great and the food is even better. We each had a kimchi burger, we split the fried food platter, I had the mint milk tea and my friend had the caramel milk tea. The mint milk tea was so good I want to go back for another. It says almond but they’re currently using soy milk. The Taiwanese tempura in the platter was heavenly. I almost want to come back here every day throughout the rest of the weekend but alas i must try other vegan places in Kaohsiung!

Pros: Helpful and fast service, Delicious food and milk tea , Food and drink combos


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Mostly Veg
07 Jun 2019

I became addicted!

It’s my 3rd visit here during my short stay.
Considering another trip to Kaohsiung just because of this place.
Most recommended: the Kimchi burger and the pasta.
An outside stall offers different snacks that can also be ordered in.


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04 Apr 2019

Such a good place to get your burger or hotdog fix.

This place just makes amazing burgers and hotdogs. Add all the amazing sides, this is a must go to place to eat in Kaohsiung. Priced really well, especially if you get a combo.
Just down the road from where the Liuhe Night Markets are held.


Points +1770

04 Apr 2019

Go here, go here, go here!

We had been hanging out for some nuggies for 2 weeks. Absolute heaven. The squid rings are next level. Only $448 for 2 combos. You can basically make anything you want a combo. They just tap on the extra cost. Really fun place to hang out. Going back for breakfast tomorrow morning!


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Mostly Veg
15 Jan 2019

A very happy find. Great food, good prices

After only discovering the Happy Cow app hours earlier and failing to find other places along the way, I found this place easily. It is just 2 minute walk from the Liouhn Night Market and although not signed it has the Happy Cow logo on the door and is easily located by Jia's Inn which you can't miss if walking from the Night Market.
The food was delicious and my Mint Almond Milk Tea has inspired me to use Mint leaves at home more often. I had the Mock Chicken nugget burger and mock oyster pastry and both were Devine. Through my failed communication I also ordered the mashed potato salad it seems, so i'll be having that for lunch tomorrow. Great prices for very healthy, hearty food. Would eat here again! 

Pros: All vegan options, Plenty of variety, Service was fast


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Mostly Veg
15 Jan 2019

A nice break from Taiwanese food

Friendly staff. Easy ordering process. Good-value combos. I had the kimchi burger, fries and black tea. Burger wasn’t anything special and the fries were a bit cold. The tea was delicious!


Points +375

11 Oct 2018


Great service, easy to find, delicious cheap all vegan menu. Who could ask for more!

Pros: All of the above plus open when many places aren't

Cons: None


Points +386

30 Aug 2018

Delicious & Cheap Fast Food

I came here twice with my boyfriend and we ordered the double patty kimchi burger, fried chicken burger, soy patty burger, and had the squid rings, oyster pastries, French fries, chicken nuggets and fried tofu sides. All were delicious (except the oyster pastries had a strange flavor) but the kimchi burger and chicken nuggets were the most flavorful compared to the others. The squid rings, chicken nuggets and fried chicken from the burger basically all tasted the same since it was all made from texturized soy protein but we enjoyed it nonetheless. Would definitely recommend this place if you love SUPER cheap vegan fast food!!!

Pros: All vegan, cheap and tasty, English menu

Cons: Some dishes taste similar & are a bit repetitive


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17 Aug 2018

Good western food

I had the hot dog, the kimchi beef burger and the suit rings. The hot dog was good - hard to eat due to the size. The burger and squid rings were awesome. As long as you don’t come here expecting healthy, organic food then you’ll enjoy it.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Price is good, English menu


Points +46

14 Jul 2018

Pretty good American Food

Had the chicken nugget burger, hash brown burger, hot dog, fries and squid rings. All was pretty good - satisfied American food cravings with a slight Taiwanese flavor. Squid rings were delicious. Very nice staff, easy to order, nice little inside to sit and eat.


Points +37

04 Jun 2018

at least it was vegan

Had the spaghetti with vegetables. Small portion, not much taste. It was okay.


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26 May 2018

Western Style Vegan Brunch

Food is great with huge portion (for me). Everything on the menu is vegan and I noticed that they don’t serve straw for their drink. Great effort for saving the planet! Definitely will pay a visit again next time!

Pros: Serving time is fast, Portion worth of money


Points +495

03 May 2018

good combo plates

Love that this place was all vegan with American comfort food. The pesto pasta was overpriced but the burgers were worth it.

Pros: combo plates, tea

Cons: pasta overpriced

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