Chinese name 五观堂素食, address 长宁区新华路349号. Near Jiaotong University and Hongqiao Road subway stations, opposite Chinese Cultural Center. Small and popular place with nice decor. Has menu in English. Most menu items can be made vegan upon request. Try the gold hotpot and the roast potatoes or the dumplings. Note that eggs are used in the pumpkin custard. Delivers a cheap "biandang" lunch. Menu available for ordering till 9pm. It is suggested that you make a reservation (requires knowledge of Chinese or having a Chinese friend help you). Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by ahimsa333


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30 Sep 2019

Not my personal taste

Maybe I was just unlucky with my choices, because there are no pictures in the menu and the descriptions weren't really clear to me. The staff don't speak much English, but you can get an English menu, if you ask.

I choose the potatoes, which were very oily and they use an oil with an after-taste I son't like. The other dish were some tofu stripes; very dry and I only ate a quarter of it.

I left the place still hungry.

Maybe you have to go there in a group to have more options and bring someone who speaks Chinese.

Pros: Small & cozy, staff were friendly

Cons: food didn't satisfy me, for my feeling too pricey



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19 Jun 2019

One of the best in Shanghai

Traditional food, look & feel. Most of the food is vegan - ask for English menu if you don't speak Chinese, ingredients are stated correctly. Few dishes included egg, but they were in separate section of the menu. Food was rich in taste, cooked well (no excess oil or anything like that). Definitely good Chinese food experience for vegans. And don't forget to check the awesome tea selection.


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23 May 2019

Best Curry In Shanghai So Far

I'm not sure what the set up is with the two restaurants, we went to go in the first one but were directed two doors down to this one? The space is lovely, very traditional with a hefty handwritten menu which includes English descriptions. The staff were very helpful and friendly. We ordered the baked potato, one review said it tasted buttery, we think it's just that the potatoes here in China are quite buttery, they don't use butter in the cookies they sell so I doubt they would use it in this dish but I don't know for certain. However it was delicious, it came sliced in a little baking tin, very fluffy and light seasoning. We also ordered some greens which were just ok, the lotus root steamed in rice flour & vegetable curry. The curry was the closest in taste to what I'm familiar with in Chinese chippies in Manchester, it came served inside a loaf of bread for some reason. The pot of lotus root was large too, but so tasty, sticky without being too sweet. The rice changes every day which is a nice touch. We said we would go back with more people to allow us to try more dishes.

Pros: Delicious., Nice interior and atmosphere.


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28 Nov 2018

Delicious and wholesome

Although the restaurant is quite small, it has a traditional chinese aesthetics. For dinner they only serve it in the newly expanded location next store.

Five star for the food! I love how they seasoned bamboos with Sichuan peppers, lettuce wraps with (mildly) spicy soy bean curd, and the mixed grain rice with lotus aromas.

I asked the waiter if the baked potato had dairy in it because it tasted buttery, she said no, but other reviewers had mentioned about butter. not sure who’s right so be careful when you’re ordering

Pros: No msg, no fried foods , Good for impressing out of towners

Cons: Arrive before 6:30pm to avoid waiting


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14 Apr 2014

good choice!

Take subway line # 10. We took off at Hongqiao Rd station. Near Jiaotong University and Hongqiao Rd subway station.
I cannot find my notes about the restaurant itself. I only remember we enjoyed it. As we went to so many Vegetarian restaurants in this trip, I have a hard time remembering what was what, unless I have my notes. Sorry about that. Still, I thought I can help with the technical info of getting there.

Pros: large selection of dishes, good value


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23 Nov 2013

Make sure you get the before 9pm

We arrived at 9:06p last night. Even though they are 'open until 10' they told us last orders were at 9 and refused to seat us. Will not be making a trip back.

Cons: unhelpful


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12 Nov 2013

Finally, a veg place with no mock meat!

There was a group of us that went on a Sunday evening. We called that afternoon and they gave us a reservation for 7:30pm. The place wasn't busy at all, it was clean, and the staff were attentive. The food was very delicious!!

Pros: no mock meat


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28 May 2013

Some good dishes but long wait and hygiene issues

This vegetarian restaurant is always busy in the evening and if you don't have a reservation expect a waiting time of 30min+.

The interior is nice, however the waitresses are rude, stick their fingers that they just handled cash with into your food (a common issue in China) and the push and shove mentality of the guests in the narrow entrance hallway where one has to wait if there is no space at the rooftop also gave me bad vibes.

Some of their dishes are good, as for example the spicy mushrooms that come with little buns, however other dishes are somewhat questionable.

One of those dishes are lotus root slices in what turned out to be ketchup (yes you heard right, plain supermarket ketchup with high fructose corn syrup and whatnot).

I also felt ripped off when I discovered that their 10 or 12 RMB curry rice was a simple small serving of their brown rice mix.

The marker is way off btw. and the restaurant is located somewhat near Shanghai Cinema Arts Center / Jiaotong University Metro Station.

Pros: Some good dishes, Reasonable prices

Cons: Hygiene issues, Too busy, Some questionable dishes


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17 Nov 2012

Good food

The place had style, was packed during lunch and the dishes being served to the neighbouring tables looked fantastic.  We were pushed for time and had the 9 serve cold dish, steamed buns and dumplings.  The food was very good although I am sure we did not order the best the restaurant had to offer. Not the cheapest.

Pros: good food


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08 Oct 2012

Best in Shanghai

I don't know what took me so long to finally try this place out, but it is definitely my favorite restaurant in Shanghai now. First off they don't use MSG or mock meat in their cooking, which is something I strongly agree with. They don't serve fried food or soda drinks either. I have been here twice already, once for lunch and once for dinner, where I ordered completely different dishes. The food was very light, definitely not swimming in oil as in most other places. Everything was well seasoned and simply delicious. The menu was quite extensive. Although dairy was not marked, there was a separate egg section. Other than that most items seemed to be vegan.

My main gripe is, the location is not the most convenient, but still it's easily reachable by metro. The place was very clean. Service was very friendly but could get slow during dinner hours. I do suggest making a reservation if you are coming for dinner as it got filled up really fast the time we were here.

Pros: excellent food, healthy, no mock meat

Cons: location


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04 Nov 2011

Delightful spot in Shanghai

This is one place we ended up at over and over again. The interior is very pleasant and it is located in a quiet, leafy area of town. The hand-written menu (of which there is one English copy) contains enough to keep you entertained for quite a few visits and everything tastes really nice. They don't go overboard with the oil and don't use MSG. Mock meats are not a problem here either so you can go to town without having to think too hard.. how refreshing! The dim sum menu is lots of fun for lunch and the noodles are also all really enjoyable. Nothing negative to say except that when we first arrived in China my parter used to feel a bit sick after eating here (not just here, but here moreso than other places). We never understood why but guessed it might be the type of oil they use... after a few weeks in China he must have toughened up though because on the last visit he was ok (although we didn't eat as much either, so hard to tell). Bit of a mystery. Still, highly recommend checking this place out. It's definitely one of the best in Shanghai.

Pros: healthy food - no MSG or mocks, lovely ambience, lots of interesting choices

Cons: mystery nausea effect

The Hungry Vegan

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13 Sep 2010

The Best.

This is probably the best restaurant I have ever been to. The food is light and delicate. Much of the vegetarian food in Shanghai is mock-meat, but this place celebrates each delicious vegetable for what it is. If you go to one restaurant in Shanghai, go here.

Pros: Best, Delicate, Delicious


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06 May 2009

Fantastic Menu and Food--and no fake meats!

I've been in Shanghai for a few weeks, and have eaten at a few vegetarian restaurants. This is by far my favorite. The lunch set is a steal at 38rmb ($6) and includes tea. Dinner for two can run you a lot more, so go there for lunch! Everything I've tried is excellent, perfectly flavored, and no MSG! The menu is in English (a bit rough, but workable) and a few of the wait staff speak English. Very helpful. They have a wonderful rooftop garden area with seating. The place is very clean. No Engish on the building or entrance, so look for the glass windows, large wood door, and the lanterns out front.

Pros: Great price, Excellent food, No fake meats

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