Vegan bistro in Chelsea serving American comfort foods like burgers, flatbread pizzas, lasagna, pastrami sandwiches, "steak" and fries. Est. 2021 by chef/owner of NYC's Beyond Sushi. Open Mon-Sun 11:30am-10:00pm.

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First Review by TrashPanda


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10 Dec 2023

Food was great

Loved every dish we had… sampled 4 small plates and all were yummy. Salmon tartare, mini lobster rolls, truffle Mac & cheese, and crispy calamari. Service could be better but food was great.

Pros: Food

Cons: Service was inattentive



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09 Dec 2023

One of my go to restaurants!

I’ve taken a few friends and family here, both vegan and not and they all love the food.
Great service and food and drinks are delicious.


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07 Dec 2023

Love this place !!! Get SmashBurger!!

Super nice atmosphere and great food! I brought my newly vegan coworker there and he loved it too !! The hyper-real smash burger is worth a trip to NYC just for it !!

Updated from previous review on 2022-08-02

Pros: Tons of vegan choices , Smash burger - amazing

Cons: None


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27 Nov 2023

Love this place

Willow and all of Chef Vaknin's restaurants are truly incredible. The food is out of this world good.

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19 Nov 2023

American vegan

There is a great vibe, helpful staff and lots of regular customers in the restaurant. I feel they miss a trick not offering more brunch options. I’ll be beck here when I next visit New York.


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Mostly Veg
16 Nov 2023


Great food, nice place, great service.


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12 Nov 2023

Upscale and worth it

Delicious food along with fantastic service. This place exceeded my expectations and I’m excited to go back again!

Pros: Multifarious yet cohesive menu, Attentive service , Elegant and inviting atmosphere


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11 Nov 2023

Get dessert!

Dessert was fabulous!!!!

No, really, both the banana pudding and chocolate cake w/vanilla ice cream were standouts. Flavors, textures, temperatures... everything was next level.

Our main courses were good, although Willow is a fake-meat forward restaurant, and that's not my favorite style, so it wasn't entirely my thing. But that's on me for selecting a restaurant that specializes in a cuisine I'm not wild about.


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24 Oct 2023

Thank you😄 the owner is actually the same as beyond sushi😄

Wow the jackfruit steak is impressive, look and taste just like steak , and you can’t even tell it’s jackfruit unless pay attention to details , and love the trio it looks like guacamole and pico de gallo but it’s actually olives with dill and spicy tomatoes, I really like the white creamy dip, I guess it’s apricot and cashew ?

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23 Oct 2023

Really really good!!

I went with a non-vegan friend for brunch at Willow (her suggestion) and it was pretty incredible. We had the friend “calamari” appetizer made from king oyster mushrooms. It was a generous size, perfect for the two of us to share and it was amazing. I ordered the Nashville spicy chicken sandwich and my friend ordered the bacon egg & cheese. The sandwiches come with fries or a salad & we both got fries. You get to choose from sea salt, garlic or Cajun fries. I ordered the garlic which was a fairly subtle garlic flavor but they were nice & crispy. My pal was impressed by the BEC. She eats meat and thought it tasted like the real deal. I thought it was good but was glad I ordered the chick’n. It is served with bleu cheese dressing and slaw on it and it was pretty perfect.
It’s a cute place with attentive staff. We heard that they have great desserts but we were too full to try, so I’ll definitely return next time I’m back in town.

Pros: Lots to choose from, Fast & friendly service, Excellent food


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13 Oct 2023

yummy !! but service was not so great ...

we had a reservation 4 5 ppl and despite showing up on time they hadnt put out enough glasses or utensils 4 every1 haha. i think they mightve 4gotten ... we asked 4 more but they never brought any so we j got up and grabbed them from another table loll. we did need 2 ask 4 things like more bottles of water a few times as well haha and the staff felt j a little confused ... i wonder if we did smth wrong ? im not sure loll. my family ordered a lot bcs they r all omnivores and wanted 2 judge the food [ ahh ... we all know this situation haha !! ] and i think they liked a lot of stuff tht i never ended up trying. i did have a lobster roll and i loved it !! super yum !! i cld totally see myself getting tht again !! aaand then we waited quite a bit 4 the main course !! mine came out a long time after every1 elses even tho i only got the tomato soup haha ... ud think thtd b the 1st 2 come out !! it was good i didnt have the cheese bread tht came w it but i liked the soup !! i think i had a little more than half. it was def interesting watching our waitress take our plates after lol. she seemed v out of her element and it took her a v long time. it was a little awkward and uncomfy haha. mayb shes new ? we also had 2 ask 4 the dessert menu ... 3 times ? haha it was a little odd bcs they werent v busy @ all. i think there were more empty tables than full 1s and its a p small spot. but then finally we got dessert haha !! my family rly liked theirs and i got the banana pudding which was good !! i didnt like the top half sm ... it tasted sorta artificially sugary sweet like a store bought frosting but the bottom half was sooooo yummyyyyy ahhhhh i loved it !! i ate all of tht part !! overall a good meal tht was a little spoiled by the staff ... hope tht it will b better next time if i come back !! thx 4 the meal^^

Pros: yummy !!, pretty inside and outside !!

Cons: service was dreadful overall haha


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04 Oct 2023

Amazing place in NY

This is one of the best vegan restaurants I have ever been to. Our waitress Camila was sooo nice and sweet, and the food is amazing. Those vegan eggs, wow! And the burger... Still impressed. Highly recommended.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-04

Pros: Staff, The food was great


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19 Sep 2023

Ever had raw "salmon" that tasted real?

We got to willow by accident, as it wasn't on any of my recommendation lists for NYC, and was so surprised.
Amazing french brasserie vibe with specialty dishes we missed and enjoyed so much, we started with the amazing mushroom calamari, great ted sauce came with. Then my daughter had the toast with avocado and raw salmon, lux style, it was so real, I couldn't eat it... I had the chicken francais which was creamy and super tasty, with mashed potatoes and brocolini.
Portions are a bit small and prices are a bit high, but the food was good and the service was great.
Will go back for sure.

Pros: Good food, Good service

Cons: Expenssive, Small main dishes


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14 Sep 2023

Regular craving

I crave their chunk steak on a regular basis 🥹 thanks willow


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11 Sep 2023

Simply Perfect

This is one of the places to try for dinner if you’re in NYC. By the way, do yourself a favor and try the mac and cheese!


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11 Sep 2023

The best of the best 🤤

I have always been struggling with food quality in the states. However, this place is the best you can get. We have tried the tomato ravioli with cheese and I was more than satisfied with the taste and over all presentation. My boyfriend got some sandwiches (don’t remember the name but it was the last one on the menu as a main course). Their “meat” is delicious and has very good structure. They served it with a dip which goes very well with the rest of the food. For drinks we chose a passion fruit soda and orange juice. Both very good! Especially the juice, which was freshly squeezed. The staff was friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend reservation! We got in without it just because of pure luck. The place was full and I am not surprised why. Be ready to pay a bit more but it is worth it for the taste and quality.

Pros: Three cheese tomato ravioli , Orange juice , Friendly employees

Cons: Small space around tables


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01 Sep 2023

If you miss meat...

We've had great vegan mac n cheese elsewhere (although this one was great) but the chick'n had us scratching our heads- is it or isn't it? Either in a balsamic glaze with a fabulous cobb salad or on a Nashville hot chick'n sandwich, this was as close to the real deal as you can get, but without the cruelty! we'll be back

Pros: Truffle mac n cheese, Cobb Salad with balsamic chicken

Cons: Music too loud with loud bass


18 Sep 2023

Where was the great mac’n’cheese?!? 😃


18 Sep 2023

Hi Prajna. I could not figure out how to reply to your comment on my review of Willow in NYC. Loads of vegan restaurants, and even my own kitchen have done a pretty good job of making vegan mac & cheese but TBH that's not really my thing. It's so great to go to all vegan restaurants and have unlimited choice, But I wish more of them would just do some great whole food and healthy options and not just assume I want to eat imitation, highly processed meat subs so I can pretend I'm not a vegan!😁


18 Sep 2023

I totally agree!!!! I don’t even like the look of meat, so the fake mock-meat dishes really don’t appetizer me either.


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24 Aug 2023


Beste vegan dinner ever. The steak is just another level! Never had tried anything like that before. The calamari were really tasty and the banana puddin as well.
They also have the sweetest staff.

Pros: Tasty food , The steak , Super friendly staff


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21 Aug 2023

Top shelf comfort food

Not surprised to learn that this came from the same brain as beyond sushi as I am a fan of both. The meal here was really delicious. Loved the Mac and cheese skillet and the burger with the Yo egg on it was awesome. The steak was really tasty too but the cookie dessert is truly unbelievable. This place does an excellent job from start to finish. I highly recommended it.

Pros: Food, Device, Atmosphere

Cons: Tables are a little close to each other


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21 Aug 2023

Tastes so real

Had the Wilow smash burger, never had a vegan burger that tasted so real.
The egg tasted exactly like a real fried egg, had to check twice if the place is actually fully vegan

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06 Aug 2023

Awesome vegan restaurant

We ordered the Truffle Mac & Cheese, the Caesar Salad with Tofu, an Oatmilk Latte, and a Genmaicha Tea. The latte was fantastic, but the tea was just a tea bag and a cup of hot water. The food was great; I highly recommend trying the M&C.


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28 Jul 2023

The cheese pull 😫

Went with a friend and we split the Mac and cheese, ravioli, and double chocolate cake. The Mac and ravioli were PHENOMENAL. Witch craft have to have been involved — this is the best vegan cheese I’ve ever had, and I’ve been around. The chocolate cake was a little lackluster compared to the rest, but still good.


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25 Jul 2023

Phenomenal, no compromise cuisine

Absolutely delicious food, reasonable facsimiles, and attentive hosts. The banana pudding was particularly exceptional. We also enjoyed the lobster roll, chicken on mashed potatoes (forgot the name), and clam chowder, all excellent.

Pros: Food , Location, Staff


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18 Jul 2023

Pricey but good

Really delicious!! But pretty expensive. Environment was nice but the music was a bit loud and jarring.


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Non Veg
15 Jul 2023

Superb!!! The best in NY

מפתיע וטעים מאוד! המקום גם מעוצב בטוב טעם

Pros: Kosher friendly, Tasty 😋, Good vibes


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10 Jul 2023

Willow was Superb

Superb vegan food. Mateo was super helpful. The chunk steak was amazing as was the calamari.

Pros: Friendly, New vegan styles


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23 Jun 2023

Try the eggs

They have very great and unique options. The zalmon tar tar and anything with the vegan egg is a must try.

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