Juice bar

Part of a chain of plant-based restaurants. Offers cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads, meal bowls, soups, desserts, and raw crackers. This one est. 2016. Open Mon-Fri 08:00-22:00, Sat 09:00-22:00, Sun 09:00-19:30.

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First Review by FruitMonstar


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28 Dec 2023

Cher pour ce qui est proposé

Les prix sont vraiment excessifs par rapport aux quantités proposées et ce n'est pas très recherché. Mon burger était aux tomates et aux oignons en hiver. Assez déçue.

Pros: Jolie vaisselle, Jolie déco

Cons: Le prix, Les quantités , Le goût



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06 Dec 2023

Not a good place if you want simple real food

Cosy, but most hot items are fake food

Pros: It was nearby

Cons: Small portions expensive , Customer service


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15 Aug 2023


I would give this place one star if I could. The food (we had the banh mi and the Big Wild burger) was decidedly mediocre; the fake meat was the same in both sandwiches and tasted just OK. The portions are small and the prices high. Cleanliness is an issue: the trays were sticky, the glasses were dirty, and the WC was yuck. To top it off, the dude working there was entirely disinterested in customer service of any kind. We won’t be going back.

There is so much wonderful vegan food elsewhere in Paris; why waste your time and money here?

Pros: All vegan. , Good location.

Cons: Mediocre food. , Place not clean. , Surly staff.


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22 Jul 2023

Okay, but I wouldn't go there again.

The pics promise a cosy places, but it isn't that cosy. The food was okay, but I expected much more 🤷‍♀️


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19 Mar 2023

Cute space but very small portions

I had a "Jack's bowl" which was nice but really tiny, especially for the price (12 euros), and made mostly of rice - I would have liked to see more fresh veg in there.
The coffee was good.


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23 Feb 2023

Wenig für viel Geld

Das Restaurant ist hochpreisig (Wasser aus Korsika in Gasflasche 0,5l =5€), Burger doch eher klein.
Es steht auf dem Schild draußen, dass der Mutter Erde nicht geschadet werden soll, deshalb vegan. Aber es gibt Plastik Becher, fertige Salate in Plastik (auch zum dort essen) und Plastikfolie. Das passt dann doch nicht zu der Aussage, dass der Erde nicht geschadet werden soll... Der Geschmack ging so. Hab schon deutlich bessere Burger gegessen.

Pros: Rein veganes Angebot

Cons: Hochpreisig, Viel Plastik im Verkauf, Personal nicht sehr aufmerksam


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26 Aug 2022

Beautiful and delicious!

Tasty and satisfying dishes. Also, lovely and comfortable dining area. Outside seating too, but inside was so nice!

Pros: All vegan!, English menu, Nice staff

Cons: Maybe a bit pricey, but seems quality


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22 Aug 2022

Amazing food but a bit expensive. I loved it

Amazing taste and it felt so healthy 🤍


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21 Aug 2022

Nett, aber kleine Portion

Ist mehr für einen Snack für Zwischendurch als zum Sattwerden. Smoothies und Säfte, aber recht teuer

Pros: Leckere Smoothies und Säfte, Alles vegan

Cons: Kleine Portionen, Im Verhältnis teuer


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19 Aug 2022

Vegan restaurant but expensive

Small vegan restaurant in the heart of Paris.

Decent vegan options but portions are small and way too expensive for what you’re getting.

Also staff wasn’t too friendly or interested and it reflects in their service.

Wouldn’t bother coming back here again.

There are better vegan restaurants in Paris.

Pros: 100% vegan menu, Nice interior

Cons: Small portions , Way too expensive , Unfriendly and uninterested staff and service


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27 Jul 2022

High quality but expensive

The portion sizes were good, the warm food was delicious. Good place for lunch

Pros: Good food, Portion sizes were appropriate

Cons: Expensive , Atmosphere was not great


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16 Jul 2022

Trendy cafe

Trendy vegan cafe serving loads of yummy vegan food!


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29 Jun 2022

cutest and yummiest ever

loveee the portion sizes and the vibe of the place, if ur vegan in paris u have to visit!!!! i got the banh mi and it was so good, even my nonvegan family liked it😄definitely visiting again to try their bowls

Pros: all vegan, healthy ingredients, all gluten free

Cons: a little pricey


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14 Feb 2022


Love the interior design !
A small but effective menu 🌱 we tried the margarita pizza 🍕 and the Banh Mí sandwich 🥙
Both were good, a bit expensive for the quantity bit good
The staff is nice and the service is quick #Veganuary


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31 Dec 2021

Heerlijk eten, mooie zaak, wel kleine porties

Het eten was erg lekke, wel aan de prijzige kant en kleine porties.

Pros: Ruime keuze , Leuke inrichting , Lekker eten

Cons: Duur


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09 Nov 2021


i tried most of the wild & the moon locations during my trip to paris and 100% recommend checking them out. while it can be a little pricey, i love how an all vegan & gf place has so many locations in the city:) had the greek muffin and blueberry scone which are both outstanding. also tried the vegan burger here and it was ok. it was jackfruit (which i don’t love) but bun and everything else about burger was good :)


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10 Oct 2021

Trop cher pour ce que c’est

Autant les boissons sont supers bonnes, originales et savoureuses mais alors les plats chauds sont extrêmement chers pour la quantité de la portion. Une mini pizza ultra basique (tomate faux fromage) à 7€ et un bowl (très bon certes) mais 10€ pour les quantités c’est abusé.
Très bien pour un goûter mais ne vous arrêtez pas pour y manger.

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-10

Pros: Endroit agréable , Excellentes boissons

Cons: Cher, Petites portions


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05 Aug 2021


Actually the people working there were super friendly , i had the blue spirulina bowl and an iced chat latté and it tasted great !! Also took a lunch bowl with vegan cheese with me , the taste was amazing but the portion could be a bit bigger for the price !

Pros: The options, Healthy, Place to sit outside

Cons: Expensive


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12 Jul 2021


Nourriture médiocre, petites portions, prix élevés, personnel professionnel néanmoins.


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10 Jun 2021

High quality, healthy, maybe not so filling for the price

I had a "cheese" and tomato muffin, a kiwi and cucumber pudding and a chocolate drink (I can't remember the exact name). The presentation and the ingredients seem really high quality and I got the impression I was eating very healthily. On the flip side, I felt that I was eating *very* healthy – it wasn't exactly a hearty snack. The drink could have done with a little more sugar (I remember there was maple syrup in the ingredients, but it can't have been a lot). I think for the price (which was quite high), I would like to have something a bit more filling.
There's a lot on offer on the menu, so I might have been missing out on something else good in the short time I was here!
Location is fantastic, nice place to sit outside. Staff seem friendly.

Pros: Location, Variety on menu, Quality

Cons: Portion size for price, A little too "light"


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30 Aug 2020

Good food, small portions

I've been to all Wild & The Moon cafés in town, and this is probably the one where the atmosphere is the most pleasant. There's plenty of space, seats are comfortable and the staff is friendly.

About the food, they have a relatively large menu:
- many types of sweet bowls
- many types of cold-press juices, smoothies, hot drinks
- 2 or 3 hot dishes which change from time to time
- salads/appetizers which you can take from the fridge (they are made in some of their "Labs" around Paris)

We had the jackfruit-based Wild Burger and the Wild Bahn Mi.
Both were yummy; but I found portions not to be large enough (missing a side dish). So you may need to order something else in addition.
We also had the chocolate tart and the banana bread. They were also good; but I still prefer their blueberry scone.

Overall, the food is good, and the drinks are also great; but prices are steep for the amount of the food you get, even considering all is organic.
Having said that, note that there are other vegan restaurants in Paris which are more expensive.

Pros: large menu, location, good food


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25 Jul 2020

Nice but expensive

It was tasty, it looked pretty, I liked it just fine.

But it is expensive af. (and kinda intense in the "healthy" marketing imo)

so yeah, would recommend if you're rich lmao

It really was good tho, I loved the salad (vegan blue cheese for the win)

Pros: Taste, Look

Cons: Price, Marketing?


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28 Feb 2020

Good organic food, onions&garlic everywhere, incorrect labelling

Juices are really good. Had an ´earth bowl’ basically rice and lentils and overcooked veggies with button mushrooms, and not shiitake as labelled. Also had a cauliflower taboule which had loads of onions, even though not in the ingredient list. Both dishes were tasty but small and 12€.
They are proudly saying their plastic is not plastic which makes no sense. As biobased and degradable as it may be, it’s still plastic.

Pros: nice atmosphere , mostly organic

Cons: expensive dishes for the size , no complete ingredients list


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20 Aug 2019

Ok quality but expensive

The concept looks great (inspired by a LA based company?), but prices are high in relation to the size of the portions like the salads. Also disappointing was that they don’t offer some warm options even though it’s advertised on a board outside the store and on their website. So in the evening your only option is a cold salad, sandwich or some sweets. Food is ok but not amazing, exception was the wonderful granola bowl with home made almond milk.

Staff is not very welcoming, but what do you expect in Paris :). No LA service...

Pros: Healthy vegan food, Nice, modern interior, Wonderful granola bowl

Cons: Expensive, No warm food options available, Staff not very welcoming


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08 Aug 2019

Disappointing experience

Food is good, atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired. Staff were rude, even by French standards. Expensive. I didn't like listening to American rap music, which I like, but not when every other word is "f" this "n". Not cool!

Pros: Mostly vegan

Cons: Expensive, too cool for it's image ruined it


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17 Sep 2018

Bon mais un peu cher

Lieu très agréable, personnel sympathique, plat chaud délicieux et très bon golden latte. Seul bémol : un peu cher pour la quantité.

Cons: un peu cher


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09 Aug 2018

my favorite brunch of this cafe :)

Well hidden and I like how clean it feels inside :)

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