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Serves meat, vegan options available. Old school diner and bakery with a glass-walled kitchen where you could watch the kitchen. Has street-side cake building station. Vegan menu choices for sandwich, pancakes, waffles, granola; also could modify a few of the vegetarian items. Makes some vegan bakery goods. Prior to Aug 2012 was Bleeding Heart Bakery and Cafe (different ownership). Open Mon-Thu 7:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 7:00am-10:00pm, Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by makemenervous


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26 Sep 2022

3.5 stars

If you are looking for a place to get breakfast or brunch with an omni group this is a good place to go. There are several vegan options with protein (tofu), non-dairy milk, and vegan sweets. However if you are looking for vegan food specifically I wouldn't go out of the way to eat here.

The diner is a cute vibe, service was slow but all the staff were very kind explaining they were backed up. For vegan options we got the vegan biscuits and gravy, black bean burger, oat milk latte, and two vegan cake balls.

Biscuits and gravy 7/10 was pretty good. Large portion of two biscuits and two large hashbrown patties with tofu on the side. The tofu was seasoned in a strange way for the dish, very heavy on the cumin.

Black bean burger 5/10 comes with aioli and cheese that are not vegan so had to get it without. Still came with the aioli even though I asked without and forgot the avocado I added for extra. The patty was fine, kind of undercooked. Served with standard fries. Would not order again.

Cake balls 8/10 super fun to have multiple vegan options! They had a hard shell exterior that was quite thick and unexpected. I was expecting more of a soft cakey texture. But they were good I would order again. Went perfectly with an oat milk latte.

Pros: Multiple vegan options, Fun vibe, Cake balls

Cons: Slow service, Messed up order, Food alright not great



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31 Oct 2021

West Town Bakery

I remember when this location opened years ago. The vibe is definitely awesome! The only thing is, I have had trouble finding suitable vegan options for lunch/brunch…and what I’ve had has tasted basic. Other than that, they do have a good number of vegan baked goods, but I find that they tend to be a bit on the dry side.


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05 Oct 2021

Delicious vegan meal and pastry options

Great vegan pesto bagel! Staff were very friendly and knowledgeable about vegan options. They also brought us 3 complimentary vegan donuts for dessert! Vegan options are all great, and the service is even better.


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27 Apr 2019

Double chocolate Donut get in my belly

Not a lot of vegan options donut/muffin wise but I am always thankful for even one vegan option anywhere I go! Most options were chocolate so for my friend I was with who didn’t like chocolate, we had to find another donut shop for her. My double chocolate donut I had though was amazing!!!!! #eatingwithshelbie

Pros: Vegan options available, Double chocolate don’t with sprinkles


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05 Mar 2019

Vegan biscuits and gravy!!

Upon walking in, I loved the retro diner feel. I’d never had vegan biscuits and gravy before, but this place does it to perfection. The tofu was a little spicy for my taste but otherwise words can't do enough justice to describe how perfectly fluffy the biscuits were with that incredible mushroom gravy on top. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, my waitress threw in a free vegan donut! Also try the vegan cake bites!!

Pros: Quick and friendly service , excellent flavor and desert options , cool atmosphere

Cons: Vegan menu is small but very good


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19 Aug 2018

Lots of Vegan Bakery Items

A lot of options in the bakery section. Fun atmosphere.


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06 Jun 2018

Vegan donuts are worth the stop

Come early, the donuts only last so long. Tried both of the vegan donuts this morning and they were awesome. I only tried the donuts.

Pros: Donuts are good. Monday you can get 12 donuts for

Cons: The white signs are for vegan options, but the oth


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13 Feb 2018

Go for the bakery, avoid the diner.

Decent selection of unmarked vegan baked goods (look for white labels as opposed to the beige labels). There are a few different vegan donut choices (usually chocolate with granola topping, chocolate with icing and sprinkles), several cake balls, trail mix scones, muffins (banana nut or chocolate), and often slices of fruit pie, brownies, and a few other options. Also find their a limited selection of their vegan baked goods at several local coffee shops (like Dark Matter and Star Lounge). The diner has a few vegan options, but the food is pretty bad, and with other great options close by should be avoided.

Pros: good bakery options

Cons: crummy diner


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10 Nov 2017

It's ok....

This place is just ok. There are not a lot of vegan options on the menu but they do have a vegan biscuits and gravy - which is just ok. They used to have hashbrowns but now they do home fries which is disappointing. Their selection of baked goods is really where they excel, their cake balls are fantastic but pricey so best to wait until they are half off on fridays (I think?)

Pros: Bakery items, Friendly staff, Good coffee

Cons: Not a lot of options, Food is ok, No changing table in women/mens rooms


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26 Jan 2016

Go to the bakery, avoid the diner!

I work near here and never dropped in until recently. I was impressed with the selection of vegan baked goods. I walked in expecting a muffin and left knowing that there are at least a dozen options for me. Bagels, brownies, cake balls, donuts, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, etc.

I had the vanilla-chocolate donut and the banana nut muffin as well as some yummy Dark Matter coffee with soy milk.

I was ecstatic so see they serve a vegan soup of the day as well as grilled cheese, pancakes/waffles, and biscuits and gravy. I will be coming back for brunch sometime in the near future and I'll make sure to update when I do!

Protip: items with the white label are vegan (at least that's what I was told so certainly double-check!)

Updated from previous review on Saturday January 16, 2016

EDIT: I had to lower my rating after eating off their diner menu. I ordered the vegan loaded griddle cheese, my husband ordered the vegan biscuits and gravy, and we shared the vegan soup of the day. The soup was almost unbearably salty. My sandwich was inedible - it honestly tasted like melted plastic. Some of my fries had the flavor as well. I don't know if it was from the oil it was cooked in or what, but it was truly awful. The biscuits and gravy were ok, but nothing to write home about. They came with hash browns and a side of tofu marinated in soy sauce which were decent, but did not go with the meal at all. I honestly don't know how anyone in the kitchen could create these dishes and feel comfortable sending them out to the public. I'd have been less insulted with a salad-only option.

BAKERY - 4 stars
DINER - 0 stars

Pros: vegan-friendly, clearly labeled

Cons: diner food was inedible

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