Restaurant and delivery service providing a large menu, from raw meals and raw cakes to vegan pasta and drinks. Accepts order for custom cakes. All vegan except for desserts with honey. Previously called Bistro Raw Vegan. Open Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-16:00.

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First Review by Adrian_Luca


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06 Aug 2023

Not Very Good, but....

I have only tried the desserts so my review cannot be complete and therefore very reliable. The desserts didn't really wow me and the fact that many had honey left me dumbstruck. I'm leaving three stars only for the confidence that perhaps they are more successful with savory ones. Despite calling itself Vegan, some desserts have honey.

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11 Jul 2023

Delicious food

Small place with a lot of dishes to chose from. I ate there and had the baba ganoush with bread (it came in a plastic cup which was weird). Then the grilled mushrooms with eggplants (in a real plate). Both were really delicious. Staff could be a little more welcoming, she seemed in a rush but there was only 2 other tables. At the end when she said the price I didn’t really appreciate when she said that tips were not included, it felt like asking for it, everybody knows that tips are never included anywhere.


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17 Jun 2023

Fresh breakfast

Located in a quiet side street Vyro is the perfect place to eat lunch. The bistro has a big menu with a lot of vegan options. I’ve tried the omelet and porcini mushroom and polenta. Very good and fresh. They also have good coffee and juice.


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04 Jun 2023

The best food ever!

My husband, 2 year old and I called into vyro on our way back from the train station in Bucharest. It's a small place, and at 5pm nothing was being freshly made, but there were plenty choices in the fridge. We had the mung bean noodles, with the sushi, and the romanian salad. The food had so much flavor and was so different. The quality of the food was amazing. There was still lots of choice - stews and curries.
The food was so good we ordered the food for take out the next night. I used their website to order. I ordered the food about 3 hours earlier so they could prepare the food in advance. I was able to request what time I wanted the food delivered. We were staying an air bnb so this made it easy.
This time I ordered the mung bean noodles again and the sushi as they were so good, and the Falafel - which was so tasty.

Pros: Tasty food, Good selection of food, Healthy


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04 Jun 2023

Wonderful little place

We ate here twice on our recent trip to Bucharest, the first time eating in after we arrived back in Bucharest from Brasov via train, it's about half way between the station and the town, so the perfect place to stop. It was after 5, so the kitchen was closed, but there was still plenty of choice in the fridge, that they'll heat up if needed.

We had noodles, a traditional Romanian dish that I forget the name of, and some Sushi, all were delicious.

Our second time here was an online order to be delivered to the apartment we were staying at, it arrived at the time we requested, and again was all delicious.

It's a little out of town, but well worth a visit if you're in Bucharest.

Pros: Really great tasting food, Great selection, Lovely staff

Cons: Kitchen shuts before closing time


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28 May 2023

Nice mainly vegan restaurant (also traditional food)

A small restaurant, that serves a lot of vegan/vegetarian (glutenfree) meals. (Not all courses are available all the time). The food was nice, but I was missing the little details and love for the food, it was also a bit overcooked.

Pros: Lot of vegan options , Nice soups

Cons: A bit expensive


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12 Feb 2023

Delicious and healthy vegan food

This is a lovely little cafe, tucked away down a side street, a short walk away from the Old Town. It has a huge variety of vegan and raw dishes, in fact it's the most extensive vegan menu we've ever seen! The menu itself is available in both Romanian and English. The raw cakes were also lovely, good portion sizes as well. Can 100% recommend - absolutely delicious food!

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-12

Pros: A huge variety of menu options, the two owners are very friendly and chatty, toilet was nice and clean!


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06 Feb 2023

Best Vegan Restaurant I found on my world trip ... shame about the use of honey

After a trip that covered Canada, France, Norway, England, Serbia, Greece, United States and Romania, I was delighted to find Bistro Raw Vegan in Bucharest! Despite being a small restaurant on a side street, they have the largest vegan menu I have found anywhere in the world. What I found truly amazing was that everything that I tried, both the food and the beverages, was a perfect balance of flavors, ingredients and presentation that was simply delicious. The passion, commitment and care that the two sisters who are the proprietors put into everything was clearly evident. The only disappointment is that they insist on using honey in their deserts which most vegans would find as contrary to the vegan philosophy, especially when there are so many vegan sweetening options.

Pros: Delicious food and beverages, Large innovative menu

Cons: Use of honey in the desserts making them non-vegan


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24 Jan 2023

Non-vegan places labeled vegan are misleading and despisable

Staff was friendly and spoke English.
Various options available.
We had cabbage rolls and a vegan omelette, which were delicious.
Honey is used in some products so the vegan in their name is factually incorrect and I absolutely despise that. It damages the movement and discriminates those animals who are exploited under the vegan label, as well as leading people who don't know any better to believe that, in this case, honey is vegan? I'm not a fan.
Kitchen closed at 5pm so watch out.


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11 Jan 2023

Delicious vegan Food

Many raw and cooked vegan options, some deserts are made with honey. There deserts are very delicious. I hope I can go back to them.

Pros: lots of delicious raw cakes, very friendly English speaking staff, many raw vegan options


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31 Dec 2022

owner does not consider bees as animals...

It was sad to find out too late, and after inquiring right at the beginning with the employee if raw also meant vegan and being replied that indeed it was and ascertaining that everything was vegan, that all the dessert cakes consisted of honey.

Even more shocking was the owner's assertion that she did not consider bees as animals...

Other than that the tofu balls were tasteless - though the kid liked them - the champignon salad was rather good and so were the coffee and energy drink.

Pity also that everything is served in plastic cases.

I would give them one star for mis-informing that everything was vegan and not considering bees as animals (WTF?!)

Pros: nice champignon salad, good energy drink

Cons: "bees are not animals", tasteless tofu dish, poor service


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28 Oct 2022


The full name is Vyro Raw & Vegan Bistro. Very detailed menu. I had the mushroom soup and mushroom polenta. Both delicious. A few items contain honey but otherwise all vegan.


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11 Oct 2022

Full of choices

Chickpeas with coconut milk so, so good. A big menu to choose.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-11

Pros: All vegan , Nice atmosphere , Friendly staff


31 Dec 2022

unfortunately the desserts consist of honey so they cannot be considered vegan. Regardless of the fact that the owner ridiculously claims she does not consider bees as animals...


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06 Jul 2022

Hearty homemade food

I’m not a big fan of “healthy raw restaurants” but having a few vegan options in Bucharest I decided to stop by anyway.
The place is a bit small but clean and cozy and the service is super friendly and welcoming.
About the food:
- asparagus cream soup: tastes exactly like broccoli soup but I liked it;
- avocado raw cold cream soup: weird! Like a smoothie avocado-cucumber-mint(?) but on a plate;
- cabbage with homemade meat, polenta and cashew cream: authentic enough for me as a tourist, cashew cream goes really well with sour cabbage and gives the dish more delicate taste;
- fried oyster mushrooms with celery “fries” — big yes for mushrooms (nothing special, just fried with salt, but I really like it), a no for fries — it’s eatable but weird;
- desserts — a big disappointment, every single one contained honey, even chocolate balls. There were some frozen vegan cakes for takeaway but it wasn’t an option for me at the moment.
All in all — huge menu, lots of vegan options, veganized authentic local dishes, I ate a lot (we shared 2 soup and 2 mains for 2 people) but my stomach felt really good after it and I was full for a long time.
I wish the owners to care about animals as much as they do about “clean eating”…

Pros: Everything but desserts is vegan (but double, check for honey anyway),Fast and friendly service, Ok food

Cons: Not 100% vegan , No vegan desserts available , Some weird options with a funny taste


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28 Jun 2022

Healthy traditional Romanian food

Bistro Raw Vegan offers plenty to choose from: a long list of soups, main platters, salads and sweets. I was there during lunch time, and I choose the 'chiftele', which are the vegan alternative to Romanian meatballs and quite similar to falafel (also chickpea-based). The 'chiftele' were served together with a creamy parsnip purée, which combined perfectly. The portion sizes are great. It's slightly pricey compared to other places, but worth its value!

Pros: Many options for all times of the day, Traditional Romanian cuisine, Food well-presented

Cons: Long preparation time


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07 Jun 2022


Very tasty food, they have many options. It's a little pricey, but it's definitely worth a try.


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02 Feb 2022

Great place

I love their menu, many gluten free options which are not so easy to find in other restaurants #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Very friendly manager , Eco friendly food containers

Cons: A bit pricey


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05 Jan 2022

Excellent vegan slow cooked food

I discovered Bistro Rae Vegan (now Vyro) when a friend ordered food for her birthday, believing it was me who recommended her the place. I just love the pleurotus soup (I cannot order any other type, though there are plenty). I also enjoy the sushi, tofu polenta and zucchini rolls. I plan to visit more ofter and try other plates also.


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25 Nov 2021

Outstanding vegan food

This place had a chill atmosphere, and a huge selection of vegan options. Also, the staff was very friendly.😄

Their homemade crackers are incredible.

Pros: Huge selection , Delicious food, Friendly staff


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Mostly Veg
19 Nov 2021

Gustos, autentic, proaspat

Am ales abonamentul saptamanal de meniu vegan fara gluten. Sunt foarte multumita! In fiecare zi noi gusturi.

Pros: Optiuni fara gluten


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19 Nov 2021

Almost vegan restaurant

Service was very good and friendly. I took the daily menu. Unfortunately, the cake had honey so I had it swapped without any problem.

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-19

Pros: 95% vegan?, Possible to pay with card

Cons: Plastic straws for smoothie, Cakes contain honey


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17 Nov 2021


I heard a lot of positive things about this restaurant so I was excited to try it. I had a strange experience. First despite being fully vaccinated I was told I had to sit outside. I thought it was a covid mandate, so no problem. During my meal there were 3 different parties of locals that were allowed to eat inside while I had to sit outside in the cold. Weird. The server threw away my leftovers after I requested (in broken Romanian) that I wanted them for takeaway. To make up for it the owner charged me for 1/2 the meal and gave me some hummus to take home. I ordered the tofu polenta which was bland and flavorless. The cake was just satisfactory. Not the best experience, maybe it was an off day for them. Willing to give it another chance.


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10 Jul 2021

Delicious, authentic Romanian vegan food (mancare de post)

We enjoyed the soups and the sarmare (stuffed cabbage leaves), as well as the gluten free crackers with hummus. Food was fresh and delicious -- we ordered delivery.


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22 Jun 2021

Delicious raw food and cakes

A great selection of pure veg dishes. Tasty and awesome! Ate 3 courses per meal.😄


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11 Dec 2019


This is a lovely little cafe with a very extensive menu (available in English) of raw food and cooked food. I had such a hard time choosing as it all sounded delicious. There was also a large selection of soups on offer, too, which I wish I'd had time to try. The woman who served me was very friendly and helpful, explaining different dishes and also giving me some tasters of the raw cakes. I went for the vegan cabbage rolls with polenta and cashew sour cream as my main course and it was absolutely delicious - a really great blend of flavours and also super filling. The cashew sour cream was so good I needed to ask for more! I'd really recommend this place as a lunch spot and I'm happy I found it.

Pros: Extensive and varied menu, Friendly staff, Amazing raw cakes

Cons: Perhaps a little far from the centre


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15 Oct 2019

Excellent vegan experience

Such a wonderful spot in Bucharest.

The raw food was delicious - the spiralized zucchini and seaweed with a cashew spread was exceptional, as what the carrot bread with a cashew spread. The cakes looked so good too (we'll be back to try them).

And the people are awesome - Vilarina is a treasure and puts so much heart and soul into her business. Definitely a spot you shouldn't miss.


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16 Jul 2019

Delicious! Worth the trip

Really delicious food - healthy and worth the trip. The soup was very good.

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