Hare Krishna buffet style restaurant, on this street also known as 9 de Diciembre, one-half block from Plaza Bolognesi. Offers a variety of dishes like pasta with veggies, rice with veggies, potato stuffed with soy protein, fried veggie patties. Reported fully vegan Jan 2019. Open Mon-Sat 12:00pm-9:00pm. Closed Sun.

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First Review by maynard7


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17 Nov 2023

Good selection

Its a takeout place. Not a resturant. They had good selection. But its a grab and go

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-17

Pros: Selection, Lady at the counter was very helpfull

Cons: No place to sit and eat



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15 Dec 2022

Solo funciona la ventana

Esta cerrado el restaurante. Solo hay snacks a traves de una ventana


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28 Sep 2022

Cheap snack options

Great place to stop while sightseeing in the center of Lima!
The restaurant doesn鈥檛 have a seating area, only a small window from which they sell a few vegan goodies. Their food options include pizza, burger, cinnamon rolls, cookies and some other bread options. All of their food is really cheap with a small pizza only costing 5 soles and a burger available for 4 soles. Everything we tried tasted good but the pizza was our favorite as their vegan cheese on it was delicious!

Pros: Completely vegan , Really cheap


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22 Jul 2022

Quick stop for a snack

We stopped at the window and grabbed a pizza and a cachito. Both were good and served warm.

Pros: All vegan, Cheap


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11 May 2022

Bread and cakes from a window shop

We did not eat here, but we bought a lot of bread and sweets from the small shop in the window. The cakes are nice but a bit dry. The bread buns were delicious. Have a hot chocolate while you're here, it's with cinnamon.

Pros: All vegan, Very cheap


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08 Feb 2022


If you happen to be in the area definitely stop in can鈥檛 beat the prices. But I absolutely wouldn鈥檛 travel cross the city to come here again.


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31 Jan 2022


I loved this place, really cheap and yummy vegan food!
We tried different stuff there and the sandwich with the soy meat and the cinnamon roll was my favourite!

Pros: Cheap, Rico sabor


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Mostly Veg
14 Dec 2021

Yummy soya sandwich

I had a tasty sandwich with soya mince on a wholegrain bun.


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01 Nov 2021

Great vegan pastry

It is a small window that sells hot chocolate, brownies, chocolate rolls (like cinnamon rolls but with chocolate, so good!), and bread amongst others.

Pros: All vegan, Good prices

Cons: Lots of plastic waste


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25 Apr 2020

Ventana Vegana is the best thing to happen to the center of Lima!

So I've never eaten inside Casa Vrinda but every time I am in the center, near Paseo Colon, I make sure to stop by la Ventana Vegana, an open-to-the-street window out of which they sell vegan pastries and desserts like brownies, banana bread, coconut peanut and date truffles and carrot cake! The prices range from 1-3 soles per portion, very very affordable and the same price as non-vegan pastries and treats you would find on the street. I always settle for the papa rellena (get it heated up with vegan mayo and salad) which is 2.50 and filled with soy meat and veggies (sometimes even two if I am quite hungry). The attention is quick and they serve you in compostable paper dishes and utensils!

Pros: cheap, reliable, yummy!

Cons: sometimes a place to sit down would be nice


Points +30

21 Jan 2020

Nice cheap meal

I liked it, nice menu del d铆a for 8 soles, a bit basic but nutritious and I was looking for that. Tasty soup and rice with nicely flavoured lentils and plantain.


14 May 2023

Good to hear, Lindy! I'll be sure to try it next time I'm in Lima馃拑馃帀


Points +2748

03 Jan 2020

Vegan chances but weird attention

They have even a vegan snack window in the street, around 2 or 3 soles for snack. A kind young guy attending there. The food inside the restaurant is good. The price of the menu is around 8 to 12 soles. The attention is weird, sometimes people is correct, sometimes serious, sometimes rude.

Once I came and a woman attending in spanish said "Que quieres"( what you want?) with a serious face, I don't know why some Hare Krishna people act like that. I am not asking a field of smiles but at least a kind soft smile and correct human treatment would be lovely.

You never know if they will treat you or not in a plolite way, really weird, i dont know if acting like this has something to do with a religious teaching, actually i saw this way to act more in women, no idea what is the reason, but it happened to me sometimes, maybe they are a bit bored of the clients, i never saw this weird way to treat customers in other not religious veg restaurants, so i dont know what to think about it. Religious people are suposed to be kinder, anyway.

Pros: Good food, Vegan chances, Variety

Cons: Mostly weird staff (serious, busy, rude?)


Points +13

07 Aug 2018

Makes me want to not be vegetarian

Even the good prices don't make up for the sad sad meals they give you. We ate there twice during the day which was a big mistake. For dinner they warm up their tasteless meals in the microwave. Nothing has any taste, spice, nutritional value or love. It's mostly fried stuff and white rice. Go to a different restaurant, I'm sure there are better vegan/ veggie options in Lima.

Pros: Nice pictures on the wall, Hippieish vibe, Price

Cons: Bad food, Sad food, Unhealthy foos


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25 Mar 2017


Large cool building with open dining area and a respite from the heat.
One of the cheapest restaurants in town with a mostly VEGAN LUNCH MENU.At the location is a Vedic cultural center, classes , concerts and a Hare Krishna Temple.


Points +40

29 Jul 2016

Buen precio.

Si hay mucha hambre, es una perfecta opci贸n. Sirven un mont贸oooon por bajo precio!!! No taaaaan bueeeen sabor siempre. Volver铆a.


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Mostly Veg
30 Oct 2014

Simple food

The day I went, the food was very simple and basic. I wish I could give them a better rating, but I prefer food that is a little more inventive. The prices are certainly good, with prices starting at only 6 soles (about US$2) as of October 2014. Large dining room with lots of tables.

Located on a street that goes by two different names (Paseo de Colon, and also by 9 de Diciembre). About a half block from the large Plaza Bolognesi (a traffic circle).

Pros: Location near the historic center

Cons: Too simple for my taste

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