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Veggie Heaven

  • Vegan Vegan
    ( 37 reviews )

473 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, New Jersey, USA, 07666

Serves vegetarian Chinese cuisine including an array of mockmeat dishes, spring rolls, tofu, and vegetable dishes. Large menu. Quiet, calm environment. Open Mon-Thu 11:30am-10:00pm, Fri 11:30am-10:30pm, Sat 12:00pm-10:30pm, Sun 12:00pm-9:30pm.

Categories: Vegan, Chinese, Delivery, Take-out, Asian

37 Reviews

First Review by pandora_13


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10 Aug 2018

Tasty - Edit

Very authentic Chinese restaurant in the heart of Teaneck with many options, almost too many. Really nice that they serve you a pot of tea and pickled cabbage to start. Portions were well sized. Have been to the once sister restaurant in Denville many times which in my opinion still out ranks the Teaneck veggie heaven, hence the 4 stars.

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05 Aug 2018

Amazing restaurant!!! - Edit

Love this place!!!!

Pros: Vegan comfort food

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20 Jul 2018

Amazing Food - Edit

Great food and great service!! So many options. The Sushi was outstanding

Pros: Fresh, Taisty, Fast service

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15 Jul 2018

best vegan in Bergen County - Edit

Been eating here since I became a veg in high school in 2003. Great food. The wait staff are quick with service and the owner is also so friendly. Try the boneless spare ribs appetizer, the Caribbean wrap or Caribbean sushi! Two Huge menus ,one is Chinese food and the other menu has sushi, Indian food, curries, "American-style" meals.

Pros: everything vegan , 2 huge menus

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Contributions +36

12 May 2018

love it! - Edit

I've been a costumer of this place for more than 10 years. I'm happy this restaurant exists! Food and people are fantastic!

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19 Feb 2018

Local congregation of vegans, non-vegans & inbetweeners - Edit

Out-dated interior design that has a somewhat charm to it.
Veganized version of Chinese, Asian-fusion & miscellaneous cuisines. While the menus can seem a bit overwhelming, you will eventually find your favorites/ usuals. Plus it's a good excuse to continue coming back for lunch or dinner

Pros: extensive menu, accommodating for large groups

Cons: dine-in orders can at times be inconsistent, the quality of dessert selections can be meh...

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Contributions +29

18 Feb 2018

great vegan food - Edit

a little gem in Bergen County for vegans, since not to many of 100% vegan restaurants around here or maybe that's the only one. I wish they would change their menu up a little bit. Friendly stuff , very spacious, lovely atmosphere.

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21 Jan 2018

Best restaurant I've ever been to! - Edit

This awesome restaurant is really the best. It has everything anyone could ever want, and it is extremely hard to choose what food you would want over the other. If you ever try their food, you would have the same opinion as any other person who tried it. If you have never gone here I would recommend to go here whenever you happen to be nearby.

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27 Dec 2017

disappointed with order - Edit

I ordered the falafel and the butternut squash soup. The soup wasn’t bad, but came with a huge chunk of kale in the middle. Wish it was in small edible pieces so that you could actually eat it in the soup. I ended up just taking it out.
The falafel was awful and i would not recommend it. It also came with a weird watery tasteless dipping sauce that i almost spit out. I keep hearing positive things about this place, but still have yet to experience that as this was my second time eating here. Next time i will try the Chinese cuisine instead.

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Contributions +70

28 Nov 2017

The best Chineese food ever! - Edit

I've had my fair share of typical, nasty, MSG filled, (American) Chineese food. But this place was what I invision eating fresh food in China would be like. The menu has tons of different options. I had the Hot and Sour soup, spring rolls, and General Tso Chicken, (all for about $16 plus tip) Everything was amazing and fresh. Excellent flavors and everything was Vegan. The vegan chicken was very good. I'm not from here, only visiting, but I would eat here at least once a week if I could. I highly recomend giving it a try!

Pros: all vegan and its tasty, and very reasonably price

Cons: couldn't find any

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Contributions +107

10 Nov 2017

This place is amazing, I eat here on a weekly basis - Edit

I don't even know how to review this place - it's just an institution. The menu is crazy-extensive, the food is incredible, the owners are really supportive of the veg community (allowing regular meet-ups), and their delivery range is very generous.

What can I say? I've been eating here on a weekly basis for a couple of years and I'm not bored of the menu yet. If you live in the area and you haven't been here, you're missing out in life.

Pros: Very extensive menu, Incredible food, Nice owners

Cons: None

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Contributions +16

17 Sep 2017

Great Food & Service - Edit

I stopped by in passing and ordered over the phone for pick up because my child was asleep in the car. I jokingly asked if they could deliver it to the car and the woman said yes! She called me back when my order was ready and brought my food to my window, refusing to take a tip. Kindness like that is not to be taken lightly. That alone sold me on returning to this place, but the food was also incredible! My family shared spring rolls (5/5), scallion pancakes (5/5!!!), mango flavored chicken (4/5), and sesame chicken w/ broccoli (5/5). I will absolutely be returning! For the service AND the scallion pancakes!

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Contributions +1543

11 Sep 2017

Sooo good! - Edit

Veggie Heaven has a huge menu and every is very reasonably priced. The restaurant is a actually rather large and it was almost filled when we came for Sunday lunch. I didn't get a chance to try the desserts but I think I will next time!

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Contributions +21

02 Sep 2017

A classic! - Edit

What can I say? This place has been doing vegan Asian food forever. I've been going there for years. Decades actually since they were in parsippany, not to mention their other locations. I like to make it a good date night or birthday dinner staple. Since they moved to denville years ago,they really stepped it up with beautiful decor. Besides the classics like general tso's, they've really stepped up the menu to not only compete with "real" chinese restaurants, but to surpass them. Highly recommended!

Pros: Not run of the mill Chinese food, Beautiful restaurant , parking

Cons: Can get busy

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Contributions +43

25 Jul 2017

Childhood Favourite - Edit

I have been coming to this restaurant since I was a foetus (literally). Every time I come here, whether with friends or family, I am never disappointed.

The food here at Veggie Heaven is delicious with a diverse, ever-changing menu. With so many options to choose from, I am always ready to try something new. I then change my mind and order the same dishes I always get.

The service can be a bit slow, but the wait is well worth it. The owners and staff are very friendly, and the tea is good. Make sure to come by this place when you're in the area (or even if you're not).

P.S. Also, the cakes are great and moist

Pros: Delicious food, Friendly People, Fond Memories

Cons: Decor is a bit worn

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Contributions +32

09 Jul 2017


Huge selection ! The food is delicious, the service is quick. Had the spicy dumplings, the buffalo wings, the lettuce wrap, the yam fries, fried rice and everything was tasty. I recommend and plan to bring non vegan friends :)

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Contributions +20

23 Feb 2017

great vegan food in nj. - Edit

I'm a regular here, absolutely love this place. Delicious food. Definitely recommend spicy tuna sushi rolls and paradise chicken. As for drinks their passion fruit & mango bubble tea are awesome ????❤

Pros: calm and casual

Cons: service is not always the best

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Contributions +16

06 Jun 2016

Nice Vegan option in NJ - Edit

Unfortunately NJ does not have a lot of Vegan/Vegetarian options for dinning out. Veggie Heaven in Teaneck is a great option for those that live a Plant Based lifestyle/Diet. The Menu is Asian with some non-Asian options ( Jamaican patties) . I have found that the "Chicken" options taste better than the "Beef" but that is just a matter of personal taste. The prices are great with entrees topping out around $13.00. I have always found the staff friendly and accommodating. Their creative take on Vegan sushi is a delight , give it a try. One of my favorites on the menu is their Lo-Mein, I find it one of the best I have tasted.

Pros: Non-GMO soy, Creative vegan take on asian cuisine, Vegan Sushi

Cons: some dishes can be a bit sweet, Some dishes do not have enough sauce.

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Contributions +1011

15 Mar 2016

delicious Chinese Food - Edit

We were seated in booth with a window view in this large and bright restaurant.
The servers were very quick but not the most talkative. We loved the General Tso tofu the best. It came with broccoli that was perfectly cooked and mushrooms. We also loved the chow mien with vegetables. The sweet and sour chicken was good but a bit too much sauce for me. I love that they offer brown rice and that things weren't too oily. I would love to come back and try some of their other dishes. Dishes are large and about $11 each which was very reasonable. I really wish there was a restaurant like this in my town.

Pros: brown rice, vegetables perfectly cooked, bright and clean

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Contributions +19

12 Aug 2015

So good! - Edit

My (non-vegan) boyfriend and I went here for the first time last Friday and let's just say that even he was impressed with the cuisine. Although he ordered simple (as did I), he was very impressed with the quality and the taste of the General Tso's "Chicken." He told me try some and honestly, it was the best thing I've had since going vegan. If you live within the Teaneck area, I suggest making a trip to this place. The menu has a HUGE selection and I wish I was exaggerating!

Pros: Excellent food, Reasonable prices, Huge menu selection

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Contributions +100

11 Jul 2015

love it - Edit

That is all really great food

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Contributions +284

11 Apr 2015

I LOVE veggie heaven! - Edit

I have also visited the veggie heaven in Denville, but like this one a little better. They have pretty similar menus, but this one gives you a pot of free hot tea with your meal, and they advertise on a white board as soon as you walk in that they use only non-GMO soy! (:

The menu is very extensive and can be overwhelming. It is mostly Asian inspired meals and sushi, but they also have Mexican food and veggie burgers and lots of vegan desserts. I have had a few meals here. Everything I have ordered has been very good, and I always look forward to going back!

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Contributions +196

08 Apr 2015

authentic chinese for vegans - Edit

Extensive menu presents many options: all the traditional chinese dishes are made with fake meats and other asian cultures represented too. Also creative tofu and vegetable choices. Great prices: had lunch with spring rolls, hot and sour soup, sezchuan tofu with brown rice for under $10! Very good service with food served quickly.

Pros: Tasty chinese, fast service, great prices

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Contributions +27

09 Jan 2015

the best - Edit

This has become my "go-to" restaurant. I always take food to go because I can't get enough. If you're vegan or vegetarian I recommend you stay away unless you have a large portion of your income to spend on this place.

Pros: free tea, amazing food, vegan sushi and desserts

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Contributions +31

05 Aug 2014

Just a town away - Edit

Great food... Service was Not the best! But I must say they know what they are doing BYOB very casual and everyone was nice. I wasn't impressed with their "Indian samosa" not that it was bad but it wasn't Indian... More like a spring roll, soup was amazing. I'm a huge veggie fan but this place knows how to cook tempeh and the seitan orange chicken was amazing.... I'll prob do take out or lunch but I'm going back...

Pros: Close to home and decently priced, Amazing flavors , Totally vegan

Cons: Mostly meat substitute dishes, Very noisy , Very messy

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Contributions +19

Mostly Vegetarian
20 Jul 2014

favorite Chinese - Edit

My boyfriend took me here on our first date (I was vegan at the time) and it blew me away. Hands down the best vegan Chinese food...actually just best Chinese food ever. We come back on special occasions and it is always a treat.

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Contributions +218

10 Feb 2014

Our favorite Chinese restaurant ever - Edit

Veggie Heaven is reliably delicious, and their menu seems to add a page every time we go there--it's truly massive. In addition to Chinese food and American food, they have Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian dishes, plus smoothies, juices, baked goods, etc. Their exotic mushroom soup is a perfect starter, and their vegan cakes are great finishers. I wish we lived closer so we could eat there every week.

Pros: Enormous menu, Great food, Efficient service

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