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CLOSED: Veggie Garden

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516 W Arapaho Rd Ste 112 (at 1/4 mile west of Central Expressway US 75), Richardson, Texas, USA, 75080

Asian vegan restaurant featuring a daily all-you-can-eat vegan lunch buffet. Also la carte menu with food made to order. Authentic Cantonese Chinese cuisine. Accepts checks. Closed June 2014.

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Reviews (22)

First Review by Christy99

Delicious, authentic vegan Chinese food - Edit

Veggie Garden was one of my favourite restaurants when I lived in the area 7 years ago. I was in town again for a week and a half, and I managed to visit three times (twice at dinner and once at lunch) - I would've gone more often if I'd had time.

My favourite dish under the old owners was the potato soy chicken. When I say favourite, I mean it was the only dish I ever got. I didn't try it until my last visit because I was told it was so different from the old recipe. I ended up liking it even more than I used to!

I never had the lunch buffet under the previous owners because it never really looked all that appetising. I really enjoyed the buffet when I went a couple weeks ago - everything was well-cooked and delicious, and the waiter was very helpful in pointing out which dishes had nuts (I'm allergic).

Everything I had at both dinners was amazingly delicious (salt and pepper chop, Mongolian beef, potato soy chicken, chicken with garlic sauce, and lemongrass chicken (I think - it was a special so not available to verify on the menu)). I also love that they offer Thai tea that tastes like non-vegan Thai tea - I had vegan Thai tea at another restaurant and it wasn't great. And I loved the cinnamon pillows - we ordered them with chocolate sauce and they were fantastic.

I really wish Veggie Garden was in Edinburgh - I'd eat there at least weekly!

Pros: excellent food, good prices, helpful staff

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Veggie Garden: Fresh, Expertly Prepared Vegan Food - Edit

Veggie Garden is a vegetarian jewel in Richardson, Texas (suburb of Dallas). The "all one can eat" asian buffet has a variety of soups, salads, entrees and a couple of really good desserts, plus fruit. All food is prepared from scratch from fresh and interesting ingredients by a master chef. Although lunch buffet is excellent, dinner menu is even better. Veggie Garden's all one can eat buffet is inexpensive (about $8)and dinner menu is reasonably priced, also. Restaurant is an airy and pleasant to place to dine. Staff is friendly and accommodating. If you make Veggie Garden part of your routine, you won't be sorry. It is my favorite vegan/vegetarian restuarant of all time and I have dined in most major cities in USA. Good dining!

Pros: fresh ingredients, well prepared food, vegan

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Rude and pushy staff - Edit

I work down the road from Veggie Garden and I invited 10 of my co-workers to come eat Chinese vegan food. I could not eat much because I am allergic to soy, but my friends loved the food.

The hot lunch buffet is a great deal. It is usually the same every day. It contains beef mushroom soup, brown rice, white rice, fried rice, noodles, "beef" broccoli, "beef" green beans, sweet and sour "chicken" and egg rolls. The cold lunch buffet has a pre-mixed green salad and canned fruit. The food is delicious.
I wish there were more soy-free options! They do have steamed bok choy but it is expensive and did not fill me up.

I have also tried the International Buddhist Society Cafeteria and Suma Veggie. I preferred the Buddhist cafeteria because they do not put soy in everything and there was no soy mock meats. The owners of Suma Veggie were very friendly and warm. They reminded me of my grandparents. :-)

Pros: vegan

Cons: unprofessional staff, not allergy friendly, non organic

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Yum-OO! - Edit

I have taken a lot of my friends here to eat and they all loved the food. They said they did not miss the meat, but as vegans the mock soy meat is a bit much. They would prefer to have a larger variety of vegetables and less soy meats.

Except for the brown rice and very small raw salad buffet, everything in the buffet contains soy and gluten. There is a very small selection of steamed or stir fried vegetables you can order off the menu. Make sure to ask for no soy sauce or peanut oil if you are allergic. I wish the selection of steamed or baked vegetables was larger.

Most Chinese food is high in sodium, sugar, fat and peanut oil. Vegan Chinese food is low in animal saturated fats, but it is still high in fat if you eat fried tofu or fried anything. Caldwell B. Esselstyn M.D., author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, explained that if you don't want to get heart disease or if you have heart disease you should eat no liquid oil. Period.

Updated from previous review on Saturday January 28, 2012
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Pros: all you can eat buffet, quiet atmosphere, yummy food

Cons: high oil, high sodium, high sugar

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Not soy-allergy friendly! - Edit

On a positive note all my friends love the food. They serve healthy whole grain brown rice, and 4 steamed veggie options but they are expensive when compared to the soy dishes. The restaurant specializes in soy mock-meats. Everything in the buffet has soy sauce on it or peanuts. I have gone here 6 times when I was in the neighborhood and in a pinch for time. Each time the waitress, Paula, was rude and pushy.

Pros: vegan

Cons: not soy allergy friendly, not gluten-free, not peanut free

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Great vegan restaurant!! - Edit

I've been going to Veggie Garden for almost a year now. The old owners put out a decent buffet, but it never had any variety. Since the new owners took over, the restaurant is updated, more tables added, and the lunch buffet is fantastic. There's something new every time I go, along with the usual goodies you would expect. My husband is an omni and he really likes going here, too! I like that there are actually some veggie dishes along with the faux meat stuff.

Pros: Fresh food, Great variety, Super nice staff and owner

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Delicious Asian Cuisine - Edit

Oops I didn't notice this restaurant was already listed. I usually don't write reviews much. I'm pretty impress with the veggie garden. The food is delicious and its vegan :) I went there for lunch today for the buffet and I'm craving more right now! lol. I've been there with my sister and fiance before, both omnis and they both thought it was really good. If you're vegan/vegetarian, definitely check it out. If you're an omnivore, you will still find the food delicious. So I'd recommend it!

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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my favorite restaurant - Edit

Veggie garden has become a staple in our diet since we come here every single weekend! The buffet is amazing, and they always have something different. The owner is the sweetest lady and so nice to talk to. Way better than suma's!

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Pretty good food - Edit

The ocean tofu, seaweed miso soup, and sweet and sour "pork" was pretty tasty, but there weren't many veggies on the menu.

Pros: friendly staff, reasonably priced

Cons: not a great selection

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The only vegetarian restaurant I frequent :-) - Edit

I absolutely adore this place. Even my hubby and BFF (both carnivores a lot of the time, but can easily live without meat) love the food here, and we always order extra so we'll have leftovers. I would eat here more often - like at least weekly! - if I lived closer; as it is, it's my "go-to" special-occasion restaurant when I get to choose where we eat. The atmosphere is not ultra-deluxe, but tranquil and lovely - definitely nice enough to be said special-occasion place for me. The service is spectacular, and the serving sizes are more than generous. Granted, it's been over 17 years since I've (intentionally) eaten meat, but to me, the meatless substitutes here far surpass the "real" thing! I crave the sesame "chicken" more often than I'd like to admit.

Some folks have noted how "un-busy" this place often is. I've noticed that, too, but every time I've eaten at Veggie Garden, at least 5 people have come in to pick up take-out orders. They clearly do a brisk take-out business (at least on non-buffet days, which is the only time I've been there).

If I could give higher marks than 5 Happy Cows, I absolutely would!

Pros: Fabulous, delicious food, Stellar, gracious service, Elegant, charming atmosphere

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A Nice Little Secret - Edit

Relatively new to the vegan regimen, I have found it tough to find acceptable places to feed myself up here in Republican Headquarters (Richardson). This is my favorite, for all the reasons already stated, but I particularly like the quiet atmosphere. One is likely to hear Baroque pieces, some New Age works, and the like, and the patrons are usually deliberately quiet (notwitstanding the occasional pair of tech-heads arguing over an operating system, or the like). My cell phone goes silent there. It just feels right. Also, there is an array of homey paintings and art pieces on the walls to examine while enjoying the chow. The salad bar has some nice surprises. The biggest bargain: delicious Thai tea for a buck and a half. All in all, it's a nice little place to relax. Give it a try. I'm the guy poring over a crossword puzzle. Come say hello.

Pros: Nice owner, Salad bar, Homemade drinks

Cons: Not many...

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This Place Should Win Several Awards. - Edit

I just went there today for the first time with my girlfriend.
We recently move to the Dallas area.
We went around 5:30 so the menu was for dinner, not the buffet.
We were immediately greeted with a "Hello! Happy New Year, come sit down wherever you like!" from the owner.
Who is just about the sweetest, most wonderful, kind and smiling woman ever.
We were seated and given menus promptly.
The dinner platters serve about 2 to 3 people each.
We ordered a plate of Soy Sweet and Sour Chicken, Veggie Lo Mein, White Rice, French Fries, 1 Strawberry Soy Milkshake, and a Thai Tea.
She brought our order out in about 10 minutes.
I was so excited when I saw the food.
I bit into one of the Soy Sweet and Sour Chicken pieces and was absolutely astonished at how real it tasted, and how amazing.
It tastes better than the real thing.
The Lo Mein noodles are thicker than most but I kind of like that.
The Milkshake I'm pretty sure is made with real blended strawberries, and soy milk.
It was to die for.
My girlfriend and I were just absolutely blown away with the service, the food, everything.
During the middle of our meal the owner stopped by to ask how we were doing.
I replied "This is amazing! It's really really really really really good, this place is wonderful"
She had the biggest smile on her face and said "Ohh!! Thank you so much! You happy, me happy!"
I told her we'd be back many many times.
I asked the owner if she was vegetarian or vegan and she said "Me? Oh! I am vegetarian, no meat for me!"
We asked for boxes to take some of the food home in and she came back over in about 10 seconds.
I was getting ready to put the food in the boxes, but then she starts doing it for us!
Now that is seriously customer service at its best.
In all there weren't many people there but it WAS a Monday night.
We were there for an hour or so and only 3 other people came in and ate.
The prices are higher, but that comes with any Chinese or vegan/vegetarian restaurant.
It's a good place to go once or twice every pay check.
Our bill came to about $25.
Another cool thing is that they have local artists work on the walls for sale.
In all, this place is absolutely wonderful.
100 out of 5 customer service, 100 out of 5 in food quality, 100 out of 5 in cleanliness and environment.
I'm going to spread the word about this place.
Please take an evening and eat here if you're vegetarian, vegan, or just willing to try new things.
This is the best Chinese restaurant I've been to in my life.

Pros: Amazing Food, Incredible Service, Peaceful Environment

Cons: None, None, NONE

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Always a treat!! - Edit

Always friendly, clean, cozy, and occasionally play really great and artsy music, self-serve fresh Buffet. I LIVE for their Hot and Sour soup. I dream about it, I could eat it and it alone every day for the rest of my life. All of my carnivorous friends love this place. They very clearly label which foods may contain dairy, but most do not. They carry an entire line of Organic drinks made with Beet sugar and their Thai Tea is Vegan and Bean Sprout salad are out of this world!!

Pros: Non-Smoking, Hot and Sour Soup, Bean Sprout Salad

Cons: Aren't open 24 hrs., Closed Tuesday

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The buffet is good - Edit

Veggie Garden has a very inexpensive and creative vegan buffet. The chef always tries new dishes out and so it makes coming here on a regular basis interesting. The food is fresh, unique and tastes healthy. I used to enjoy the buffet once a week when I lived in Dallas. The owners are friendly and the food is good and seems healthier than regular Chinese takeout. What's not to like?

Pros: healthy food, vegan, friendly staff

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Lots of AWESOME. - Edit

I don't understand why this place isn't always crowded, since the food is so fantastic, and the atmosphere is quite relaxing. The lunchtime buffet is good and inexpensive, and, as of late, changes often to offer more variety.

The dinner menu is where this place really shines, with the mock fish and shrimp dishes being notably delicious. The owners are wonderful people who really take care of their customers.

I have a few carnivore friends who often suggest that we eat there because the food is so good.

Pros: Awesome food, Friendly owners, Relaxing atmosphere

Cons: Closed Wednesdays

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A nice hole in the wall - Edit

The lady that sat us had a contagious smile. She sat us quickly and we went up to the small buffet. There was a good choice of vegan food. (meat substitutes and vegetables) We enjoyed our lunch which was quiet without intrusions. The dessert was simple and tasty as well. The only thing I wish is that the buffet menu would change more often.

Pros: lady that seats you, good food, good price

Cons: usually same buffet foods

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Amazing! - Edit

Veggie Garden is soooo good! Almost everything is Vegan and the few things that arent are labeled. The owner is the sweetest lady you will ever meet. I go there when I can since I live in Fort Worth. The menu is sooo long and has a lot of options to choose from. The buffet is also amazing!

Pros: Great Food, Friendly Staff

Cons: Far Away

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I love it.. - Edit

This restaurant offers a huge menu at resonable prices. The staff if always nice. This place is tons better than Sumas down the road. Their eggplant with basil is always cooked perfectly, never spongy or dry and never lacking with Basil. The food comes out decently fast. Top notch. Very tasty

Pros: awesome

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sweet - Edit

The owners of this gem are very sweet. When I went they gave us extra food because it was nearly closing time and they did not want it to go to waste! The food is sinfully good. If you're a vegan who feels like "being bad" try veggie garden. The buffet is mostly fried food.

Pros: generous owners, comfort food

Cons: mostly fried

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Great - Edit

We have been a number of times. We live about an hour away in Arlington. And everytime we go I love the place. The staff is friendly and always smile. The food is really good, it is agood feeling when you can go places and eat everythiong on the menu. We always go for the buffet and it never dissapoints. Check it out if your in North Dallas it is well worth it!!

Pros: Staff, Food

Cons: How far it is away from my place:(

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Childhood Memories - Edit

I stay Hawaii now, but my mind tends to wander to the memories of Veggie Garden at mealtime. I miss the fab buffet and tasty...everything.
The orange mock chicken was my fave. Not the healthiest choice, but a great indulgence.
I knew all of the family who owned it, merely because of my constant attendance. I can't wait to visit Texas again so that my taste buds can get reunited.

Pros: Yummy Chinese Food, awesome buffet, large portions

Cons: lackluster atmosphere

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Could be better - Edit

I thought this place was okay. I liked the fried mushrooms. I was not impressed by either dish that we ordered. The service was slow considering no one else was there but the food came out hot and fresh. I would recommend Suma instead.

Pros: Hot and fresh

Cons: Food was just okay, Slow service

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