Restaurant at offering various dishes including raw food options. Relocated from Grove Market Square 1A. Reported that housemade lemonade is made with honey. Open Tue-Sun 12:00-23:00. Kitchen closes at 10pm.

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First Review by scratchgrey


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24 Jan 2024

Delicious food

We took the donner and the mexican dish (quesadilla? I don't remember the name). Both were delicious. Also the dessert was very tasty. Plus a salad with tempeh, the tempeh was very well cooked!

It's a pity that this place is still listed as vegetarian, only for having honey in their lemonade. Why not switching to agave or rice syrup instead?

Something that I noticed and disappointed me is the soap in the toilet. It wasn't cruelty free. If the place is plant based and not vegan/vegetarian for the animals, then it's normal, if not, then it's not. Those little details play role.

Updated from previous review on 2024-01-24



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07 Jan 2024


nice vegan restaurant & delicious food💚

Pros: all vegan 🔝, vegan doner


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18 Dec 2023

This place is fully vegan

Everything is vegan in this place, they have excellent fries, burgers, pizzas and good deserts. the wrap was also very good.


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07 Nov 2023

so good fresh vegan restaurannt

I highly recommend the doner wrap ! Delicious, well cooked and very fresh. I really enjoyed this restaurant where the cuisine without animal products is well done and creative.
Lots of choice on the menu and a must to try in Plovdiv.


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24 Oct 2023

Great place to eat in Plovdiv

Lots of delicious options and the service is great.
I highly recommend the smoothies.


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14 Oct 2023

Yummy & not too pricey

After traveling through the Bulgarian countryside for days with vegan options mostly limited to fries and lettuce, I was thrilled to find some real vegan food in Plovdiv. The quesadilla I had was delicious, although the lemonade was more like a smoothie and quite sweet. The athmosphere could have been cozier. Nevertheless, the staff was very friendly. It was a bit more expensive by Bulgarian standards, but reasonably priced for Plovdiv.

Pros: Friendly staff, Yummy food

Cons: Athmosphere


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12 Oct 2023

So yummy!

Really loved it here, with such a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. Everything we had was super tasty - the seitan bbq burger and the donner kebab specifically. My meat eating partner really liked it too and said its a lot nicer than meat options he’s had! Staff were super friendly, quick service and overall great experience. Also they were attentive with food allergies!

Pros: Great veggie foods, Inexpensive

Cons: None come to mind


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26 Sep 2023

Loved it

So many tempting options, great experience, lovely staff


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19 Sep 2023

Experiencia maravillosa

Local muy acogedor y decorado con gusto. Muy bien situado. Personal amable y atento. Carta con una amplia variedad, tanto para veganos como vegetarianos. Platos abundantes y muy buena mano en la cocina. De primero hemos elegido el hummus y una ensalada cesar, deliciosas entrantes, especialmente el hummus. De segundo el seitán con boletus , un estofado espectacular acompañado de arroz, zanahoria, tomillo y cilantro. La gran sorpresa ha sido el Donner “Veggic” el seitán estaba espectacular y la mezcla de pepino con la vegan mayo de la casa… sin palabras. Recordaré siempre esa mordida, soñaré con ella. Lo dicho, si caéis en Plovdiv, no podéis no ir a este sitio. Recomendable 100% y deseando volver 😍😍😍


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10 Sep 2023

Great food

A lot of different options, very good food and fair price

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-10

Pros: Food, Price


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09 Sep 2023

Absolutely loved it

My husband and I came here every day during our stay in Plovdiv. Every single meal was fresh, delicious and healthy. You could taste the quality ingredients.
Very clever dishes and appealing to a new vegan (my husband).
I highly recommend the doner wrap, the "tripe" soup with oyster mushrooms and the seitan burger

Pros: All vegan menu, Very clever dishes, innovative , Daily specials

Cons: The servers seem to be a little inexperienced


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02 Sep 2023

Decent option but not the best

Please note that they told me their fresh lemonade is sweetened with honey (I have sent an update to Happy Cow about this). Based on reviews on here I was expecting this place to be amazing. I ordered the spicy potatoes as a starter and the tempeh eggplant spaghetti as a main course. The spicy potatoes weren’t actually spicy at all; in fact the strongest flavor was the puddle of oil that they were sitting in. The individual components of the tempeh dish were generally tasty but they tasted odd together. The tempeh dish turned out to be served with flat rice noodles rather than spaghetti-like noodles, and when I started eating the dish the noodles were cold, although they warmed to room temperature as I ate, I guess from being topped by hot food. For dessert I had the biscuit cake, which was pretty good.
My server tried to be very helpful but not all of her information was accurate. For example she said that if I ordered one of the starters I was considering instead of the other, it would probably come at the same time as the main course, however in the end the other one came just one minute before the main course anyway (although she did openly comment on her error). After I finished eating my savory food I waited for quite a while to ask about desserts and was about to give up and go downstairs to pay the bill and leave when my server finally reappeared. Another staff member cleaned the upstairs where I was sitting while I was waiting and had stared at my finished bowl but hadn’t told my server or done anything else (even though she went back downstairs after cleaning).

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-02

Pros: Wide variety on the menu , Server tried to be helpful

Cons: Food decent but not great , Starter and main served at same time for no reason


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01 Sep 2023


Great service, delicious food.


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31 Aug 2023

Top quality vegan food

The quality of every dish was very high. For mains we had the veggic burrito and seitan with mushrooms and rice. Followed by salted caramel cake and mango cheesecake. Every single thing was absolutely delicious.

Pros: Amazing quality food, Large and varied selection


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24 Aug 2023

Nice to meet it!

We ordered 3 dishes (spicy potatoes, mediterranian beans and turmeric saffron and cashews basmatic rice) , all of them were tasty and well cooked.
The staff was amazing and the location is in the center of Plovdiv.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-24


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15 Aug 2023

Tasty vegan food in Plovdiv

A purely vegan restaurant with a wide selection of different dishes.
We had the avocado bruschetta as an appetizer, which were extremely delicious.
For mains we had the seitan burger and the veggie doner. Both also very tasty. However, the Veggic Doner is very large and quite greasy, so only something for the big appetite.

Pros: Fully vegan, Many options, Taste

Cons: Some meals very greasy


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15 Aug 2023

Great restaurant

The food is superb! There is a wide variety of flavors.


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11 Aug 2023

Best vegan restaurant in Bulgaria

There was a huge range of contemporary vegan foods, with plenty of “meat” and “fish” options. Perfectly balanced dishes with plenty of fresh food. The portion sizes are perfect. The food is incredibly delicious.

Pros: Very big menu, Lots of meat and fish alternatives, Lots of fresh food


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28 Jul 2023

Nice place

100% vegan menu with lots of options to choose from. Food was fresh and service was great.


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25 Jul 2023


I'm glad to have found this place. I'm very happy that Plovdiv has a vegan restaurant and a great one too. The location is prime and the service is top tier. The food was superb with great presentation.


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25 Jul 2023


Nel Cuore di PLOVDIV, quest'oasi di Amore e Squisitezza 💚
Smoothies Rinfrescanti ed Energizzanti 😋

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-25

Pros: Location, Arredamento , Personale


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04 Jul 2023

No flavour

Both dishes I ordered had not much flavour. There was no culinary experience to remember.
The bread had a bit of potatoes, 2-3 slices of an olive and maybe vegan cheese.
The doner with veggies and tofu was a bit better, with the most significant flavour provider being the tomato.

Pros: Location, Atmosphere

Cons: Expensive for the quality


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29 Jun 2023


This restaurant is the best place for vegan/vegetarian food in Bulgaria.
The food is always super fresh, the variety of it is more than enough and the taste is great!
Everything gives you a sense of home.
It is located in the heart of Kapana district, which adds even more with a beautiful atmosphere.
I highly recommend this place!😄


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24 Jun 2023


I was very very happy with the food, I stumbled across this place and I‘m glad I did.
Waiteress was in a rush but besides that everying was great😄Prices are pretty fair too


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12 Jun 2023

Great place in a vibrant location

Both food and service are great. Additionally, the restaurant is located in a nice area of Plovdiv in a vibrant street.

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff, Fair prices


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09 Jun 2023

Friendly staff

Good vegan offering. Menu in English as well, take cards as well. The staff was friendly.

Had the spring salad and the margarita pizza. The pizza itself isn't really a pizza base. It's more like a tortilla, it tasted nice regardless.


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09 Jun 2023

Just amazing, will be back

Huge menu with lots to choose from. The have veganised the traditional Bulgarian Tarator!

We had a burrito and two salads to share because Bulgaria really knows how to do salads properly- we weren’t disappointed.

I also had the blue summer smoothie, delish.

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