A reservation-only restaurant that offers a variety of vegan dishes. Uses organic and naturally farmed vegetables as well as traditional fermented seasoning in the cooking. The menu includes rice and noodle bowls, rice balls, ramen, and more. Book via social media or Line: https://lin.ee/AA4sVB8. Open Thu-Sat 7:00pm-10:30pm, Fri 12:30pm-3:30pm, Sat 12:00pm-2:30pm. Closed Sun-Wed.

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First Review by NashVegan


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06 Aug 2023

Best vegan food I've had in Tokyo

This was an amazing experience from beginning to end. The host greeted us with a chilled towel (a wonderful respite from the heat outside!) and welcomed us in. We were the only two guests there for lunch and we were treated to an entire 12 course meal. The dishes she served were authentic Japanese dishes that were naturally vegan and the host even explained where many of the ingredients came from locally in Japan. There were even a few interactive elements (we ground our own sesame seeds for a topping, chose our own chopstick holders from her collection, and mixed our own tofu soup) and a lot of very entertaining moments! Even at the end, the host walked us to the door where we said our goodbyes and thanked her for the amazing experience.

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Pros: Food was delicious, Authentically Japanese, Host was very entertaining



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26 Jun 2023

Great experience with excellent food

I came here on a Friday for a sushi lunch and was really happy with the experience.

Although on the pricey side (¥4500), I would say it's worth the money to enjoy really excellent seasonal ingredients prepared right in front of you by none other than Monkey Chef! She is friendly, funny and speaks decent English.

The place itself is super small and makes for an intimate experience (I went alone but still had a great time!)

The food differs every time she cooks, and I was lucky to get to try her sushi lunch. There were 6 sushis, miso soup, salads and a beautiful tapas style plate. I was super full by the end of the 2 hour lunch.

I also got the carrot juice (you have to buy a drink with your meal) and I surprisingly loved the flavour.

The lunch was a great way to appreciate tasty seasonal Japanese food done elegantly. She really highlighted the flavours of the ingredients perfectly with each dish.

Highly recommend (make sure you book a few days or weeks in advance with her online form! You also have to pay in advance)

Pros: Thoughtful and delicious Japanese food, Friendly and fun monkey chef! V unique , Beautiful space

Cons: Pricey but worth it!, Small venue so you can't go with a big group, Need to reserve in advance and pay online


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26 May 2023

Amazing sushi

The food was all amazing, you won't find better vegan sushi in Tokyo.
It's a bit difficult to find and the door will be closed — you can just walk in though. We were a bit too late because we were waiting outside.

Pros: Great food, Friendly staff dressed up as a monkey, Cozy vibe

Cons: Reservation required


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18 May 2023

Awesome experience

The monkey lady is very kind and the food was delicious and interesting. We had a great time and enjoyed the beers and sake selection.


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14 Apr 2023


Delicious Ramen, great service. Must experience while in Tokyo.


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14 Mar 2023

Wonderful Experience

This is one of the best and most fun meals I’ve eaten in my entire life. Everything is made fresh right in front of you by Monkey-san, the owner and only person working in the small restaurant.

The food was delicious and very fresh, and it was such a fun experience to chat with Monkey-san during our meal. I don’t remember how many courses were served. 5 or so. Every single thing she served was amazing. All the ingredients are fresh, much of it is local. It’s also really inexpensive for the quality of the food and the experience. Not sure where else you’ll find an amazing prix-fixe meal for so little money.

You need to make a reservation by filling out a form on her website by 3pm the prior day AT THE LATEST. The link on the inn’s website doesn’t work, the actual website for the restaurant is https://veganic-monkey-magic.business.site/ (at the time of writing). Once you make a reservation, you’ll get a confirmation email. You’re asked to prepay for the meal over PayPal, and also to order a drink or two when you’re at the restaurant.

Pros: Delicious food, Fun and memorable experience, Low price


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30 Jan 2023

Great experience

The owner was amazing with a great personality. The food was amazing, as well. You have to reserve ahead.


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05 Dec 2022



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Mostly Veg
23 Nov 2022

Satisfied body and soul!

A little monkey is the owner chef ! LOL
It's a small resutaurant where one person does everything.
Although it is small, the Japanese architecture is very comfortable, and it is the best that time flows slowly.
The owner chef's spirit of hospitality is wonderful and impressive.
The owner chef can speak a little English, so she will do her best to speak in English.

I think they are very reasonably priced considering that they use the best ingredients for all their dishes.
Among the vegan restaurants in Japan, the quality of the ingredients is definitely the highest.
You can enjoy the goodness of the ingredients in every dish, and the fermented seasonings in particular give it a savory flavor that leaves a lasting impression.
I love it so much that I can't stand to go there once a month!

Pros: nice vibe, very delicious, friendly

Cons: Not suitable when you are in a hurry, hard to find place, When I think of it, I can't just go


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Mostly Veg
24 Jun 2022

special collaboration lunch with Mr & Mrs Konno going fast

I was very lucky to get a seat for a special collaboration lunch with Mr & Mrs Konno, who are both experts in vegan sweets.
The chef Hitsujicchaman (sheep), pretending to be a different personality, but seems to be Sarucchaman the monkey's summer version, offered us a beautiful plate of dishes full of flavours and nutritions.
I especially loved a huge piece of crispy-juicy maitake mushroom and miso soup that you complete by dissolving two types of miso paste into broth with your own chopsticks, and fully understand why the chef recently stopped using soy meat.
She is really excellent at bringing out potential of vegetables.
The couple's dessert presentation was also amazing - lemon zest at the last minute was so refreshing and perfect for a hot and humid day, and I truly enjoyed crispness of biscuits, coolness of creamy jelly and ice cream, and sweet and spicy aroma as a whole.
Currently a lunch reservation is a must and there are 3 time slots for Fridays (either Soup Curry or Ramen every other week): 11:30, 12:30 and 13:30, and on Saturdays you can have a special course lunch starting at 12:00.


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02 May 2022



Pros: 農薬、肥料不使用の食材, 天然菌を使った調味料の数々, 古い施設だけれども、隅々まで清掃されていて心地良い

Cons: 人気ゆえに予約がなかなかとれない。, 営業日が少ないので、予約がなかなか取れない, 美味しいすぎるので、忘れられない店になってしまう


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18 Nov 2020

Cute place

I’ve been to this place two times. Friendly staff and tasty food.
They do occasional theme nights with course meals. I attended a theme night with many courses and the hosts dressed up.,

Pros: Whole menu is vegan , Fun hosts


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19 Aug 2020

Amazing tasty food and a lot of fun!

You got to try finding it because I had an amazing time there, and I am sure you will too !
A great plate with an amazing homemade tomato sauce, and a nice cup of tea. Very funny cook and nice staff. English was not a problem! Very few places to eat, but it makes it easy to talk to other people :)
They also sell some goods, and I bought them some spices they use for their tomato sauce!


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10 Jul 2020

Great vegan Japanese food

Loved their lunch!

Pros: Amazingly delicious food , Food good for you too , Reasonable prices

Cons: Kind of hidden inside a house


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26 Jun 2020

Hidden Litte Gem

Loved everything in this little restaurant located insinde a shared house if I remember well. You have to remove your shoes before entering the place and they have slippers you can wear. The place is very small but feels super cosy and the cook and server were both really, really nice, super friendly! The food was delicious and came out pretty quickly!
I think they also had wifi in the restaurant as well.
As mentionned by a few other reviews the place is a bit hidden but don’t let that deter you from going, it’s not that hard to find and you would pass on some great food and good atmosphere.

Pros: Friendly staff, Great atmosphere , Amazing food

Cons: A bit hidden but once again, , don’t let that discourage you 😉


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15 Mar 2020

Unique Japanese experience

This cafe was difficult to find. Once I did find it, it was a little cafe inside a guesthouse. I missed the lunch menu so could only have the breakfast menu mid afternoon. Everything was very fresh!

Pros: Fresh, quiet atmosphere

Cons: Difficult to find


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10 Mar 2020

Small restaurant good food

All vegan and all home cooked by a person dressed as a monkey. The restaurant is a little hidden away. Trust the maps location and keep an eye out for a small entrance behind (if I recall correctly) a bike stand. A Small sign is visible - look out for a building entrance with gates.

Pros: All vegan , Intimate place with relaxed atmosphere , Very friendly

Cons: A little hidden away , The location in apple maps is accurate


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10 Mar 2020

Cutest place in Tokio!

The restaurant is quite hard to find but so worth it. The staff is absolutely adorable and nice, the atmosphere is absolutely cozy and the food super tasty. You'll definitely enjoy your stay here😄and thanks for everything, monkey magic! P.s. The chef is dressed as a monkey😉

Pros: All vegan 😊 super cute place, great atmosphere

Cons: Small menu


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05 Mar 2020

Lovely little cafe

We enjoyed lovely set menu here . Lovely and friendly staff and delicious food.


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22 Feb 2020

Quaint, Quiet Cafe

When we first walked into Monkey Magic, I was a little apprehensive. Despite all the “open” signs out front, we walked through two closed doors into a deathly quiet bar area. Quickly, though, we began to feel right at home. Rather than have a traditional restaurant or cafe vibe, Monkey Magic feels like eating a home-cooked meal at your Japanese aunty’s house... assuming your Japanese aunty had a bar in her house. The hot ginger tea was warm and comforting. The pickled vegetables were fresh and the selection of deli items were all interesting and very tasty. The ramen was exactly the kind of warm meal that’s perfect on an overcast winter day. I especially loved the tempeh, which is hard to come by in Japan. And of course, the dessert was amazing. I highly recommend the sake cake.

Pros: Fully vegan menu, Fresh, local produce in every dish, Vegan desserts!!

Cons: It’s almost *too* quiet


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15 Feb 2020

Authentic dining experience

This establishment is a short walk from the Sensō-ji temple so it’s well worth combining visits to both places. Although difficult to find, there are signs outside on the road, it’s well worth making the effort.

The building has a classically styled interior which could be described as cosy or claustrophobic depending on your perspective. I found it to be charmingly cosy and the crew, a chef and a bar tender are friendly and helpful. The venue is quirky with the chef dressed as a monkey. There is seating for around 12 or so people, mostly at the bar.

The menu provided 4 set mains including refreshments and some desserts and other options, we ordered the ramen noodle bowl and vegetable bowls. Meals are individually prepared, it’s a true home cooking experience, so expect to wait a while for your meal.

The waiting is well worth it. The ramen bowl was nicely presented and had a rich mix of mushroom, nori and onion flavours and was delicious. The veggie bowl consists of some rice with sauce, some flavoursome mock meat and an array of vegetables - some served within the rice bowl, including some lovely sweet potato slices and many in separate petite pots. On a cold winters day the ramen was just the job.

Japanese desserts seem to be a bit of an acquired taste for a Western tongue, not being overly sweet. The dessert platter includes small portions of the various desserts and is well worth a try. We enjoyed the sake cake, it wasn’t really sweet and had a rich texture and flavour. The ice cream had an unusual texture and taste that failed to impress.

Overall this is a very enjoyable boutique dining experience with excellent mains, intriguing desserts and a cosy environment. Quirky and perhaps somewhat experimental, you may find some options don’t work for you, but overall highly recommended and worthy of 5 stars.

Arrive a bit before before 2pm to ensure both the mains and desserts.

Pros: Boutique vegan experience , Delicious individually prepared dishes, Good portions and quality ingredients

Cons: Felt a bit cramped


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14 Feb 2020

A must visit for tourists and locals alike!

I feel very lucky getting to check this place out so close to its opening! I hope it doesn’t change too much when it gets way more famous! Which, based on my visit, will definitely happen. The place is beautiful, the staff is very friendly, service was fast, and the food was incredible! Especially at this price, it is absolutely in my top favorite restaurants.

Pros: Organic tasty food, Friendly staff that speak Japanese and English, Beautiful restaurant

Cons: Only bar style seating, based on what I saw


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Mostly Veg
11 Feb 2020

Real traditional Japanese vegan food!

That’s amazing. I haven’t expected Japanese vegan so much before.
But it was awesome!!
So tasty, satisfied more than others.
Vegan ramen was so great!
It’s both good for breakfast and lunch!
There are real Japanese traditional vegan foods. So you will be surprised.
Lunch sets are included miso soup small potions, drink, and main dishes.
It was so satisfied with full sets!
Cappuccino and sweets were so yummy and healthy too.
The Chef “Monkey san” is so hosted person, she has lots of vegan knowledge. And her concept is “ Earth- friendly, and good for people “. Her choice foodstuff is all good for people and earth. I impressed by her concept and thinking.
I highly recommend here, the house is also very traditional Japanese style. So you can feel real Japan!


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Mostly Veg
10 Feb 2020

Incredible homemade vegan food in a traditional Japanese ryokan

Perfect lunch. Whereas most vegan food in Tokyo is very western and in modern cafés, this Japanese ryokan in a side street right by Senso-ji temple feels like you're in a traditional Japanese home eating wonderful vegan home-cooking. 100% recommend, even if you're not vegan/vegetarian.

Pros: Everything is vegan, most is homemade, Ryokan setting, traditional Japanese vibe, Affordable 1200-1500 for a lunch set

Cons: Limited seating


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10 Feb 2020

Tastiest Vegan Food Ever

We had such an amazing experience here, the food was by far the tastiest vegan food I’ve ever tried!
It is almost impossible to find vegan/vegetarian ramen in Japan but here you can eat the most tastiest with faux meat to help replicate what you’re missing out on.
Definitely a must!


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25 Jan 2020

Magical Restaurant!

Loved our experience here! Sarucchaman is an amazing friendly host and chef dressed as a monkey;) cozy spot with yummy homemade vegan food. Tucked away off the street. I highly recommend coming to visit here!!!

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