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Jay food stall offering cold and warm savory dishes, mostly pre-packed for takeaway, but you can also eat there at a little table. Also has fresh spring rolls and banana in coconut milk as dessert. Food is not re-stocked throughout the day, so there may be limited options in the late afternoon. Reported fully vegan May 2023. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-6:00pm.

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16 Reviews

First Review by Plantpower


Points +189

25 Jan 2019

Still open

Very handy place with lots of cheap options. It was still open when I walked by last week. The surrounding stalls are closed

Pros: Lots of options, Cheap

Cons: Some food can be a bit oily



Points +268

02 Sep 2018

Good street food

They have a few dishes to choose from. Most food is packages and ready to go. The food tastes really good. There are some tables to eat at right outside. No indoor seating. I spoke with a local who was helping the owner translate the food options for me. They use egg noodles in some dishes.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Some dishes contain egg noodles


Points +27

18 Aug 2018

Super günstig und gutes Essen

Man sollte unbedingt die Säfte probieren! Nicht zu süß aber sehr lecker !!
Besitzer spricht englisch

Pros: 100% vegetarisch


Points +28

27 May 2018

Amazing !

Cheapest food I've ever seen ~20baht, a lot of choice and very tasty !


Points +848

01 Feb 2018

Good cheap veggie stall food

This little stall is great value. Loads of crispy nibblets can be bought and chili oils. The highlights are the prepacked range of summer, sushi, salad and spring roll boxes and other prepacked dishes with fake meats, fresh herbs and rice.

The cooked food can be a bit luke warm and not quite as nice as the prepacked stuff.

The down side is it's a stall so seating is very functional, better to take the food away to eat.

Pros: cheap, great summer/salad rolls, great range of prepacked food

Cons: cooked food can be luke warm, not great seating


Points +553

17 Jan 2018

Very nice cheap food

Street food which is cheap. It was also quite easy to find


Points +17

14 Jan 2018


Is my pleasure to found this vegetarian stall, that's why I love Thai vegetarian food so much, this stall have many different kinds of local Thai food and it's vegetarian!


Points +38

08 Dec 2017

the best vegan place in Bangkok!!!!🥑🥑

Oh my goodness! I can't even begin to explain how good it is to find a super delicious authentic Thai vegan place in Bangkok!! This place is insane! Super cheap - 45 baht for 4 dishes on rice. lots of fake meats and yummy veggies. They have loads of takeaway options in the front of the counter such as sushi, summer rolls, noodles fake meat, rice curries! If you go there in the evening around 4.30pm everything to take away is 25baht!!! It's so cheap such good quality. We have been here about 4/5 times now and it does not disappoint. It's down a little ally opposite Ari BTS, not too hard to find.

Pros: all vegan , super fresh! , cheap and affordable street food


Points +51

05 Dec 2017

Not the Best

December 2017!!!!! Located directly across the street from Starbucks, down a Soi where cars cannot go down. Unfortunately no employee was kind to me and there was barely any option for dishes. Lots of snacks though, rolls, buns, fake meats (Takeaway). Very difficult to find. In my opinion this place is overpriced, much better options, just not a lot of veg options in this area unfortunately.

Happy Caro

Points +1111

29 Nov 2017

Delicious food :)

So glad i could find this place! I had different kinds of food which were all good and it was really cheap (45 the plate).

Thanks to the advice it helped to find the place. For my advice : on the side of the street of the Shell gas station, there is a small street perpendicular which is facing Starbucks (on the other side of the street).

Pros: Good, fresh and cheap

mandy roberts

Points +28

03 Aug 2017


Very impressed with the food. Spend 150 baht which is $7 AUD and got so much food plus drinks my husband, daughter and I couldn't finish. Very happy.


Points +153

Mostly Veg
18 Jan 2017

The best sweet'n'sour something, ever - but cold :)

To find this small, sweet place, one will have to take either exit 1 or 3 at the Ari BTS station. It is between the too, close to the stairs of exit 1. (On the side of the road with the Shell gas station, should one take the wrong exits by any chance). Food is cheap, tasty. Makes me wanna make something like this happen in my country. If only, if only... :)
I was so pleasantly surprised I forgot in my original review that my dish was actually pretty cold. It was still tasty. I went past 2 pm and it did look as though they were starting to pack up a bit later. Not sure. Go early for hot dishes.

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-18

Pros: Delicous, Cheap, Varied

Cons: Might take a minute to find, Hot buffet can be cold in the afternoon


Points +190

08 Jan 2017

amazing food for cheap but a bit hard to find

Such delicious food and a good variety. You can get a 4 item combo with white and brown rice for 45 bhat. I used the app to find the location but had to wander around looking at different stalls to find it (location is not exact). It has a large green sign all in Thai except the word "vegetarian." It's right in front of "White House" sail salon, and entrance to the small street it's on, is in front of "Now's fitness"


Points +18

24 Feb 2016

Cheap & Cheerful

My go-to brekkie spot. Lots of stuff to choose from. Grab a plate of rice and pick whatever savoury dishes to go with it. Easy peasy. There's also a noodle bar where you can order a variety of noodle dishes including the northern curry noodle 'khao soi'. Prices start from 30 baht. Those in a rush can just grab a variety of packaged stuff like summer rolls and som tum to take with them.

Updated from previous review on Wednesday February 24, 2016

Pros: Great variety , Cheap

Cons: Some dishes can be a bit tasteless

Pesto Monster

Points +23

Mostly Veg
01 Sep 2015

simple super nom vegan street food

I come to this place almost everyday for lunch. It's very simple and super delicious thai style vegan street food. The price is about 30-40Baht and you can choose a few thai fried veggies or curry on top of your rice. They also have vegan noodles soup and curry on rice noodles. I recommend fried mushroom with sweet and spicy sauce. Grilled shiitake on stick also is delicious !

Pros: super simple and delicious

Cons: the seller always looks a bit moody but she is ok


Points +1330

27 Mar 2015

Yummy and super cheap

It's a very small stand in this laneway where you can get yummy and cheap dishes. I had some spring rolls, rice with curries and dessert. All good.

Pros: cheap, yummy, authentic

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