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Serves meat, vegan options available. Pizza restaurant with tofu, vegan cheese, and gluten-free bread options. Can sub vegan cheese on panini and pizza. NOTE: May 2020 reported crusts may not be vegan - please confirm. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-11:00pm.

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Silly Little Vegan

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28 Jul 2022

Great Pizza in Barefoot Landing

I was happy to find a place for my family to eat in Barefoot Landing! This pizza has vegan cheese listed to sub for their dairy cheese. For a large it was an extra $6 for vegan cheese, but with the $5 coupon I found in the coupon book the price seemed reasonable.

Pizza was good. They did a nice job browning the cheese, and the crust had a nice bite.... while still being a bit crispy. I'd go back if I were in the area.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-27

Pros: Vegan cheese available , Lots of veggie pizza toppings , Affordable + found a coupon in local coupon book

Cons: Upcharge for vegan cheese



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14 Jul 2022

Ok in a pinch

Because the area is seriously lacking vegan options this is what we had for dinner 2 of the 4 nights. No vegan meats, just vegan cheese which wasn't as good as modpizza vegan cheese. And didn't melt properly.

Pros: Close to our hotel , Multiple locations

Cons: Vegan cheese , Price, Shows delivery available but then doesn't deliver


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18 Jun 2022

Excellent vegan pizza and the vegan garlic bread was sooo good!!

Their crust is now vegan and they have excellent vegan cheese. Loved their different toppings like picklea and shredded coconut!? Really good and very accomodating.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-18

Pros: Vegan cheese and toppings, Vegan crust, Great staff


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28 Feb 2022

No more vegan

They took away the vegan cheese for the pizza. I only get the salad now. Salad is good but I can get a salad anywhere.

Cons: Took away vegan cheese


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17 Dec 2021

No, no, no!

Sorry other reviews are wrong. No vegan cheese. No vegan toppings other than the obvious (veggies). I ordered my pizza w/o cheese. Note: the jerk sauce is HOT! Finally, no vegan apps.

Pros: Can order w/o cheese

Cons: No vegan cheese , No vegan toppings other than veggies


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27 Feb 2021

Bbq pizzaaa

I’m not a huge red sauce fan, went with bbq- but was limited for toppings. So i just got bbq sauce, red onion, pineapple and vegan cheese. Not life changing- but it was good!
The prices are kinda wild though. be prepared to spend at least $20 for a medium pizza- with 2 toppings + vegan cheese. 🥴
There is honestly really no reason to charge $2+/topping for basic veg toppings (red onion, come onnn) If I wasn’t starving- I would’ve taken the time to research other places with vegan options.
Despite the good pizza, I’ll probablyyyy check out another pizza place next time I’m in Myrtle Beach, just because of the gnarly prices.

Pros: Vegan cheese, Quick service, Vegan cheese

Cons: Pricey AF


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09 Dec 2019

expensive vegan pizza

I hated this place. I was alone and it wasn't busy. I waited half hour at my table to be served. Another half hour for my drink and 45 minutes for my vegan pizza. Upcharge on vegan items, veggies and vegan cheese vs meat and regular cheese was astonishing. My one pizza meal was over $30. And it wasn't even good. I live right behind this place and there is no way I would ever go back

Pros: Has vegan cheese


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11 Jul 2018

Tastes good but GF crust is not vegan and I was lied to!!!

UPDATE: I spoke with another person today when ordering and the GF crust is NOT VEGAN. It contains eggs and dairy. I am extremely upset that I was misinformed. I was skeptical to believe the GF crust was vegan and now I know my instincts were right!!! Everything else was great and at least someone on their staff knew it wasn’t vegan.

It can be frustrating to find GF and vegan options at most restaurants, but Ultimate California Pizza has all their bases covered! I ordered the Santa Cruz, minus the non-vegan cheese, tomatoes, and red onion as our freindly and helpful waitress Jonnie had recommended it to me. I also had a glass of White Zinfandel. The crust was so amazing I was skeptical that it was really gluten free and vegan! (Please tell me if I’m wrong here.) I went with my brother who is an omnivore and is not GF. He had the Big Sur and loved his pizza too! He said it tastes less “heavy and greasy” than typical pizza. Everything was delicious! My pizza did take longer to make than my brother’s so the waitress apologized and gave me 50% off my pizza! Before we went to the restaurant I called to make sure their GF crust was also vegan and free of corn, as I am gluten conscious and have a mild corn allergy. The man I spoke to on the phone was incredibly friendly and gave me the good news that the GF crust is vegan and doesn’t contain corn. Unfortunately, I forgot to ask if the vegan cheese had corn in it. When I got to UCP I discovered they use Follow Your Heart Mozzarella, which does contain “modified corn and potato starches.” I decided to take a chance and order it anyway. (My allergy is not life threatening, it is mild. My allergist also suggested I try eating small amounts of corn to see if I react.) I did not notice any allergic reaction when I had the pizza last night or this afternoon eating leftovers, so I assume the amount of corn starch in the vegan cheese is minimal. This was my first time trying Follow Your Heart and it’s delicious!

Updated from previous review on 2018-07-10

Pros: Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options

Cons: No vegan/vegetarian meat substitutes, GF CRUST NOT VEGAN, Not all staff understand what vegan means


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10 Jun 2018

Not my favorite

Had a giant salad which was good. The Malibu Greek with Italian and no feta. Was good. Hummus was very good. Kids hated their pizza which was sad. Service can be a bit off and slow.


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01 Aug 2017


Five or so options of pizza already vegan! Was very good. Only thing that I didn't like was the softness of the crust


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06 Jun 2017

Yes! A place with vegan options in Myrtle Beach!

I was so happy to find this place thru Happy Cow! The pizza was really good, and the vegan garlic bread, delish!! They have a couple locations in the area!

Pros: lots for the area!


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14 May 2017

Best vegan cheese

Best vegan cheese I've had hands down!

Pros: vegan options specified on menu

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