Vegan restaurant serving a variety of Asian foods, including bento boxes, veggie sushi, bao, dumplings, fried rolls and wontons, tofu dishes, noodles like udon and ramen. Has sweet red bean and jelly dessert, green smoothies, fruit smoothies, thai iced tea and coffee. Casual-nice setup. Est. Jan 2021. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-9:00pm. Actual closing time 8:45 pm.

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First Review by Cassietig


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03 Nov 2023

Pretty good Vegan Buffet!

Not everything they had was my favorite, but dinner was pretty affordable ($30 for 2 people), and they had some great noodles and very cute and tasty sesame balls. Staff was nice and quick to take plates when we finished eating and getting seconds didn't seem to be an extra charge.



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31 Oct 2023

Vegan buffet wowie zowie

Enjoyed a lot of the food in their vegan buffet selection! Not everything was a hit but most of it was pretty good. Would go to again.


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Mostly Veg
30 Oct 2023

Trendy vegan

We really loved the salt and pepper tofu! Omg!! We will be back.
Food items were fresh and establishment clean.


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10 Oct 2023

Wish I lived in Houston for this restaurant alone!

Everything I tried, was delicious I’m from Chicago and I wish this restaurant was in my own city. I’m hoping everyone will come to this place. There were some serious high frequency vibrations at this restaurant. After drinking some hot tea and having the veggie dry ball that had sautéed lotus and tree mushrooms in it, I left, feeling high and on top of this world. I seriously believe that the people at this restaurant are the sweetest and most genuine individuals and I wish I could take them home with me. I can’t wait to visit Houston again simply for this restaurant. Go there they are kind, compassionate and accommodating. I saw them accommodate a man with a disability who struggled with his hand, and a server helped him open his utensils, and it was the sweetest gesture had ever seen. They kept coming over to our table to pour our hot tea for us checking in on us and making sure that we took our leftovers home. I can go on and on but all I will say is that this little restaurant in a strip mall will surprise you and you will leave there naturally high on life.


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02 Oct 2023

Average buffet

I had the buffet. The flavor of the food was quite bland. It was nothing amazing but it wasn't bad either. It's buffet food so I don't expect gourmet. But I have been to other buffets with better quality. I'd probably eat here again, but it wouldn't be a first choice, at least not the buffet.

Pros: Decent price

Cons: Flavor


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20 Sep 2023

Amazing buffet & kind service

Loved it. We had no idea there was a buffet here when we found it in Yelp but thanks to the hospitable and attentive service we happily changed plans to try a little of a lot on our first visit. Everything was well cooked and very tasty, even though servers said if we came earlier it would be even more fresh we weren’t at all disappointed. I wish there were some more condiments to make the dishes a little spicier but understand the buffet being mild. I look forward to ordered a menu item from the kitchen soon!

Pros: Variety, Freshness, Service


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09 Aug 2023

Veggies, Brown Rice, and Great Taste!

Visiting Houston, I found they have lots of vegan food, but not much is whole food plant-based - something my wife and I try to adhere to. My first night here, I had dietary restrictions for a medical test the next day. After searching menus, it seemed my best bet was here - "Tofu Vegetables", with added broccoli and mushrooms. Delicious, and a large portion - perfect! And during my stay here, I returned a couple of times - "General Tso's Tofu" (with added vegetables) and "Garlic Sauce Eggplant" (with added tofu and other veggies). Also with large portions! And, I was able to request brown rice - I like white rice, but brown rice is much better for me, and not always available. It is here! And it's not stuck together in one big lump, as I've encountered elsewhere.

I only ordered for takeout, but the restaurant has something of a buffet station that was getting a lot of traffic when I picked up my food. And a possible drawback: I didn't have trouble parking, but it's not abundant.

Aside from that small potential caveat, I look forward to visiting "Trendy Vegan" and trying more of their menu when I return to Houston!

Pros: Real vegetables!, Good brown rice., Great TASTE!

Cons: Somewhat tight parking., They're not in Denver!


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24 Jun 2023

Super service

Great variety of dishes. Really enjoyed the buffet

Pros: Fast service, Clean restaurant, Hot food


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08 Jun 2023

love their tofu dishes!

very fast & quality ingredients


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07 Jun 2023

Nice place for vegan Asian

Tempeh and Vegetable dish was great! String beans were firm and not greasy. Tempeh was tasty. Veggie soup was also good, too.

Wait staff was very welcoming and friendly, which is perfect for a business traveler on their own.

Low key decor.

Pros: All vegan!, Lots of choices, Friendly staff


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01 Jun 2023

Nice vegan food

Good selection of Asian vegan foods. Good noodle dishes and green onion pancakes. Hot sour soup was ok- not great. Parking is terrible here

Pros: Good selection of noodle dishes, Good dumpling, Green onion pancakes and bao

Cons: Limited parking , Soup not so good


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12 Apr 2023

Sadly disappointing

We used to LOVE Peppertree (the wonderful vegan restaurant this replaced), so we had high hopes for this place, despite the ridiculous name. Alas, we were disappointed. Only one dish (the ramen) was actually bad, but nothing was particularly good.

• Sautéed Brussels sprouts - Not sautéed long enough and the sauce, despite the large chunks of garlic, was bland
• Salt and pepper tofu - OK flavor, but mushy rather than crispy (maybe our fault for ordering delivery; might be better at the restaurant)
• Tofu vegetables - Blah
• General Tso tofu - Blah
• Ramen - Looked wonderful, tasted terrible (inedible broth)

It’s a fairly large menu (though tiny compared to Peppertree), so I’d give it another chance ordering different dishes, but I wouldn’t order anything we had again.

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-08

Pros: All vegan—yay!, Large menu

Cons: Nothing exciting , The ramen is truly awful


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18 Mar 2023

Highly recommend

First time here and we'll be back. Tried the vegetable lo mein and cabbage rice noodle dishes. Also had the spring roll appetizer

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pros: Clean, Fast Service , Delicious


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18 Feb 2023


We had both the bok choy and mushrooms dish and the eggplant in brown sauce dish. They were both delicious. Looking forward to going back.


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25 Jan 2023

Sichuan flavors are incredible.

We visited Houston (wrong time since there was a tornado warning, but it had to happen) and we sincerely had a blast. This place was our dinner and it was certainly a great choice. Great options for sharing, calm, quiet vibe, and the staff was wonderful. We had 3 plates to share- mapo tofu, Singapore noodles, and udon noodle bowl, plus Thai iced tea. Please stop by this place for a tasty, fulfilling, calm dinner while in Houston!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-25


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07 Jan 2023

This place is everything

Best Asian vegan cuisine …..

Pros: Everything is 100% vegan, All the food taste amazing


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01 Jan 2023

Must try!

We were really blown away by everything we ate. Mapo tofu, garlic eggplant, veggie bao. We ordered bento boxes, which came with several sides, all delicious!

We were back in Houston visiting after moving away last year and were wanting good Chinese food. This really hit the spot!

Pros: Delicious, lovingly made food


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13 Dec 2022


The staff was so friendly, the Thai tea was the best I've ever had, the food was so delicious and flavorful. You MUST try this place. We will be back whenever we're in Houston.

Pros: 100% vegan restaurant, Perfect thai tea, Delicious food


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31 Oct 2022

My fave in Houston

If you like it spicy, get the vegetable in dry pot. Just the right amount of chili and onion.


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20 Oct 2022

Jaw dropping

The food was amazing, everything. I had the lunchbox with Garlic Eggplant and it did not disappoint. I also got veggie bao buns and they were great. I highly recommend.

Pros: Affordable , Delicious , Kind staff

Cons: Wasabi kale almost took me out


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20 Oct 2022

one of my favorites

i’ve been here twice and got the singapore noodle dish both times because it’s just that good. i also tried some of the appetizers and they’re ✨divine✨. the service was also friendly and they got my order out fast without sacrificing quality.

Pros: all vegan , great customer service , calm environment


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01 Oct 2022

A must try in the Houston/Galleria area!!

Such a pretty little restaurant!! The food and staff were equally as amazing. I also eat gluten free and they were more than accommodating for that as well. I had the bento box with the green Thai curry (with tofu instead of tempeh), and got a side of spring rolls and veggie bao, everything to go. The baos were my favorite thing!! Slightly sweet with seaweed inside and had a great texture. Everything that came in the bento box had great flavor and individually very tasty, from the kale salad, to the Dan Dan noodles, and also included rice and a spring roll. I can't recommend this place enough! My only complaint is I wish we didn't live an hour away :)

Pros: Gluten free options, Nice portion sizes, Variety of food in bento box


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26 Sep 2022

Incredible asian food 100% Vegan

It was delicious from atart to finish. Contactless order is convenient, and staff checked up often. But all of that pales in comparison to the food which is sublime. I ordered the fried mushrooms purple puffs and japanese curry udon all of which blew me away and i would highly recommend. The creamy wasabi that accompanied the mushrooms was incredible!!!!

Pros: 100% vegan, Tastes awesome, Cost is low

Cons: None


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10 Sep 2022

Excellent Food

Such fresh tasty dishes with a large selection, 100% vegan. Clean bright place. Very friendly and attentive staff. Food was extremely fast. We had the steamed dumplings and garlic cucumbers as appetizers, and the were excellent. We also had the green curry tempeh and the garlic eggplant with brown rice. The rice was nice and firm but tender. The eggplant dish was excellent and we enjoyed it more than the green curry. Thai tea was also very good. We are happy with our choice and really enjoyed our meal.

Pros: Great fresh flavors, Super friendly, Service incredibly fast

Cons: None!


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22 Aug 2022

Trig tidbits timeously tendered.

Pleasant ambience in a location that seems on the way to many destinations around town.


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28 Jul 2022

Great for a quick lunch

So nice to not have to ask about chicken stock and fish sauce😊. I’ve tried several things on the menu, and I recommend the vegetables in dry pot if you like a little heat.

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-07

Cons: Veggies could be fresher, Sometimes too oily for my taste


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28 Jul 2022

Excellent Asian Style Vegan

I had the Mapo Tofu and it was excellent. My wife had the Udon noodles with veg and it was also good. Service was excellent. Highly recommend.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Good asian food

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