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Located in an alley off the main st, approx. 200 meters south of Nguyen Van Linh St. Serves a standard and extensive variety of rice and noodle dishes, soups, and cakes and pastry wraps. Menu is in Vietnamese. Open Mon-Sun 6:30am-1:30pm, 3:30pm-7:30pm.

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First Review by Dabizi


Points +37

11 May 2023

Delicious food

We really liked the food here. Tofu and seitan was well prepared. Staff was friendly and helpful.
Price was pretty good (cheap).

Pros: Delicious Tofu and seitan, Good price , Friendly staff



Points +2264

01 Oct 2020


Nice and cheap, try the Cao Lau noodles.


Points +656

05 Mar 2020

Not bad but nothing special

It’s a little restaurant in a quiet street. The food is not bad, pretty average. There is a little English menu so it’s no peoblem they don’t speak any.
The dishes are a decent amount but lots of oil is used.
All was fine I’d just not go again...

Pros: English menu , Food was ok, Cheap

Cons: Small selection , A bit oily , Nothing special


Points +294

08 Nov 2019

Disastrous experience for me

Very little English spoken. There was one other customer there and the proprietress asked me "same?" I had had phố for lunch and wasn't keen on having noodle soup for dinner too. I said "cơm" and a second woman who appeared to be working there said "rice" so I said "yes. With vegetables."
I was presented with a plate of sticky rice with vegan chicken on top,along with a small bowl of soup with a green vegetable (photo uploaded).
I couldn't face eating such a bland meal and got up to go and offered to pay. The proprietress was a bit miffed but didn't accept payment.

Cons: Poor choice, No English


Points +54

06 Oct 2019

Cheap & tasty

Great food quality
Low price
Good location (near Cầu Rồng - the Dragon Bridge) & 200m from chè Liên (famous for dessert)


Points +30

25 Jun 2019

Cheap and delicious

Great! Went here for breakfast and had their vermicelli mushroom tofu soup, broth was delicious. For only 20k


Points +90

10 Jun 2019

Cheap and authentic

I had the local noodle dish that was recommended to me by the waitress and it did not disappoint. So impressed with the quantity and quality you got for the price.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Cheap, Authentic Vietnamese

Cons: May need google translate for menu, juices etc


Points +265

12 Jun 2018


Awesome little eatery! They must have completely changed the interior since 2017. It looks brand new! They have super comfortable wooden chairs and tables and the overall atmosphere is $$$. They have a really small menu and when I went they only had 2 meals to choose from. I went with a soup and it was incredible! I paid 20,000 VND and also got free tea. They also do take-away!

Pros: Super affordable, Small menu

Cons: Nothing!


Points +92

23 May 2018

Cheap and local

I love this place, located in a quiet alley at the start of a residential area full of tiny streets and locals. They have an English menu now on all the tables, so easy to point to what you want. Small menu but good, cheap dishes. Really like the cao lau here. Also the banh xeo is a crowd favourite, the tiny place was full of locals eating nothing but banh xeo on one of our visits.

Pros: cheap, tasty food, quiet local favourite


Points +21

12 May 2016

Small and simple vegan place

Since there is no English menu I added a picture of the Vietnamese one. If you want to go here then try to figure out what dishes they are in advance. Also the current location on the map is inaccurate. Therefore I added a picture where the blue dot indicates the actual location (about a 10 minutes walk from the location that is currently shown on the map). Enjoy your meal. I liked the Mì Quang.

Pros: Lots of vegan options (see picture of the menu)

Cons: No English menu and staff doesn't speak English ei


Points +44

03 May 2013

Simple dishes, inexpensive, friendly

This place seems to be veg for religious reasons - you'll see a lot of Buddhist devotional objects hanging on the walls. There's no English menu and the staff also doesn't speak a lot of English. So, you can try to order by getting some help by other guests (mostly locals) or just have a look in the kitchen, what food is available. When we visited Thien Duyen, there was a small choice of mostly cold served dishes, but we also got a Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), which was quite delicious. Free tea (cold) is available on every table. Don't expect a fancy place or extravagant cuisine, but you'll leave full for a very reasonable price. Also the staff is friendly. If you go there, note that you have to enter the alley and find the restaurant after 100 m on the right (the restaurant at #308 on the main road isn't what you're looking for).

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