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Vegan restaurant serving a mix of cuisines from curry and tofu dishes to burgers and brownies. Walk up an ancient staircase/street to reach it. Dine at low tables with colorful cushions provided. Reported open April 2022. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-6:00pm.

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First Review by EduardoManuelCastelo


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31 Aug 2023

Excellent food

Excellent food whether you are vegan or not. Koftas are delicious and my favourite. Lentil burgers are hearty, tasty and very filling.
Passion fruit dressing is devine

Pros: Excellent food, Relaxed, calming atmosphere , Good service

Cons: I had no room for pudding 🤣



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30 Aug 2023

Would die for their vegan snickers!

I have been Here three times and always really enjoyed it. I love their ideas with the mandalas and almost sitting on the ground. It makes a very comfy atmosphere. The food I definitely loved the most are their vegan snickers and the sandwiches too! They even have little kittens playing around.

Pros: Unique atmosphere, Amazing selfmade snickers, Friendly staff

Cons: Only open until 6.30pm


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12 Aug 2023

I love The Vegan Temple, #Cusco #Peru!

The Vegan Temple beautiful…❤️🙏🏻☮️🌎#GoVegan #Cusco #Peru


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15 May 2023

Give it a visit!

100% vegan dishes, fresh and natural taste! Enjoyed it but also have had better in Cusco.

Pros: A lot of options

Cons: Small, not many tables


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19 Mar 2023

0 ESTRELAS! 🤢Local MUITO sujo! Passamos mal depois de comer🤮

Local MUITO sujo! Passamos mal depois de comer no The Vegan Temple by Prasada

Além gatos e cachorro (molhado e se coçando de pulgas sem parar) andando pela cozinha. Sim! Os animais passeiam na cozinha em cima de tudo.

Eu não sei se existe vigilância sanitária em Cusco. Acredito que não deva existir. Pois, esse lugar é muito fora das normas.

É cheio de pernilongos que picaram nossas pernas e braços.

Pedem para tirarmos os sapatos na entrada. Mas, os funcionários chegam da rua, com sapatos sujos e entram na cozinha.

Péssimo atendimento! Ninguém vem te atender e quando atendem apenas pegam o pedido e somem. Entregam os pratos e somem novamente.
Não se importam se a comida está boa e gostamos do serviço.

Comida ruim, totalmente sem sal, sem tempero e sem gosto.

Sentimento de arrependimento por não ter saído assim que entrei.

Preço MUITO caro.

Pros: S.O.S vigilância sanitária 🤢, Animais sujos andando pela cozinha 🕸️, Cheio de pernilongos 🦟

Cons: MUITO Sujo 🤢, Péssimo atendimento , Comida ruim. Passamos mal depois 🤮


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12 Mar 2023

Nourishing and Delicious

Phenomenally nourishing vegan food and atmosphere. Really amazingly tasty food, great ingredients and freshly made at the time of ordering. I had the Coconut Red curry and it was delicious, a big portion and very reasonably priced. Owner was very friendly and I loved sitting at the low tables with the peaceful vibrations of the place. Heading there again today. Simple, unassuming, peaceful and wholesome.


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21 Feb 2023

Fresh greens, too much oil

Sign says to leave your shoes outside. Two menus on each table - one in Spanish, one in English. You pretty much seat yourself and wait for someone to come. I didn't find that very welcoming...sitting, waiting, not really knowing what to do next. A bit more greeting and instruction would have better. Space is quaint and tranquil, but be prepared to sit on low cushions. Thankfully, my long legs fit under the low table, but my friend's did not. I purposely chose a sit against the wall, or I think I would have been very uncomfortable. You could hear the food being freshly prepared. I ordered the Green Bowl and Super Vegan lentil burger. The salad portion is large, filling, and definitely enough on its own. I took my burger "To-Go" (they dont use containers, but the host will put your food in a brown bag for you). The salad greens were incredibly fresh and tasty, but too much olive oil ruined it for me (maybe i missed on the menu where it included olive oil?). The burger came with a few small potatoes, but again, too much oil. The burger had a nice, unique presentation. My friend ordered Tacu Tacu, which was delicious, but the side patty was fried too hard (he didn't eat it). Overall, more communication from the host (and less oil in the dishes) would have increased the rating.

Pros: Ambience, Fresh ingredients , Many, many juice/beverage choices

Cons: Minimal communication felt unwelcoming, Too much oil in dishes, Nothing special in taste


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10 Jan 2023

Peaceful vegan oasis

This place is a jewel! It was my favorite place to eat in Cusco. It feels like you are at a spiritual retreat. Peaceful energy, welcoming, delicious food, kind owner.
You take your shoes off at the door and enter what really can feel like a temple.
My only regret is that I only went to it on my last day, otherwise I would have gone back many times!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-10


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06 Dec 2022

Unique vibe, huge portions

As others have noted, seating is on pillows and low tables. I really enjoyed the vibe, it felt very peaceful and communal, but it might not be for everyone. Food was great, loved the veganized Peruvian dishes and the smoothies. Also, loved the sleeping pup. (:


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05 Dec 2022

Doesn’t offer delivery or takeaway

Don’t bother showing up unless you want to knee down and eat


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27 Nov 2022

Peruvian options

They have some Asian classics on the menu but also veganised Peruvian dishes. Had the Aztec soup and Tacu Tacu, both really delicious and recommended.

Pros: Very relaxed atmosphere , Big selection of tea


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07 Nov 2022

My favorite!

This is my favorite place to eat in cusco. I really like the atmosphere in there. So peaceful and quite.


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28 Oct 2022

Good experience

Opted to make my own burger by selecting toppings and it was delicious! The juices offered here were also wholesome and yummy. My partner had a red curry, which could have had kore flavour, but overall highly recommend. Definitely get a choco snickers bar while you're there. 😌

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-28


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18 Oct 2022

It's all about the vibe

There's a great selection of food here and it's not as expensive as some the other places around town. A great place to chit-chat with other travelers.

Pros: Cozy atmosphere, Great selection


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16 Oct 2022

Great selection of vegan food

The interior and the seating is certainly very different than most restaurants, but the menu is great and prices are a bit better than nearby vegan restaurants.

Though I would recommend not ordering any drinks with ginger here, they add far too much of it and it becomes almost undrinkably spicy.

Pros: Great menu, Slightly cheaper than other vegan restaurants

Cons: Benches are not comfortable, Too much ginger in the drinks


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19 Sep 2022

Great vibe, great staff, great food

A very chill and atmospheric place in a quiet part of the town. Well worth the walk from the main square, you will be well rewarded. Try the choco snickers desert, its delicious.

Pros: Food and drinks are delicious, Our waiter spoke fluent English, very helpful!, Very very generous portions

Cons: None!


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09 Sep 2022

Excellent food

Good sized portions, well presented. (But I wish the tables were a little taller!)

Pros: Excellent food, Relaxing space, Wifi

Cons: Low tables!!


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05 Sep 2022

Charming local place

Entering this little place felt like I was entering a community. You take your shoes off upon arrival. There were 3 tables and the people at 2 other tables were chatting with each other and then with me. Then other visitors came in and we were all chatting. It was all travelers and we shared some nice stories. The person who served us spoke perfect English and joined in the conversation a little.

The food was really good and it was just a nice vibe.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-05

Pros: All vegan with lots of different types of food , Nice community feel with other travelers, Lots of nice healthy juices and drinks

Cons: The bathroom , Not sure how many local folks eat here, They closed early that day so maybe not reliable?


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21 Aug 2022

Great Surprise in Cusco

Grande qualità e abbinamento degli ingredienti

Pros: Total vegan, Amazing taste and combination, Rich menù


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31 Jul 2022

Relaxing and wonderful!

Removed our shoes at the front and sat upstairs. Ordered the pura vida sandwich and tacu tacu. Extremely flavorful, big portions, and awesome service!

Pros: All vegan, Great atmosphere , Lovely staff


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09 Jul 2022

Great food in a zen space

The seating here is set up with low tables and pillows. You have to remove your shoes. To start we shared the Aztec soup, then I got the tofu teriyaki and my partner the red curry, both were phenomenal. We finished off with a choco snicker dessert. Everything was great and I highly recommend this place.


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30 Jun 2022

Cosy setting and good food

You need to take off your shoes to enter this restaurant. The setting is nice and cozy. The food is delicious. The smoothies are really big but our main dish was not enough. But that meant we were able to go for dessert. We definitely recommend to try the Snickers! A decent restaurant in Cusco.

Pros: All vegan, Nice setting

Cons: Like most vegan restaurants a bit more expensive


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25 Jun 2022

Bliss experience!

Unique, tranquil and super chilled vibe. Ordered the pad Thai and the red thai curry, thoroughly enjoyed both and there were so many other great options to choose from. The super detox juice was also delicious and came in a massive glass which was perfect for me 😄

Will definitely return again 👍

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-25

Pros: Great variety of vegan options, Chilled ambience


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09 May 2022

Really delicious

I ordered the tomatoe soup and the Teriyaki tofu with veggies and rice. The food was really good and the price was fair! The place looks really nice and comfy!


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02 May 2022

amazing comfort food, 100% vegan, big portions

I'm glad to see such vegan places around. The owner is friendly and prepares delicious meals! We had the Pad Thai and the Tofu Theriaki, very big portions and amazing taste! Also the tomatoe soup was quite good as my boyfriend was a bit ill. We also ordered some juices and let me tell you, those are BIG! 🤯 About a litre one, so consider sharing some hehehe. I really wanted to try some dessert but I was way too full. Luckily there was the option to buy some vegan snickers for the next day, very yummy! The only thing we didn't like is that you have to take your shoes off and stay in socks. I get that it may be some asian tradition but Cusco is cold! We were freezing, so make sure to bring some thick socks or a blanket! Other than that an amazing place!

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-02

Pros: 100% vegan, wide menu, thai food, big portions, delicious food, friendly owner, cosy vibe

Cons: have to take your shoes off although it's cold, the juices are too big for one person, might get pricier, but ok for the amount of foods


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28 Apr 2022

Deliciooouus everything !

Wish I could have tried more things on the menu. The Asian dishes were very good and the snickers is to die for

Pros: All vegan, Good mix of cuisines and desserts, Very big juices

Cons: 3 tables, Toilets are dirty


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24 Apr 2022

Everything delicious

We had soup, salad, pad thai and curry, a 1l drink and took 2 snickers and paid 127 soles. Not bad. Everything was delicious we highly recomend it!

Pros: Lots of options and everything vegan, Not expensive, Big portions

Cons: Toilet 🙂

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