Serves meat, vegan options available. Pub and grill offering a separate vegan menu with dishes like the Beyond burger, chik'n sandwiches, tacos and more. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Llamalover2580


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03 Sep 2023

Varied vegan choices!

The Point Pub offers a large, separate vegan menu, including tacos, burgers and wraps. I had the vegan Mac Daddy, a concoction made with a burger, onions, BBQ sauce and vegan mac and cheese. The fries choices including sweet potato fries,which I really enjoyed. Generous portions, lots of variety, but what impressed me was that the food was “ clean”, ie definitely made separately, quite a feat for a pub- grill type place.

Pros: Separate vegan menu, Food seemed to be prepared separately, Large portions



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26 Jul 2023

Decent food

Nothing special but a nice place to go with non-vegan family and get a drink. They have a whole vegan section of the menu which was really nice and the staff was accommodating

Pros: Vegan section on menu


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02 Apr 2023

Substantial vegan section on menu

Food was very good, service was good, beer was good. If you feel like a burger and a beer, it’s a great stop.


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29 Jan 2023

New fav

Food was so good and fresh. Not to mention plenty of options for vegans and non vegans!


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06 Sep 2022

Lots of Vegan Options Very Small Portions

Prices were outrageous for the tiny bit of food you get. $15 for 3 bite size tacos no chips and salsa or any other side.

Pros: Food was good

Cons: Nothing vegan on happy hour menu, Very small portions


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02 Sep 2022

phenomenal meal

I had their vegan taco salad and it was really good! My husband and his kiddo both had the mac and cheese patty melt, which I had a bite of too, and it was also delicious. The beer selection was decent, and they are dog friendly.


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30 Aug 2022

Good vegan junk food

The humans there have been really nice to me and the food is unhealthy bar deliciousness. It's definitely pricey but it's right downtown and they serve vegan noms later than most.

Pros: Vegan menu, Excellent service (if not too busy), Open later than most in Bend

Cons: Pricey, Salads kinda lame


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14 Mar 2022

Good vegan menu, filling comfort food

It's your typical pub and grill with a wide selection of beers and a great vegan menu! There are a dozen vegan things on the menu, between the pastas and sandwiches and tacos and salads.

My personal favorite is the vegan mac & cheese. Great as a late-night comfort food dinner, or if you want something more substantial than what the other breweries offer. Huge portions.


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02 Mar 2022

Full vegan menu

Really appreciate the full vegan menu that offers pretty solid bar food. It’s to pricey for what you get imo. I don’t mind paying a little extra for pb options but I think they take it a little to far. Even burger patty’s seem like they cover about half the bread and they are like 18 bucks. That being said I still enjoy having somewhere to go that’s open relatively late to get a beer and some junk food when feeling lazy.

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-02

Pros: Full vegan menu

Cons: Expensive for what u get


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18 Jan 2022

Unfortunately totally disappointing

We were excited to come after learning about the bod vegan selection. But the food was very, very bad. No taste, even the veggies tasted like nothing or had an artificial smell to them. We actually left after a few bites only. Atmosphere was that of a rundown sports bar. Not one person was wearing a mask. We won’t return.


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30 Sep 2021

Several Vegan options

Appreciate that they have several vegan options clearly marked on their menu. Had the Maui luau vegan chicken sandwich the first time there - good flavors on tasty bread.
Second time we tried the vegan Buffalo chicken tacos and the vegan chicken Mac-n-cheese. Buffalo chicken tacos were quite tasty with a refreshing pico. The Mac & cheese lacked seasoning, needed much more garlic, salt, pepper and could use more flavor in the vegan chicken.
Over-all happy with our experiences there and will be back.

Pros: Several vegan options on separate menu, Friendly customer service, Good drink options

Cons: Expensive, Some food lacks seasoning


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12 Sep 2021

$17 for a square of tofu

This place charges $17 for a ‘vegan sandwich’, which is a flavorless square of tofu between two buns and some sauce. The fries were good, and that’s it. It was nice to return back to Portland for a real vegan sandwich like the mockingbird.

Pros: Good fries.

Cons: Expensive for what you get.


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11 Jul 2021

Not great

A lot of vegan options in the area were closed at the time so we decided to check here out. The “world famous vegan chicken and vegetable Mac and cheese” was not very good. No flavor and the fake chicken they used was pretty bland and textureless. They did have a lot of option that I wasn’t able to try, so it could get better.


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10 Mar 2021

Separate menu for vegans-- doing it right!

As vegans, we were VERY pleased to see an impressive vegan section on the menu! Look for "The Point Vegan Menu".  Offering a vegan menu makes ordering so much easier for us. It was clear from their menu items and by their knowledge of plant-based products, that vegan dishes aren't an afterthought here. You can try many of their vegan signature dishes, or vegan versions of their classic menu items! It's nice that you can have a pub/bar experience to watch the game or get a beer with friends, and not have to feel like you're missing out on good food. They definitely consider vegans! We got the delicious vegan parmesan garlic fries (tip: check in on fb and get the fries free!), Kona Style Vegan Chicken Tacos, and they also made their chimichanga vegan for us! Everything was phenomenal!! I do think Beyond Meat Mince or Beyond Meat Crumbles would be great in the chimichanga (instead of the chunks), but overall the flavors were fantastic!
I am a vegan hospitality consultant and we train establishments to do precisely what The Point is doing!! Offering a vegan menu with many delicious options, other restaurants could really learn from The Point!!
Our server Jennifer was awesome and we also had the pleasure of meeting the owner, cook, and bartender. Everyone was so friendly and helpful!
I was so happy with the vegan food and service here that I will most likely write an article about them!

Updated from previous review on 2021-03-10

Pros: Delicious , Separate vegan menu , Staff is knowledgeable about vegan


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01 Feb 2021

Separate vegan menu

We love that they offer a separate vegan menu and we are happy to support any business that does this. The vegan Mac and cheese was good and my husband got the fajita tacos. All food could have used a bit more seasoning, but it hit the spot and we were grateful for their vegan thoughtfulness!


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15 Nov 2020

Hidden little vegan spot

This place has something for everyone. We got the southern style Pattie melt and the Mac and cheese. Food is great, service is awesome

Pros: A full vegan menu!


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17 Sep 2020

Vegan options are bad quality

They have a bunch of vegan options yes, but they taste like trash. Taste like frozen food, no flavor. Plus we got terrible service and a rude server.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Bad quality


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06 Sep 2020

Excellent vegan options

Quite a few vegan comfort food options. My wife and I have been here 2 times and tried different menu items each time. The food was great.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Very helpful staff

Cons: Cost is a little higher


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12 Aug 2020

Even better the second time!

Second time here! I’ll be back! Had the southern patty melt! So good! Fries are vegan too.

Pros: Food is very good! , Separate menu!


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18 May 2020

Open after Covid19 lockdown and VEGAN!!!

Amazing service. Smart distancing of tables. Masks on all workers. Sweetest lady With blond/pink braids was our server.
Menu has large selection of VEGAN!!
You can make any burger with BEYOND MEAT. Hubby had a vegan burger and garlic fries.
And I had the most yummy VEGAN Mac & ‘cheese’. Oh my. So good.
Do not miss this corner pub. You will enjoy!

Pros: VEGAN OPTIONS, Friendly service , Great beer selection


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01 Mar 2020

Friendly, delicious

Genuinely friendly service. Comfortable environment. Respectful of and knowledgeable about vegans. Fairly quick turnaround from ordering to service. Large vegan menu! Very tasty. We've been twice now and plan to return.
Oh, and when we went on Valentine's evening, they had a most delectable vegan paleo chocolate cheesecake! So good 😍

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great service, Tasty


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29 Feb 2020

Rad surprise!

My partner and I rolled into Bend around 8:30, hungry after leaving Portland later than expected. Many places were closed but we happened upon The Point still open. The fairly unexciting ambiance caused a bit of initial skepticism but that was quickly overridden by the great service, Flintstone sized mug of beer and excellent comfort food! Our server was friendly and dotes in is completely, the meals were big portions and good quality ingredients. I’d definitely recommend it and head back myself!!

Pros: Complete vegan section on menu, Option for a giant mug of beer, Super friendly service

Cons: Mediocre setting, Not crazy expensive, but not cheap


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18 Feb 2020

The Point is they have a VEGAN patty melt!

I LOVE this place. Here currently for bottomless Mac n cheeze Monday. They have a large vegan menu, which is a bit pricey, but provides all the options an unhealthy vegan would want. I honestly wasn’t very impressed with some of what I’ve had so far I.e. vegan Mac and Caesar. But! The patty melt was great! They use beyond meat which is by far my favorite burger substitute. I have a lot to try still. My favorite thing about The Point is just having a local sports bar with a solid vegan menu.

Pros: Big vegan menu, Beyond meat, Best for the unhealthy vegan

Cons: A bit overpriced, Not super quality, No healthy, whole foods options


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17 Feb 2020

Large vegan menu

They have a good sized vegan menu with lots of variety. I had the Maui Luau chicken sandwich with a side of mac and cheese and it was fantastic! I’m looking forward to trying more from their menu.

Pros: Large vegan selection , Delicious

Cons: A bit spendy


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16 Feb 2020

Tons of vegan options - no mods required.

Great crew. Took my order just before closing. I tried to get it to go. They insisted I stay and enjoy the full experience. Very hospitable and kind crew.

Pros: Many forms of various meat substitutes , No mods required, Clear vegan section of menu

Cons: Pricey! But worth it.


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01 Feb 2020

Loved it !

We had the Mac Daddy Patty Melt and the vegan nachos. So satisfying after a full day of skiing. Very respectable vegan menu. I would give them 5 stars if I could, but not fully vegan !

Pros: Mac Daddy Patty Melt, Vegan nachos, Comfortable, casual, and friendly

Cons: A bit pricier


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19 Jan 2020


Really good option. We were at mcminnimum down the street and had no options. Got the maui vegan chicken sandwich and caprese made vegan. Awesome service and food !!

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