Ice cream shop that usually offers at least 2 or 3 vegan options. Try the vegan peach almond milk ice cream. Open Mon-Sun 1:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by cringer


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08 Aug 2023

The Best Employees!

All the employees at this location are great about the vegan options, knowledgeable, and very friendly!

Pros: Dedicated Vegan Menu, Employees, Multiple Options



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11 Jun 2023

Multiple vegan flavors

Their entire menu is clearly labeled with flavors and toppings that are vegan. And it’s great that everything from cones to sundaes are available. Multiple vegan flavors. Just wish the ice cream was creamy instead of icy. If the ice cream is improved this could be a 5 star place.

Pros: 6-8 vegan ice cream flavors, Different alternative milk bases in the ice creams, Vegan chocolate fudge

Cons: Ice cream texture


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26 Feb 2023

Good Ice cream

I tried the chocolate banana cream and the cinnamon oat milk flavors. Paired pretty well together. Everything is clearly labeled, including what is vegan and gluten free. A variety of bases, like almond milk, oat milk, pepita milk (which I'd never heard of).

Pros: Plenty of Vegan Flavors, Clearly labeled


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08 Jan 2023

Unique Flavors

I would go for the hot fudge sundae bar or when they had birthday cake flavor but I wish it was more creamy instead of icy. They use a plethora of milks so its very nice for those with allergies that there should be something for them though!


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10 Sep 2022


Always delicious and they offer samples again in case of commitment issues 🤣🤣

Pros: Always vegan options, Vegan fudge....., Seasonal flavors

Cons: Went up on prices.....but what hasn't


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10 Sep 2022

Vegan ice cream

Plenty of vegan options. Vegan hot fudge.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Not all vegan


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02 Jul 2022

Multiple options

Everything was clearly labeled and enjoyed the espresso chip flavor myself!


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12 Dec 2021

Why bother offering vegan ice cream if it’s terrible?

We were really excited to find this place when we moved to Asheville. Unfortunately, every visit has been disappointing. The flavors are usually icy and watery and just not good. One time, it was so flavorless we thought we couldn’t taste it because we had COVID. Nope! Just bad ice cream, and expensive.

Maybe the dairy ice cream is good and that’s what keeps this place going? I really don’t understand it.

The one positive is that they have a good vegan brownie and my dogs always like their doggie ice cream.

Pros: Vegan options (but they’re always bad), Vegan brownie , Dog ice cream

Cons: Almost every ice cream I’ve tried has been gross


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09 Nov 2021

Many vegan ice cream flavors in Black Mountain

Pretty good vegan ice cream…they had eight different flavors. Cake cone is vegan too.

Pros: Lots of vegan ice cream options, Super friendly service

Cons: Some of the flavors were less creamy than others


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19 Oct 2021

Very bad ice cream

Good that they offer vegan options, but it has a refrigerator taste to it. I had two different flavours and both tasted exactly the same - watery fridge flavour. Could not finish mine.

Pros: vegan options

Cons: bad


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19 Sep 2021

So many choices

Way more than 2-3 vegan options! The ice cream is also unique because they use many different bases like banana creme, hemp milk, pepita milk, etc. The vegan options are clearly labeled in their own column on the menu. Stopped in the S&W building and was able to get beer under the same roof!

Pros: Many vegan options


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26 Jun 2021

Amazing vegan options and ice cream

My strawberry pepita milkshake was wonderful and the orange sorbet was so creamy it tasted like ice cream. It had a refreshing real orange flavor. You can tell they don’t use artificial ingredients.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Amazing taste


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26 Sep 2020

Large selection, various bases

We went to the west location. There were quite a few choices of vegan flavors with different bases. Some were coconut milk based, a hemp milk, a cashew milk, and a banana creme based option. I had a coffee flavored hemp ice cream and my husband had a mint crunch flavored coconut milk based ice cream. Both were good, but we both preferred mine.


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28 Aug 2020

Lots of options, not the creamiest

Lots of vegan options that are even sourced with local ingredients! We loved the variety but I wouldn’t say it was the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had.

Pros: Lots of options , Lots of flavors


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23 Feb 2020

Many vegan flavors

I love the vegan flavors at the Hop! There’s always so many unique flavors to choose from and you can taste them before you order. The flavors change periodically so there’s always something new to try!

They also have vegan fudge and whipped cream!!

Pros: Lots of flavors, Vegan fudge, Vegan whipped cream

Cons: Compostable plastic BUT they don’t compost


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03 May 2019

Icy and weird flavors

I was super excited to try this place after learning that it is a local ice creamery with tons of vegan options!

Sadly my partner and I were quite disappointed. I'm really skeptical of the vegan ice cream that all the reviewers here have had in order to call this the best vegan ice cream they've ever had.

We tried 2 flavors and while they weren't bad, they weren't great either. One had a weird aftertaste and the other was like flavored ice.

I give them a lot of points for effort because there was a separate case for about 8 vegan flavors. But they need to work on the product a bit more.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Not great, Weird flavors


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15 Jul 2018


Best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had.

Pros: 9 vegan ice cream flavors , vegan milk shakes , vegan Sunday’s and icecream cakes


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13 Jul 2018

Great vegan flavors made in house.

Three vegan flavors were available as well as vegan hot fudge. Had the GF Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor made with oat milk topped with fudge. 👍🏻


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18 May 2018

Great vegan ice cream!

This place has a lot of vegan flavors. The plain chocolate with almond milk was one of my favorites! Great place with plenty of seating and friendly service!

Pros: Lots of vegan flavors, Vegan ice cream cones


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31 Mar 2018

Also try at Hop at 721 Haywood

They have a second location in West Asheville at 721 Haywood. Nice shop and they have five or six vegan options. Some of the flavors sounded weird so they were happy to give us a taste..
I went with the Chinese Five Spice Banana Cream. They were subtle flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, cardomom and others. Sort of like a chai tea in ice cream. And the other one we had was a toasted coconut made with toasted coconut. Maybe a little TOO subtle, but tasty. Especially the two of them together, so it pays to go with a friend!

Pros: Interesting Vegan Flavors, Good selection, Samples to help you make your decision


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02 Jan 2018

So many vegan options!

Frequently traditional ice cream stores that provide a dairy free or vegan options will have only one or two choices. But at the Hop it is not so! You are spoiled for choice! There is an entire section with at least 8 completely vegan options - with some very interesting flavor combinations. And not just soy or coconut base - banana, almond, cashew, even pepita milk ice cream! Plus a vegan ice cream Yule Log at the holidays and options to order a vegan ice cream cake! We will be back!

Pros: Choices, Fun flavors, Vegan ice cream cake


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29 May 2017

just wow

literally amazing, have had several
Flavors from here as they rotate and use a variety of "milks".
I first had the cookies & creme coconut milk in hendersonville as it was being sold by a 3rd party and it was a little icy but I wanted to give it another shot and I'm so glad I did.
I've had the raspberry chocolate made with hemp milk which is probably my favorite atm, but the strawberry made from pepita (pumpkin) seeds is a close second, and the chocolate from bananas is also good.
I got a pint to go and mixed the strawberry and the banana chocolate and with tax it was something like $6.24, so only slightly more than So Delicious or one of the chains and so much better (even though I still love them).
The have an easy labeling system which lets you know which flavors and toppings are vegan and friendly staff. Second location in West AVL has the same review.

Pros: variety, ICE CREAM, easy parking

Cons: none


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14 May 2016


I had the chocolate almond milk vegan ice cream and it was absolutely to die for. I honestly thought they made a mistake and served me real ice cream when I tasted it. It was that creamy and realistic (or at least to what I remembered). If you are a coffee person get your ice cream with an espresso shot poured over it. I was in absolute heaven here and will definitely come back the next time I am in Asheville. They had I think four or five vegan flavors and there was a lot of people ordering them which made me happy.

They also have new vegan coconut whipped cream!

Pros: So yummy


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16 Feb 2016

The best vegan ice cream I have ever had.

I went to the creamery for their one year celebration and was able to get a free scoop. I took a taste of the Sierra Nevada flavor they had but ended up getting a bourbon banana flavor. I cannot even describe how awesome this ice cream was. The flavor was so interesting and complex, rich and creamy. I was in heaven. I am also so happy with how experimental the flavors were!


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30 Jan 2015

Love This Place

Great locally owned ice cream shop with a good many vegan options, including coconut milk "whipped cream". The chocolate banana is my fave flavor! They also make vegan birthday cakes on request! Great ice cream and a great asset to the Asheville community!

Pros: Yummy Ice Cream, Vegan Options, Friendly Staff

Cons: None!


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16 Aug 2014

Great selection!

Love love love this place!! So many vegan ice cream options with a wide variety of milk bases. They also offer vegan caramel sauce and coconut milk whip cream with lots of other toppings. I had strawberry balsamic coconut milk ice cream sundae style and it was so delicious. The staff was super friendly and fun. Can't wait to go there again!

Pros: Wide selection, Friendly staff, Creative flavors


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02 May 2014

the hop

Very pleased with the vegan ice cream selections. Had the chocolate banana ice cream in a cake cone. They also offer vegan shakes. Considering I only get vegan ice cream a few times a year this was a nice surprise. Thanks the hop for having vegan options.

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