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Thanh Tinh

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252 Nguyen Cong Tru, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 08

Vietnamese veggie food restaurant, established since 2013. Owner speaks English. Wi-Fi and power outlets available. Open Mon-Sun 6:00am-10:00pm.

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Reviews (25)

First Review by sanuk1951

Amazing food - Edit

Proper vietnamese experience. They seated us down and told us 'today's menu' - it was curry with glass noodles, one of the best I ever had. They brought the food within 5 minutes. The staff speak some English and they are nice.

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Hostility Plus - Edit

Would never, ever return to this place. Despite the decent quality, size and price of the meals, the owner is so aggressive and unnecessarily hostile that I'd rather take my chances at a steakhouse than ever set foot in this dragon's den again.

Pros: vegan

Cons: horrible service

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Good and cheep - Edit

This small place is out of the touristic are and there are mostly locals eating there. The man and woman working there (probably the owners?) didn't speek any English so I just agreed when he asked me if I want to have some of everything they had on the buffet.I got a vegetable soop and rice with loads of different vegetables and mock meets. All was really good, till I finally had something that looked and smelled extremely like chicken.... I'm sure that the rest was just mock meat, tofu and vegetables but about this piece I'm really not sure...But it's a vegetarian/vegan restaurant so maybe it just looked like...As I said, everything else was good and for a price of just 35000d excluding a drink.

Pros: cheepout of the touristic areamany locals portions

Cons: No English spoken and also no English menuchicken

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I'm a noob - Edit

A plate of rice covered in any kind of veggie topping along with soup, and a drink, will run you 50 dong($2.25).
I liked the place. They don't speak English but their willingness to help and make you happy is a 5/5. I had them put everything on my plate so I could try it all, and I was happy with everything.
Its a clean spot. No a/c like most restaurants in Ho Chi Minh.

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Loveat - Edit

Located in an untouristic area but worth the walk.
You get a lot of different types of meat supplements like tofu and seitan and rice, and also fresh spring rolls.
Was very cheap aswell.
One of the best vegan resturants I've been to in Vietnam!

Pros: All vegan, Cheap, You get to try a bit of everything

Cons: Lofated in nontouristic area (not far though)

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An OK meal - Edit

I came here with a friend, because it was close to where I was staying in District 1. We were offered the option of a yellow noodle soup, or a rice dish. I chose the soup, but when I saw my friend's rice dish with appetising mock meats, I thought I might order that later. I sampled the meats and one type was delicious and tender, the other a bit dry and flavourless. My soup arrived a bit later, also piled high with at least four types of mock meat, and some were better than others. The soup was otherwise fairly simple, with herbs being the only other ingredient in the broth. I asked twice about the ingredients and was assured it was all vegan, and the owner seemed slightly annoyed at my asking. The food was good, if not amazing, and cost about VND30,000.

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Tasty food without menu - Edit

We were immedietly greated by a big smile from the owner when we walked in. She did not bring a menu, instead she put ceveral different dishes on one plate from the already cooked displayed food.

Some vietnamese girls got other things from the kitchen, and there was a price sign on the table in vietnamese, so I think they only have a vietnamese menu.

We thought the food was very tasty, it was cheap and the owner was friendly even if she did not speak much english.

Pros: big portions, great price

Cons: menu in vietnamese, staff spoke only a little english

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nice eatery - Edit

i went there tonight for dinner. It's easily visible from outside because of the "vegetarian" sign in english.

nobody was there to be seen so i just sat at a table and waited. about 5-10mins later a Lady came out of the kitchen to serve 2 guests.

they have a menu on the wall but the Lady just asked me in Basic english if i wanted soup (like the other guests) or Rice from the Food stall thingy they have at the entrance.
i ordered soup.

i received quite a big bowl of noodle soup with a lot of veggies and tasty Tofu pieces. i like it!

my Food cost 35'000 Dong which i didn't know before. the Food on the menu costs between 30'000-40'000 Dong as a refrence.

the was an old man (owner?) there too. but he only pointed at the Drinks to ask me if i wanted one. he didn't seem to speak english.

Pros: tasty food, freshly prepared, lovely interior

Cons: you don't know what exactly you'll get, no actual menu, no actual prices

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Thanh Tinh, Ho Chi Minh City - Edit

I rocked into this place this morning. The guy running the place was super nice and super helpful. Without asking he plated up a mix of all the different dishes that were in his buffet cabinet. It was great. He also dished up some simple green leaf soup and also some kind of veggie or tofu burger type thing with a tomato dip. All were great. I enjoyed it so much I went for some extra and he also served up another soup for me. In total this came to a fabulous 430 000 dong. That is what I call great value for your dong.

I showed him a printed piece of paper with images indicating no egg, no cow milk, no honey. He immediately shook his at the concept of using such ingredients.

The owner didn't seem to speak any English. When I asked about the opening hours so I could ensure the correct info was in the happycow listing, he asked a youngish girl eating there for help. She couldn't have been nicer in translating.

When I handed over a couple of happycow stickers they were overjoyed.

Pros: All vegan, Helpful staff, Great food & great value

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Awful - Edit

Zero stars. Three adults, one four year old, had a terrible dinner. Food was barely edible because it was old from lunch. Indicated they didn't cook hot food after lunch. Male owner was rude and exasperated when we sat down, and stood over us with a glare for a time while we ate. Perhaps sick of tourists? No excuse. Abominable behaviour. Smashed out the bill for us on a calculator but I then insisted on a written one which made him more angry. A kinder woman wrote it for us and it was 10,000 VND less than his version. Not a big difference but annoying. Stressful. Unsettling. Stomach ache.

Cons: Bad Food at dinner time , Rude Owner, Pushed us to order more than we wanted

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Stevie 20 Sep 2015 - Hi Vegolove,

What a shame you found the place to be like this. Me and my other went here this morning. Our experience there was the people couldn't have been nicer. We had a ton of great food. It seemed a great place to us run by lovely people.

Keep well, Stevie

Vegolove 07 Oct 2015 - Thanks Stevie, I'm so glad it's not so bad after all!

Mixed Feelings - Edit

Very nice lady who runs it that speaks English. Didn't like the pho but it may have been a South Vietnam thing because I liked it much better in Hoi An. The food was okay. Buffet looked a little shady but don't have an experience to back that up. I went to the bathroom, in the kitchen area, and stepped over two big pots that were open with no lids on them. They were full of veggies and broth. I thought it was disgusting. Anything on my shoe would have fallen in there and probably did. It was moved by the time I came out of the bathroom so maybe there were just organizing but there's no room for that in a restaurant. Didn't get sick from the food. The place is nice on the inside and prices good. Judge for yourself.

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Stevie 20 Sep 2015 - Hi Librahi,

Some great news for you. I went to this place earlier today. When I went to the bathroom at the back of the kitchen I didn't have to step over any pots on the way. Maybe they read your review and were concerned you were disgusted that they had pots with no lids sitting on the kitchen floor.

Keep well, Stevie

Great little local vegan option! - Edit

I love this place; I was staying near it, so went three times. It's very casual and local. The best part is the woman chef-manager, who is very sweet.

Admittedly, the menu is not always expansive (they have a menu, but don't really go by it as far as I can tell -- you can usually get what they happen to be making that day). The food in the front has also been sitting for awhile, though even when I had that (basically rice with a mix of dishes they've made that day, some involving tofu, some mock meats, though they also had a good makeup of veggies in my experience), it was pretty good. The pho was good, as was the ban xeo I had.

It probably won't absolutely blow your mind in terms of taste, but it's good, easy, inexpensive, and a friendly place -- and a very handy all-vegan option! (Also seemed to have good hours -- was open whenever I tried, including lunch and near 22.00).

Pros: Good quality & taste, Friendly staff, Inexpensive

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Great Food Great People - Edit

So far this has been my best find in hcmc/saigon. I have been here countless times in the last 10 days. The food is always fresh and full of flavor. Tons of options on the buffet table. Choose and point style with rice or noodles. Everyone goes out of there way to make you feel welcome and will even show you what sauces to use or how they eat certain dishes. They do have pho and soups and maybe even a menu but the buffet table is incredible and changes. I will go back yet again to try a pho that the lady has recommended. I wish them the best. Check out their facebook page for a discount if you can guess what food is pictured in the photos. This discount is something new they are about to try out. January 1-10 2015

Pros: Too Many..Just Go

Cons: Nothing

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Good Stuff - Edit

The owner told me that she studied in Taiwan and everything in the place is vegan. Apart from that, it's almost impossible to identify many of the ingredients, but it's all good. The food was delicious and her husband was really enthusiastic about dishing out the food. Despite my speaking no Vietnamese at all, he was undeterred in his expositions of how to eat each bite and with which sauce to do it.

Great food, fun guy, basically free if you are of average means. Definitely give it a shot!

(Note: the location is slightly to the west of the map marker.)

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Cheap, friendly vegan food - Edit

Staff were really friendly, despite speaking little English they managed to explain to us that lunchtimes they offer a couple of pho type dishes or a buffet.
We tried the buffet and got a plate piled up with rice, veggies, tofu and mock meat dishes, plus a bowl of green soup.
All was OK, not earth-shattering but fine, really cheap and cheerful. It was very busy with mainly Vietnamese customers rushing in for their lunch breaks.

Pros: Vegan, Cheap, Friendly staff

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Super friendly and amazing bargain! - Edit

Ate here twice on recent trip and have to say it was super good. Value is amazing, the owner is super friendly and speaks reasonable but limited English. All the other staff are also very friendly and seemed lovely, but spoke no English. All the food is vegan and was delicious. Knowing all the food is vegan was helpful as the menu was a handwritten list of the dishes Vietnamese names and was largely a shot in the dark based on whether you wanted 'soup' or 'rice'. I had banh canh (noodle soup) on first visit and it was so flavoursome and served with a large portion of fresh herbs like lemon balm on the side, as well as delicious fiery chillies and lime added as you like. The second visit I had the owners rice suggestion, which was a little bit of everything: a few different vegetable dishes and a dazzling array of tasty tofu based goodies with a sweet potato sauce and pickles. Mung bean milk is also really good here. Another exceptional thing was the price... Unbelievably cheap with most dishes around 30-40VND. If you get the chance go!

Pros: Super friendly and homely, Really good value, Delicious food

Cons: Limited English spoken, Less extensive menu than some

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accidental goldmine - Edit

was walking with my buddy and our bags across district 1 to a cheaper hotel and saw this place. it was crowded with vietnamese and we had packs so i noted the intersection and came back the next day. the owner was super helpful, friendly, and spoke english well. we had 2 different noodle soups and a bunch of spring rolls. when in rome... dont expect good hamburgers or burritos or... i test the integrity of a new vietnamese place by the pho and fresh rolls. she nailed it. very cool, honest, and honorable woman too. i was shocked her place wasnt on this site, so i promptly entered it when i got "home". wish i could have gone more while in HCMC but those road crossings are a huge turn off. now ive been in vietnam for a couple months, i think i can handle those crossings better now.
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 07, 2014

Pros: price, great food, the owner

Cons: none

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Delicious and charming - Edit

Went there for lunch today and the Pho soup has been amazing as well as the deep fried spring roles and another starter plate (mock meat, peanuts, herbs) to share with friends. When we arrived the cook welcomed us friendly and explained the menu to us in poor English but as the place is 100% vegan you can just choose according to photos and price or she will recommend something to you.

Pros: Food quality, value for money, taste

Cons: no English menu

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A Great Find - Edit

Stumbled upon this place at lunchtime while we were on a long trek through the streets of Saigon. Just in time! We really needed a good sit down and a bite to eat. Place was busy with mostly female office workers. They suggested we try their rice and veggie dish which arrived promptly and was delicious, containing light-textured seitan fake meat. Also accompanied by a bowl of spinach broth - delicious! We also sampled an unusual jellied and gingered veg concoction wrapped in banana leaf which was equally as good. Our meal plus two green teas came to about two dollars each. They were also serving huge bowls of veggie Pho soup. Looked very filling. If you can find this place, well worth a visit.

Pros: great food, friendly staff, comfortable seating

Cons: location

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Stevie 20 Sep 2015 - Hi Sanuk,

What a great place this is. Thank you for having added this to happycow.

Keep well, Stevie

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