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Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafeteria-style setting. Most food items are vegan suitable except for one chicken dish and the yogurts. No egg in the samosas, and the bread is vegan. Food is served in styrofoam take-out boxes. Large portions. Relocated from Smithfield St. Open Mon-Fri 11:30am-3:00pm.

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First Review by macmantrl


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11 Aug 2021

Amazing food-watch their documentary on YouTube

I honestly loved everything I ate. Most recently, I had their food at a vegan expo, and it was amazing! Watermelon chutney, rice, samosas, chana masala, everything was delicious. Watching their Mimi-documentary on YouTube, I was even more inspired to write this review. Love them!!!!

Pros: Tons of vegan options , Less than 15 minutes from PITT



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24 May 2019

Good quality, great value Indian food

The food was delish, and really good value. The proprietor was super friendly. I'll be returning. Just be aware that the place is only practical and would out some off. If you can get by this, you won't be disappointed.

Pros: 4 vegan curries on offer., Great value

Cons: Very basic. , Limited opening hours.


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10 May 2018

Humble Indian chow

This restaurant is very, very unpretentious. I say that because some people are skeeved out by old equipment and dirty bathrooms and would immediately walk out. But if you’re cool with shabby surroundings, the food was good, if a bit spicy. I agree with other posters that the mandatory styrofoam is a huge turn-off.


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12 Feb 2018

get there

Hours are not the best for everyone but understandable. Everything is flavorful and tasty.

Cons: hours


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03 Nov 2014


I, unfortunately, only got the chance to come here once while I was going to school in Pittsburgh because my lunch breaks were always before Sree's opened. But I really enjoyed my visit! You get plenty of food for a very cheap price. I was somewhat disappointed when, driving past it daily on the bus, I misread their sign and thought that it read, "Vegan curry chicken," but instead those three things were separate descriptions, and the chicken is real. But I still highly recommend it! While it's not an issue for me, pretty much everything I got was pretty darn spicy, so beware.

Pros: Cheap!, Large portions, Yummy


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09 Apr 2013

Devour this food RIGHT NOW!

I have been wanting to come here since I moved to Pittsburgh. I finally got the chance today because I now have a job downtown (USX). Holy mackerel. I am used to good Indian food, and unfortunately, I hadn't found any yet until I found this place.

It's like the Soup [censored] from Seinfeld. The difference is instead of an ornery guy, you get two wonderfully nice people. You go in, there's like 4-5 options, and you pick 3 and move to the side. You pay (pretty darn sure it's cash only) and leave. It was $6 for some of the best Indian I've ever had, taking into account that it's made in bulk and is waiting for eager patrons.

There are tables/seats lining the outside walls of the place. I went in there around 12:15 and there were seats open. So I would say there's plenty of seating as I assume that's the busiest time to go.

The food is good. I don't have much to say on it. I got some chickpea stuff, some broccoli stuff, and some cauliflower stuff. All very good. Rice was there. They offered bread too. $6. Can't beat that with a stick.

Criticisms! I have 2. One: Styrofoam, stop using it. Please. I know biodegradable stuff is more expensive but cleaning up our Earth later is going to be ridiculously resource-heavy.

Two: There is a chicken dish. I understand why. Out of the 5 people I watched order (including 3 Indians, all speaking Hindi), I think I was the only one to not get chicken. It's a seller. I get it. I want this place to thrive. So while I don't agree with it, I understand catering only to vegans to the downtown business district would be very difficult.

The menu changes daily, so I'll be going here often. At the last building I worked at, I would get a crappy salad whenever I didn't bring my lunch. It was close to $10. No thanks. This takes the cake.

I know there's another location too, on CMU's campus. I think they have the same menu daily. They have 2 other locations that they're waiting for a chef on. It's on their website. I want a full order sit-down restaurant of this place.

Pros: delicious food, quick!, cheap!

Cons: non-biodegradable packaging, omni


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20 Nov 2012

Lots of tasty Indian food

Sree's Food has really large portions for an inexpensive price, and it's really tasty. When I was in there, I think almost everything was vegan except for the one dish with chicken.
The staff was really friendly (I'm assuming it was the owners). Really great place for lunch, or if you are just hanging around downtown Pittsburgh and need a bite to eat.

Pros: excellent food, good value, friendly staff

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