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Serves meat, vegan options available. Part of a large nationwide soup and salad bar chain. All-you-can-eat buffet salad bar, plus special of the day, fruits, breads and soups. Ingredients are not organic. Online menu denotes all vegan items: soupersalad.com/Special%20Diets.pdf Open daily.

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First Review by ErickaDW


Points +25

30 Jan 2018

Ok but a little gross

This place is a little gross. I get amazing service here though, you do get a server assigned to your table and they have always been attentive serving my drinks save for like one time in the years I've been going here.

The reason why it's gross is the hot bar. I would not trust anything from the hot bar. The pizza is literally school cafeteria pizza and is usually soggy and weird tasting. The meat, which I don't eat, is absolutely revolting looking and the soups always taste a little old like they've been sitting there all day. I always see the dudes coming to fix the salad bar but not the hot bar, which is like a major source of food poisoning.

HOWEVER if you want to come here and just fill up on salads go for it. They only have a salt and vinegar option for vegans but that's it. I wish they had healthier salad dressing options. I go here and see people with a very small plate of salad and then like covered in ranch. Which shows that it's very easy to be unhealthy here. I love when they have the fresh strawberries. They have desserts too but none are vegan. They take good care of the salad bar.

Pros: fresh vegetables and fruit, good service, student discount

Cons: sometimes egg and cheese gets all over salad bar, easy to be unhealthy, very small selection for vegans



Points +63

27 Apr 2017

not that veg-friendly

These restaurants are not that veg-friendly. McDonalds has french-fries and salads. HappyCow is listing more and more restaurants that don't really cater to the vegetarian - we deserve more than just to be tolerated.

Texas has a $2.13 tipped minimum wage for food workers.

Updated from previous review on 2017-04-27

Cons: staff works for tips, not clean, food not identified

Stefan Daystrom

Points +60

Mostly Veg
23 May 2012

the only vegetarian soup I ever see is potato

The salad bar is great. (Although I wish there was some bread to go with it, or else that they'd always have a grain such as corn or quinoa as one of the salad ingredient choices.)

However, the soup bar is not of high interest to vegetarians in my experience. Each time I went there (which was 3 times over a period of a couple months), the only vegetarian soup was the same potato soup.

(I only went there on weekends, so I don't know if the menu changes only on weekdays?)

Also, I didn't see the warm pastas change. The vegetarian ones were always spaghetti with a marinara sauce, vegetable lasagna (with very few vegetables), and macaroni and cheese.

It thus got kinda boring to do repeat visits there. I basically only went back when I was hungry enough that I wanted the all-you-can-eat.

The supposedly warm dishes were kinda cold on at least one visit.

Pros: great salad bar, great all you can eat value, friendly staff

Cons: always the same one vegetarian soup, some dishes not always kept warm enough, no bread to go with salad


Points +10

Non Veg
02 Mar 2012

Amazing service!

This Souper Salad is made exceptional above all the others by the service you get there. Fresh selection, great smiles and I just can't say enough about the management!

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