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Soul Vegetarian East and The Eternity Juice Bar

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Contact 773-224-0104

205 E 75th St, Chicago, Illinois, USA, 60619

Serves comfort soul food that is vegan. Menu varies and might include lasagna, mac-n-cheese, and corn bread, desserts, and others. Brunch on Sunday. The Eternity Juice Bar is owned by the same people, and sells juices, elixirs, sandwiches, deli-style salads, and a few vegan groceries. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-8:00pm, Fri 11:00am-10:00pm, Sat 8:30am-10:00pm, Sun 8:30am-8:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Organic, Raw, Juice bar, Take-out

Reviews (33)

First Review by amargrav

vegan soul food. - Edit

Amazing food, terrible service. If you are going to eat here, do not have any time constraints, plans or anywhere to go, service is beyond slow and food comes out randomly with consideration of course times. Save time by carring exact cash plus tip, so you can leave. It gets 5 stars anyway, because the food is that good.

Pros: all Vegan, Damn delicious

Cons: SLOW Service, religious affiliation

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I love this place! - Edit

I have been going to Soul Vegetarian for years as a meat eater and a vegetarian. I think they have found a niche in blending the desire to have meat like foods that are vegan. I love the gyros sandwich, the bbq twists, carrot supreme salad and the kale salad. They have added the Eternity Juice bar in recent years where you can get juices, smoothies and deli ready foods. They only thing I suggest is if you are carrying out, call first because everything is cooked to order.

Pros: Good foods, cooked to order, Juice bar , Vegan ice cream

Cons: Some foods are cooked to order meaning wait time

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My soul loves it - Edit

Their portions are huge, tasty and filling. When I've been I can never seem to get the items they sell in stores but that's ok there is more than enough to enjoy here. Really friendly staff and average service times make this an enjoyable place to eat at.

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Very flavorful food! - Edit

There's only so many salads, kale smoothies and vegan lasagna I can stand before I really start craving some home cooking.

Enter Vegetarian Soul East. Delicious vegan food for extremely reasonable prices. Their lunch special costs $11, and they give you very generous portions. I guess they have smoothies, juices and salads for all you masochists out there (eating a SALAD while watching everyone else enjoy vegan barbecue or macaroni and cheese?! You're out of your mind), but for me, this is a "must" for all vegans in and around Chicago.

I've gone a few times, and it's amazing every time. If you haven't been, you're really missing out!

Pros: Delicious Food, Nice Staff, Friendly Vibe

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Best Vegan Soul Food - Edit

This is a great place for vegan comfort food. Don't go here looking for health food. This is vegan comfort food. They have a daily special, for an excellent price that includes the entree, two sides, and a choice of soup or salad. They have fried cauliflower, mushrooms, french fries, "steak" bits, and onion rings. Mac-n-Cheese, greens and cornbread, and the absolute best BBQ you will ever eat, the BBQ Twist. They make excellent desserts and they now have vegan soft serve.

Pros: 100% Vegan, Very reasonable prices, Good food

Cons: Not healthy food

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Great Comfort Food In Chicago - Edit

This was our 2nd visit to Soul Vegetarian & it is always worth the trip from the burbs to this spot. The food is always delicious. The 1st time I wasn't even vegetarian & I still loved it!
The portions are surprisingly filling. We generally starve ourselves before we go out to eat because we like to gorge on as many dishes as possible. This time we ordered 2 appetizers (onion rings & Buffalo wings) & a main dish for each. I had a basket dish with fried seitan 'steak', tofu, and mushrooms, and served with fries. I guess it was because I ate so many fried things that I felt so full but the portions were plenty that I had to take home leftovers.
For the 4 dishes, we spent around $35. Worth it. Comfort food at its best!
The place has been around since the 80s & despite its relatively small location, it's a laidback & nice environment. We also stopped at the Eternity Juice Bar that's attached to the restaurant & got smoothies before leaving. The juices were also worth it and a nice, refreshment after all that heavy food.
The only thing is that you have to park in the street. Typical Chicago stuff. It's not a real complaint but it's the only thing I can think of that was close to being negative about the experience. We've gone during the day both times so parking was never an issue but I'm not sure how it is during the dinner hours.
They take cash or credit, too.

Pros: delicious comfort foods, welcoming environment, good value

Cons: no parking lot

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Brilliant place, great atmosphere, delicious food - Edit

We went for Sunday lunch. When we got there we were told what the Sunday dinner option was and it sounded good so we had that (we weren't quite sure if there were other options!) The food was amazing. They did vegan chicken soup with corn bread, then a big roast including the best mac cheese we've had so far, garlicky kale, seitan, delicious sweet potato tzimmes, stuffing, other things... followed by a really good apple pie. The people working there are really lovely.

People told us it was hard to get to but it isn't - it's 10 mins walk or so from the red line (79th st stop).

Shame we went on our last day in Chicago, otherwise we'd definitely go back.

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The Food Is Delicious! - Edit

I don't know what their special sauce is but the way they make tofu and seitan is to die for! Their "unreal chicken salad" is one of my favorite things on the menu! Try this place, you won't regret it.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Location a bit far south

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Best of all soul food locations - Edit

I compare all Soul Veg locations around the US to this one. It has the best food of them all. The shakes are great, the bbq sandwiches are amazing, the people are always really nice...I could go on.

The food is amazing, the prices are low, and you'll be pleasantly full after you leave.

The service isn't what you'd expected at most restaurants, so allow a little more time. That extra time making the food super delicious is worth it to me.

Go here!

Pros: Cheap, Vegan, Amazing

Cons: Semi-slow service

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Go hungry - Edit

This food is for real. You're not going to be eating super healthy, but it's awesome. The fried veggies were great and the collared green were really good too. Gyro was kind of meh, but I hit this place up every time I am at U of Chicago.

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YUMMY! - Edit

We were looking for a Vegi establishment and we came across one of the more interesting vegetarian restaurants on the south side of Chicago. Conveniently located off the Dan Ryan Expressway on 75th Street, the food was great. We ordered Bbq Protein Tid Bits, Seasoned Fries and Buffalo Wings as appetizers - GREAT ... our sandwiches were the Black Eye Pea Burger (pleasantly surprised with the marble bread) and Sloppy Joe (great tomato sauce with pickles on the side) AND a side of Down Home Greens with Cornbread (excellent). Topped it all off with a superb Spirulina Smoothie. My dining partner and I had a difference of opinion on the portion sizes - I thought the healthy servings were fine..she prefers smaller gourmet portions - we have lots of leftovers to enjoy later. Service was good... went on a Friday afternoon and had no problem getting a nice table. On street parking may be difficult but don't let that stop you from visiting. In one word, our experience there was Excellenté!!!

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Good Food, Large Portions, Long Wait - Edit

To start, my friends and I split the battered cauliflower. Pretty much most vegetables battered and fried are tasty and the cauliflower didn't disappoint in this aspect. It is definitely something to be split among 3-4 people, though, because it would be too much fried food for just two people. Other appetizers on the menu are more battered things like mushrooms, onion rings, fries, and tidbits (seitan).

We got a side of carrot supreme salad which was absolutely amazing. If you get anything at this restaurant, get this salad. For $4.50, it could have been a meal! It was gigantic and packed full of awesome veggies. We got the creamy garlic dressing with it and I'm thinking they use fresh garlic because it was super garlicky, but the creaminess balanced it out.

For sandwiches, we had the East Coast BBQ Roast Sandwich and the Hand Burger. The BBQ sandwich was as to be expected: messy. They use their signature seitan tidbits and coat them in their own bbq sauce. Overall, it's a good kind of messy sandwich. I'd get this again for sure. My friend had the Hand Burger and he said it's the best veggie burger he's ever had (and he's an omnivore)! It is made out of lentils and various spices. My only problem with the sandwiches are that they come with no sides. It feels a bit like an incomplete meal to just have a sandwich. Of course, you can order a side, but you get what I mean.

My other friend had the dinner special. This dinner was something like $12 and for that price, there was SO much food. All three of us could have eaten this for dinner and been stuffed. It came with greens, steamed broccoli, breaded tofu (think catfish fillet style), a whopping piece of lasagna, and a choice of soup or salad (he got the soup, bean curd veggie, with fresh cornbread). I've had the greens from Soul Veg before and I always find them a bit too musky from the liquid smoke they use. The steamed broccoli was pretty standard, tender and healthy. Now, this breaded tofu business. One of my friends who was with me is from the south and the other grew up eating breaded catfish and both of them were as impressed as I was with the breaded tofu. The lasagna was alright. I didn't love it or hate it, but I wouldn't order it again. Just wasn't my thing - something about the taste of it. Lastly, the soup and cornbread were really tasty.

For a complete review, please see my blog here: http://veganmiss.blogspot.com/2012/04/vegan-chicago-restaurant-review-of-soul.html

Pros: juice bar, large portions, soul vegan food

Cons: long wait, unorganized staff

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One of my favorite restaurants - Edit

I love their raw blueberry ice cream. I also enjoy the cauliflower and the mac and cheese. I'm surprised by how much I enjoyed their raw options. I tried most of them and there were a lot of really tasty items. Normally, I resent cold food but not this time.

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Not for a long time.... - Edit

Updated Review:

I was very disappointed to read this article. Normally I re-rate restaurants with 1 cow after seeing a report like this, but Soul Veg was one of my favorites. I'm so disgusted that I doubt I'll be back for a very long time. Please clean your act up Soul Veg.


My previous 5 cow review:

Review: OMG this is among one of the best places to eat a Vegan meal in Chicago. Now the food here is by no means healthy, but it's damn good and well worth the trek all the way down to 75th street to get it! I love the staff but I got say, the service is slow as molasses here; however, I've been to Soul Vegetarian's all around the country and they're all like this, but whatever, I'll wait for the food.

Things I recommend: fried cauliflower (great appetizer!), gyro's (yum yum yum), macaroni and cheese (wow), potato salad (out of this world), BBQ twists, cakes, and of course my favorite... my custom ordered Jerusalem sandwich (replace the ketchup and mustard with lots of the vegan cheese sauce...WOW!).

Yes it's 75th street and everyone warned me that it's a bad area, but come on, it's not. I'm a little lady that goes down there by myself - I love the people there staff and the customers!!!. This is one of my favorites in Chicago!!!

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xoxo - Edit

I love Soul Vegetarian East! Everything tastes good, the servers are friendly, & I usually can't resist whatever is on special. I have enjoyed everything that I've ordered.

Pros: yummy comfort food

Cons: not near the el

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One of my favorites... - Edit

Love the mac and cheese and greens here! We grab soul veg items from Whole Foods and the DePaul center for lunch all the time. The jerk steak wrap is excellent as well.

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly staff

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Tremendous Experience - Edit

I still can't believe the negative reviews this place gets due to service. My husband and I ate dinner here this past Sunday, and had one of the best vegan dining experiences we have had in Chicago.
The place is tiny, intimate and has an old-school mom-and-pop type of feel. We were seated immediately, received drinks, salads and bread instantly by a waiter who was brief and polite. This was a Sunday, so the menu was predetermined, but TASTY ('chicken' fried 'steak', greens, rice, veggies and pie). Our desert was brought to the table without our having to beg, and our water glasses were refilled several times.
The proprietor chatted us up as we paid the bill, and was just as welcoming and kind as any restaurateur I've met.
The truth is that if you like having your butt kissed by some server working for tips, like your food stacked in little towers on designer plates and served with an aspirin sauce, elderberry reduction or something like that - this is not your diner. If you enjoy damn good home-style vegan food in a restaurant you can have a conversation with your dinner guest, go here.
Oh, to the folks who criticize the surrounding neighborhood: yes, there is zero public transportation. However, the streets are a beautiful, well kept and enjoyable place to take a stroll on an autumn afternoon. I was overcome by the lovely old trees, rolling lawns and stately homes.
I cannot wait to come back.

Pros: Amazing Food, Attentive Staff, Great Neighborhood

Cons: Not close to public transportation

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Delicious - Edit

I just went here while visiting Chicago for the weekend and was very happy with their food. Went for lunch and I got carrot nog, greens, and BBQ protein tidbits. Everything was so good. The people working there were very nice. It was fairly busy and there were only two people taking orders and checking people out. Though, the food didn't take long to be served. I would definitely go here again and would reccomend this to other people.

Pros: Delicious, Fair prices

Cons: Small, Understaffed

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Disappointed - Edit

We went to Soul Veg on a Sunday night, which might have been our first mistake as we could not order off the menu. They had only two options: a fried cauliflower platter, or a fake steak platter. Both came with a salad, greens, rice covered in some sort of yellow gravy, brussels sprouts, a dinner roll, and apple pie, for $14.99. The service was friendly, but very slow and awkward. Not until our dinner was on the table for a few minutes did our drinks finally come - and when they did, the ice tea bottle said it contained honey, even after I asked if everything was vegan.

The fried cauliflower and steak were good, but the other items were inedible because they were literally floating in a pool of grease. Sadly I could not eat the vast majority of my meal, and my husband was sick for the next 24 hours from eating his. Even the apple pie was a disappointment because it contained more nutmeg than words could possibly convey, I mean a stifling amount of nutmeg!

I think I would give Soul Veg another try, but only if the full menu were available to order from, and only if they would disclose the items which are really NOT vegan.

Pros: Unusual, Large portions

Cons: greasy, slow service, pricey

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Not 100% veg*n restaurant. - Edit

The BBQ sauce has honey in it. Cornbread, too?

I love the soul food and everything is very grubtastic, but I think this should be clarified, especially with everyone talking about everything being vegan. Which clearly the BBQ tofu is not, nor is the BBQ sauce for dipping.

Just a heads up.

Pros: Tidbits, Mac-n-cheeze, atmosphere

Cons: honey, pricey, excessive fats

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we drove to chicago - Edit

from champaign-urbana for dinner. it was well worth it. the dinner special included chili, corn bread, bbq seitan, potato salad, corn on the cob, and greens. all of this for only 11 dollars! it was enough to feed two of us. everything was delicious. i cant wait to go back.

Pros: price, chili, portions

Cons: i dont live in chicago

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Wonderful, hearty, tasty food - Edit

I loved Soul Vegetarian. The service was friendly and fast, the atmosphere was charming and worldly, and the food was delicious and perfectly priced and portioned. I haven't had soul food in a long time and found their cream of broccoli soup, cornbread, mashed potatoes, collard greens and country mock steak to all be wonderfully filling and tasty. My only gripe is with the location, which is hard to get to via public transportation. Otherwise, it's highly recommended.

Pros: Taste, Price, Service

Cons: Remote location

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Terrific - Edit

I drive a truck and have driven out of route many times to get some food at Soul Veg. The food and service is always on point. Although I rarely get by there (Because I drive throughout the U.S.)some of the staff remember me by name. I would rank Soul Veg #1 out of all the resturants in the U.S.(I have eaten at 100's of other vegan/vegan friendly places) It can be a challenge living on the road yet places like this makes being vegan worthwile. My recommendations are the greens,mac,salad bar and the ice cream.They also have a beautiful culture and history.They are a Worldwide organic vegan resturant chain as well, with locations throughout the U.S.

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food review - Edit

really friendly staff. Shakes came out with meal and I never got my salad. Food was delicious. Lots of fried southern options. It was also pretty cheap.

Pros: nice staff, awesome food, cheap

Cons: honey in bbq sauce

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