Serves meat, vegan options available. Cafe opened 2018 inside a non vegan cosmetics store. Menu offers a mix of Japanese and western vegan foods: curry, soup and rice balls, burger and fries, pancakes, ice cream parfaits, coffee, juice, and sodas. Location is a 5-minute walk from Jiyugaoka station. Previously fully vegan but reported to offer non vegan pancakes Feb '23 and fish March '23. Removed May 2023: Limited vegan options.

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25 May 2023




27 May 2023


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10 Jan 2023

Beautiful interior

We had the curry and the falafel salad.
I really liked the curry with lots of tasty veggies.
The falafel salad has a sauce that was almost like mayonnaise (which isn’t my favourite) but if you like that it’s delicious, with fresh veggies and soft falafel.


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30 Dec 2022

We had vegan curry and vegan doria. Both were very tasty and filling.

Tasty and healthy vegan meal! I would like to try pasta next time🧡 #Veganuary

Pros: Very healthy and tasty

Cons: If there are more meal menus, would be great!


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29 Dec 2022

Yummy yummy in my tummy

Modern atmosphere. Soy and lemon pasta was yummy. Pancakes were 10/10, the berries were sour and slighly bitter which I expected, but that was fine because they came on the side.

Pros: Yummy, 6 options for food , ~8 options of dessert

Cons: Expensive, Had to travel far to get here, but it was worth it


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03 Dec 2022

Shiro cafe

Great food, very delicious and good looking

Pros: Only vegan options, Great quality

Cons: Little expensive


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01 Dec 2022

Cute place

Had some of the best pancakes I’ve had vegan or not, cool little cafe hidden at the back of a vegan make up and skin care shop. Coffee was nice aswell


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09 Nov 2022

Pricey but good

We tried the ginger chai latte and two kinds of pancakes: berry and maple. Everything was pricey but delicious. Friendly service. I appreciated the high quality hand soap in the restroom too.

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05 Nov 2022

Oh, I’m going there tomorrow for pancakes (after a couple of years of thinking about their pancakes)! Which ones did you like better?


06 Nov 2022

Ruzha, they were all fantastic, but we liked the maple ones best ☺️


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23 Jul 2022

Lovee the pancake and vegan doria

Pancake was delicious and i love the vegan doria 🤤 !
The pizza was so and so..
Loved also Chocolate and raspberry Donuts 🍩
Bit expensive

Pros: All vegan , Well presented dishes, Cozy place

Cons: Expensive


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13 Feb 2022

Amazing food

The food was awesome, big portions, expensive but good, the staffs were very friendly and the restaurant is pretty cozy.


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15 Oct 2021

Delicious but Expensive

We had a lovely lunch at Shiro Cafe. We ordered the Grains Bowl and the Vegan Doria. Both were quite delicious, and the Grains Bowl in particular well exceeded my expectations. Healthy, but full of flavor and immensely satisfying. We considered getting dessert as well, but as we were already full, and the desserts seemed way too pricy, we opted out for the time-being. I'll definitely go back to check out their pancakes though!


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07 Aug 2021

Nice cozy cafe

I took vegan pizza and vegan icecream which are otherwise difficult to find in Tokyo. But I will be pleased to taste other their dishes next time. All delicious!

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-07

Pros: Tasty food! Rather spacious. Very friendly staff.

Cons: None for me.


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25 Jun 2021

Fluffy pancakes

I saw pictures of the pancakes and thought they looked small but they are definitely filling, I couldnt finish it all. Definitely amazing. But I think the curry is a popular item because it smelled so good in there, it had me debating if I should of gotten the curry.

I've had this happen a few times in japan but one of my compaints is a cafe/resturant wont give you your drink before your meal. I had water but they had me waiting awhile and I wish I could of had my tea first.


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04 Apr 2021


美味しいけど高ぇ、staff and atmosphere is pretty good


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23 Jun 2020

Delicious vegan pancake

I had a maple and cream pancake. It's difficult to find the vegan pancake in Japan, so I'm very happy to hear the Shiro Cafe! It was chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Pros: Relax space , Delicious


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28 Feb 2020

Pricey but delicious

Some of the best vegan dessert I’ve had in Japan.
The strawberry latte is delicious and I also recommend the pancakes. I’m happy to find a vegan restaurant that doesn’t insist on grainy pound cakes being considered real “dessert.” On the pricey side if you are looking to eat both lunch/dinner and dessert.
Also beware that the make up and products are not vegan.

Pros: Delicious, Big portions, Real dessert

Cons: Pricey


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05 Oct 2019

Nice but a little pricey

Hidden in the back of the Shiro make up shop this cafe has a nice selection of vegan dishes and desserts to try out.

Pros: Nice selection of vegan options, Not terribly pricey. , Not a lot of seating.

Cons: Not cheap either.


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19 Jun 2019

Pricey Vegan Comfort Food 🌱

Read the Vegan Tokyo Guide on https://itravelforveganfood.com/vegan-tokyo-guide/

Shiro cafe is a vegan cafe inside the Shiro cosmetic store in Jiyugaoka. It’s about 5 minutes from the station.

The menu features burgers, pasta and some desserts. The selection is decent, but the price is a bit higher than average.

The chocolate and cacao crumble parfait uses soy milk and coconut milk for the ice cream. It also has vegan whipped cream, cookie crumble, walnut and chocolate sauce. It tastes pretty amazing. The ice cream is smooth and creamy. It could be a bit heavy by the end as there’s quite a lot of sweet ingredients, but it’s a great vegan dessert nonetheless. A classic chocolate parfait veganized.

Pros: All vegan comfort food, Modern decor

Cons: Expensive


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08 Apr 2019

Great desserts!

I had the vegan chocolate parfait and it was incredible! My sister tried the chocolate cake which was too dry - overall nice, chic atmosphere but way too expensive to come here more often.


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01 Apr 2019

Honey in lemonade

I ordered hot lemonade and it tasted of honey. I asked and they confirmed it’s got honey in it. I returned it saying I can’t have it because I’m a vegan. They still charged for it. No apologies from their side.


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18 Jan 2019

Very good but expensive

We tried the gâteau au chocolat and the ginger carrot cake. Both were very good but the food and the drinks are a bit pricey... Nice staff and very comfortable place, so it is definitely worth it!

Pros: Tasty, Comfortable, All vegan

Cons: A bit pricey


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28 Nov 2018

Best desserts

Have had the caramel banana pancakes and very berry parfait. Both amazingly delicious, one of my favourite places to get dessert!


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03 Nov 2018


Very tasty pancakes and parfait
But bit pricey

Pros: Very delicious , Fully vegan

Cons: Expensive


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21 Aug 2018

Delicious burgers and pancakes.

As an expat living in Japan I'm a sucker for an authentic tasting western-style vegan meal; especially after sometimes going several months without such comforts.
This place scratched the itch I had, with delightful pancakes and some pretty special burgers.
I would definitely go back.
Nb. I'm only rating four stars because the place technically isn't fully vegan since it sells non-vegan cosmetics

Pros: Delicious menu, Great ambience , Polite, English-speaking staff

Cons: Sells non vegan makeup


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28 Jun 2018

Tasty but expensive vegan junk food

Their concept is that they use some of the same ingredients that are in their (non-vegan) skincare products in the food, so sake lees and seaweed, I believe.

I got a soup set with three rice balls (1000 yen), a berry parfait (1400 yen), and a soy latte. The soup was a nice tomato soup. It had some Japanese ingredients for a topping that I wasn't familiar with. I think it was a type of seaweed. The rice balls each had different flavors. One was dried gourd (I believe).

The parfait was big by Japanese standards, with three small scoops of ice cream.

I also tasted some fries that came as a side with the burger, which were excellent.

Everything tasted good.

I wish they had a salad option.

I paid 3250 for lunch, which I thought was a lot. I'm not super price conscious and I know that high-quality vegan ingredients can be rare/expensive. But I thought the parfait was probably too big for one person. For lunch I'd rather have something half the size and price.

I do want to go again but probably with someone that I didn't mind sharing with.

They had regular tables and low and comfortable sofa seating, which I liked.

It's a shame that the cosmetics/skincare store it's attached to isn't vegan/cruelty free, but a staff member said it's hard to develop cruelty free products in Japan, since ingredients can be tested at any step of the process so it's really hard to say that something has never been tested on animals...

Edit: Revisited late in the day on a Sunday and they'd run out of or weren't serving desserts. Tried an apple vinegar soda, which tasted very much like it sounds, and both varieties of the burger, which I thought were a bit heavy. The teriyaki one had a lot of teriyaki sauce and kombu, and I didn't like it so much. The cheese one was a bit better for me.

I should go earlier in the day next time so as not to miss the desserts.

Updated from previous review on 2018-06-22

Pros: tasty, fun junk food options, totally vegan restaurant

Cons: expensive, no salad option on menu, attached cosmetics/skincare store not vegan

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