Serves meat, vegan options available. Has vegan choices such as organic vegan cakes. Gluten free and sugar free items are available. Is also a furniture store. Has a homey and cozy ambiance. Open Tue-Sat 09:30-17:30, Sun 11:00-17:00.

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First Review by MargoMustert


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16 Jan 2024

Heerlijk lunchen

Gezellige sfeer, goede koffie, lekker eten, en vrolijk personeel.
Vegan opties zijn er in ruime mate, maar mag wat mij betreft best meer zijn. #Veganuary



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02 Jan 2024

Great vegan cake but vegan surcharge

This place was very busy when we visited so we were lucky to get a spot. It has a welcoming and child friendly atmosphere and the service was good. We had two lattes and a vegan lion bar. Everything was enjoyed but I find the surcharge for vegan milk really unfortunate. It made the lattes extremely expensive. Even making it a little cheaper would be a good step forward I feel. Otherwise a good experience.

Pros: Multiple vegan cakes, Welcoming staff and atmosphere

Cons: Crammed with seats and (rightfully) very popular, Surcharge on plant based milks


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29 Dec 2023

Heerlijke lunch

We hebben hier heerlijk geluncht. We hadden beiden de lahmacun, echt zo lekker.
Ook nog iets lekkers meegenomen voor later. Was ook heerlijk.


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06 Nov 2023

Koffie en gebak

Prima restaurant waar je met vrienden/familie kan afspreken voor een kop koffie met gebak. De vegan opties op de menukaart trekken mij persoonlijk niet zo.

Updated from previous review on 2023-11-06

Pros: Vegan gebak :), Koffie, Speelgelegenheid voor kleine kinderen


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15 Sep 2023

Vegan High Tea

Loved the high tea! Soup, sandwiches, cakes and a small smoothie. Everything was really tasty. Lovely service. I think we found our new favorite place in Alkmaar.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-15

Pros: Lots of Vegan cakes , Lovely Service


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27 Aug 2023

Nice cakes, bites, sandwiches & more

This time we had the Mokka Taart, which managed to fulfil even german cake cravingsπŸ˜‰and the Lahmacun (very tasty, huge portion).

We were able to sample the egg salad, which will hopefully make it onto the next menu, as it was really really nice.

Coffee n drinks good as usual. In case of a (often boring) cookie you get a delicious date with your hot beverage.

Cozy atmosphere, often busy ☺

Pros: Choice of cakes, Cozy atmosphere, Real good food


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09 Jul 2023

Perfect lunchspot

Nice and friendly cafe with lots of vegan options!


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Non Veg
26 Jun 2023

Terrible experience

TLDR: avoid this place if you know food.

Powdered and artificially sweetened (not mentioned on the menu) dirty chai for 4,95 is just scamming your customers. Especially for vega(n) places where chai tea is always a staple. Well not at Sencha.
For such a high price I expect at the very least some properly brewed tea, not some add water to powder instant crap. I can buy that in the supermarket.

The cappuccino (free of charge) I got instead was just bad, especially seeing they have a proper machine. Maybe the barista had an off day or something, it tasted like he used the coffee puck from the previous order. Now after revising my review I'm wondering if the barista purposely made me a bad coffee as he seemed offended I didn't like his chai scam.

The caramel shortbread was nice but I think the shortbread was just crumbled cookies and it was cold and therefore rockhard so definitely not freshly made that day. It was taken out of the (regular and therefore too cold) fridge not long before as it had condensed water on it.

The cashier/barista asked my wife if she did enjoy the powdered chai with an undertone that know...unfriendly. Very unprofessional behaviour.

This place came recommended but as a former hospitality pro I had a bad experience. Seeing the (lack of) quality in food myself and in other reviews about old pie and not enough ginger/mint in tea it seems this place doesn't have actual professional cooks/baristas just people playing restaurant and trying to earn cash. Fine for the average Joe, but if you know food, better to avoid this place.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-26

Pros: Atmosphere , Can't think , of anything else positive

Cons: The service, The food, The drinks


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05 Jun 2023

Delicious Cake

We tried the Mango Cake and it tasted sooo good! We had a caramel iced coffee that went great with it as well. Absolutely recommendπŸ˜„


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01 Jun 2023

Delicious vegan cakes!

Sencha is a nice place to have lunch or eat a delicious cake. They have many vegan options which is really nice.

I ate here a couple of times and ate the sandwich with chicken curry, made from jackfruit, a while ago. The sandwich was so delicious! We also ate the healthy snickers cake, also yummy. They also make customized cakes. Two years ago I ordered one for my birthday and it was really pretty and delicious!

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-20


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06 Apr 2023

Heerlijk ontbijt en lekkere koffie

De bak met veganistisch ontbijt (muesli met vers fruit en kokos yoghurt) is heerlijk. En de koffie (cappuccino, koffie verkeerd, …) kan ook met havermelk gemaakt worden. Diverse soorten gebak ook geschikt voor diverse diΓ«ten (glutenvrij, veganistisch). Niet zelf gemaakt maar wel lekker.

Pros: Lekkere koffie, Lekker gebak, Veganistische ontbijtgranen

Cons: Geen plek om buiten te zitten, Ietwat opdringerig personeel, Niet heel veel veganistische keuzes


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02 Apr 2023

Vegan cakes on menu not available

This is quite a large and cosy lunchroom with some vegan options. However, it tends to be busy so you need to queu up.
They have a limited number of vegan pastries and the ones mentioned on their menu are usually not available. The taste is quite good, but nothing special.

Btw, be aware that the Twix pie is NOT vegan (a reviewer posted a picture of it).

Updated from previous review on 2023-04-01


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05 Feb 2023

Veel vegan opties, maar duur

Leuk restaurant, maar is vaak erg druk/vol. Is vrij prijzig. Na een aantal keer Vegan taartjes geproefd te hebben blijven de smaken hetzelfde. Na een tijdje niet veel nieuws/variatie meer.

Pros: Vegan friendly

Cons: Duur


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18 Jan 2023

Lekkerste taartjes van Alkmaar en omstreken

Favoriete plek om taartjes te halen, (vegan) red velvet is de grootste aanrader maar ook de worteltaart, cinnamon roll, chocolade taartjes etc zijn heerlijk!!
Personeel is altijd erg behulpzaam en vriendelijk!

Afgelopen kerst heb ik de vegan kerstbox besteld en alles was zoo ongelofelijk lekker!

Pros: Veel vegan opties, Ook glutenvrije opties, Vriendelijk personeel


Points +48

31 Oct 2022

Wat een heerlijke vegan friendly plek!

Veel vegan opties, zowel zoet (worteltaart (he-mels), brownies, vegan 'Snickers', etc) als diverse broodjes, volgens mijn tafelgenoten was de pita Hayoe burger heerlijk. Verder zowel plantaardige soja als haver melk verkrijgbaar voor in de koffie en erwten melk (mijn favoriet).

Kortom, tot snel Sencha πŸ’š

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-31

Pros: Veel vegan opties, zowel zoetigheid als broodjes, Heerlijk relaxte sfeer, Gesitueerd in het centrum


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03 Oct 2022

Best. Cakes. Ever!

If you visit Alkmaar, please visit Sencha! They have so many great pastries and a very large range of vegan dishes to choose from.

Cons: Can be VERY busy so a reservation would be smart


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19 Aug 2022

Heerlijke gevarieerde lunch.

Onze tafelgenoten die vegan/non-vegan hadden gekozen waren het meest enthousiast over de vegan hapjes. De bediening was heel vriendelijk. Ik snap wel dat de zaak vol zat.

Pros: Vegan etagière was lekkerder dan de omnivor


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19 Apr 2022

Fijne plek

Sencha is een van mijn lievelingstentjes in Alkmaar. Heel veel lekkere vegan opties.

Pros: Veel vegan opties , Vriendelijk personeel


Points +20

16 Apr 2022

Veel keuze voor vegans

In tijden niet zoveel keuze gehad voor een lekker taartje. Heerlijke vegan zoete baksels! Gezellige plek en vriendelijk personeel.

Pros: Veel vegan opties , Heerlijk vegan gebak , Vriendelijk personeel


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12 Mar 2022

A good choice for Lunch

Good food and nice Ambiente wirh good service


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30 Jan 2022

Lovely place, getting better and better

The vibe at this place is great, the interior looks very cute (and is all for sale of you'd like to take it home) and the garden is a nice place to sit aswell.

I used to not be their biggest fan, but they just keep on improving so I'm editting my review to a way more positive one. The texture of the vegan cheesecakes still feels a bit off for me. Often they're a little too grainy or too chewy for my taste. Boyfriend likes it though and the taste is fine and keeps getting better. Their vegan cinnabuns are to die for! And the brownie's and more cake-like cakes are great aswell.

Lunchmenu is great nowadays aswell.
We've certainly become regulars (maybe also because we've become neighbours).

Updated from previous review on 2019-04-20

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Great lunchmenu , Very friendly staff

Cons: Hit or miss for me in texture


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16 Sep 2021

Best Vegan place in Alkmaar

If you want a good lunch or a delicious slice of pie this is the place to be! They have a great selection for lunch and they have a lot of cake options and other pastries to choose from. My favorite is their cinnamon roll or Vegan Bomb cake. Always lovely staff. Since the place is popular it’s usually crowded but I’m happy to see they are doing so well. They always post at the end of the day on their instagram stories what pie flavors they have for the next day.

Pros: Lots of vegan option, Super friendly staff

Cons: Crowded


Points +76

09 Sep 2021

Omg so yummy ✨❀️

Omg it’s so delicious! The store is super cute and even sells furniture and decorations ☺️
You can order every drink with plant-based milk. I made pictures of the menucard but there are even more choices in cakes, muffins and cookies πŸ₯°

Pros: Lots of vegan cakes and muffins, Sit outside , Plant-based milk options


Points +500

29 Aug 2021

Erg lekker. En gezellig zitten. En vriendelijk personeel.

Heel gezellig. Warm. En voelt als thuis.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-29

Pros: 3 vegan melk soorten. En zeker 5 soorten gebak

Cons: 5 euro voor 'n stuk duurste koek ever


Points +3832

19 Jul 2021

Cute interior and delicious food

My chai latte was served with a date on the side, never seen that anywhere else. The dessert options for vegans are huge. Make sure to ask staff what's vegan as a lot of cakes didn't have "vegan" written on their sign. I also got the vegan jackfruit sandwich which tasted great but i could have been a little cheaper for what it was.
Nice and helpful staff.
Many tables, also a few outside.

Pros: Many vegan desserts, Delicious


Points +2385

26 Sep 2020

A true treat

Nice staff, cozy interior. Sandwiches are tasty and filling, cakes are amazing

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