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Vegan pizza by the slice joint in partnership with Philly company Blackbird Pizzeria. Also offers whole pies. Toppings include seitan pepperoni, almond ricotta, caramelized onions, and more. This outlet est. Dec 2018. Reported open May 2020. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-10:00pm.

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First Review by MeganMcCrindle


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16 Jan 2024

Best vegan pizza

Love that they have all vegan pizza by the slice! I went close to the end of the day and they were out of a lot of slices, but I got a pepperoni slice and some other white pizza slice and both were great.



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02 Jan 2024

A must go to spot

Had the opportunity to go to this pizza spot when I was visiting NYC early December. Was seriously impressed and a must visit if you want an authentic NY pizza slice. #Veganuary

Pros: The food, Friendly server, Nice atmosphere


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27 Dec 2023

Great vegan pizza

This vegan pizza is lovely. We got the sausage & mushroom, and the screamer. Both pizzas with a few sides of vegan sauces to dip were perfection. Amazing.


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19 Dec 2023

Where do I start

I decided to try a couple of slices, I enjoyed the so much that I ordered more despite not really needing them. Whilst sat there, I could not think of a better pizza I had ever had. There was a wide variety of choices plus extra such as chicken nuggets and mac and cheese.


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08 Dec 2023

omg i wish i could move to brooklyn

there’s so much flavor packed into this pizza. best vegan pizza ive ever had. and it’s up there in the best pizzas ive ever had (nyc, jersey, chicago)


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05 Dec 2023

A Nostalgic Pizza Trip Down Memory Lane

We used to rave about Screamers Pizzeria, claiming it served up some of the most mouthwatering vegan pizzas in Brooklyn. But our recent visit left us feeling a bit meh.

The pizza we once loved for its explosion of flavors now seemed to lack the same pizzazz and intensity. The cheese, once a rich and creamy delight, now fell flat, leaving us yearning for the culinary experience we had long cherished.


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14 Nov 2023

Excelentes fatias de pizza no Brooklyn

Tive ótimas experiências no Screamer.
Fui em duas noites diferentes sempre pedindo dois pedaços de pizza. A pizza é muito gostosa e farta -o pedaço é caprichado.
O restaurante possui aquele esquema de cozinha aberta e as pizzas ficam prontas bem rápido também.

Pros: Totalmente vegano, Comida saborosa


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23 Oct 2023

Overhyped disappointment

If you search for a vegan pizza place in NYC all you can find is screamers being recommended so we naturally tried them out. Went there late in the day and tried 2 slices of pizza.
The taste was just a disappointment, it was oily at parts and dried up elsewhere. We get better vegan pizzas from famous franchises where we live in the UK.
What was also negative is that every single table and seat was really dirty and staff was too busy singing explicit song lyrics that was screaming for the speakers to care. We quickly ate the 2 slices and left. We literally ate better everywhere else on our visit.


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07 Oct 2023

Good but pricey

The slice of pizza I had, the pepperoni one was really good. The cheese was good and melting in the mouth, just like I like it. I tried the Buffalo but didn’t like it that much. It is pretty pricey for just one slice of pizza (I think about 5$ tips) and all the slices are almost the same price (if I remember correctly). I feel like it stays a luxury : where are the 1$ vegan slices? I want them.

Pros: Good pepperoni pizza

Cons: Pricy


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02 Oct 2023

Pizza was great; service was…

ALRIGHT. The pizza was honestly very good.The variety of options they had to choose from made it a wonderful first impression. I got the BBQ and Green Screamer, if I recall correctly!

On the service front, we waited a long while for our slices to be warmed up. While waiting, we noticed that they threw out the first few slices because they had burned them, heating them up for so long. So, I can’t give this place the best rating on that front.

Though, if you’re in the area, have some time, you gotta try it!

Pros: Pizza, Pizza, Pizza

Cons: Service was on the slow side.


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02 Oct 2023

I miss the Greenpoint location

The Crown Heights location has some quality issues. The regular slices that I normally get were either really salty or we’re just subpar. They did end up throwing in an extra plain slice, probably accidentally, and it looks questionable 😕.

The Greenpoint location was awesome! The staff was a group of people that my partner and I grew close to and the pizza was always on point. The vibe was also different- they just seemed to care a lot more. Not to say that every job is has to be amazing all the time, but the crew just meshed really well and I think that transcended to the food.

Pros: Slice selection, Wings, Size of location

Cons: Salty, Quality issues


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16 Sep 2023

Food is Great!

Went here after visiting Brooklyn Botanic Garden (sorry, no pics this time.) Had the Buffalo Chikn Wings and a cheese (Violife) slice. Both were delicious! Unfortunately, can only give three stars, due to: 1) staff was playing [censored] rap, and doing so at an extraordinarily high volume - not appropriate for what is supposedly a family-friendly establishment, and certainly not conducive to sitting and eating one's meal, much less trying to have a conversation; 2) one of the staff behind the counter was openly eating Chinese take-out, which may or may not have been Vegan.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-16

Pros: Cheese Slice - excellent, Buffalo Wings - delicious

Cons: Inappropriate music playing, Staff member openly eating outside food


16 Sep 2023

Sucks when this happens… You find a spot where the food is good but everything else there takes away from your experience. Thanks for the heads up.


16 Sep 2023

That’s not too far away from me actually. I heard the location on Manhattan Av has closed so this is the only one. I hate loud restaurants with a passion so this is a shame. :(


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14 Sep 2023

A must!!!!

Legit one of the best pizzas I had in my life! Had 3 different slices: mushrooms, pepperoni and cheeseburger and they were all incredibly tasty.

Pros: Cheap, Many options, Cute space

Cons: Loud music


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14 Sep 2023

Mushroom delight

I had a mushroom and pepperoni slice and they were delicious. The pepperoni was good, but the mushroom one was absolutely great. Highly recommendable

Pros: Cheap prices, Tasty food, A lot of options


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11 Sep 2023

Creative pizzas that taste great!

There cannot be more than a handful of totally vegan pizza places that sell by the slice in the world. That is why I absolutely love Screamers! When you order at the counter you get to choose from roughly 10 pies, which are heated up as you pay. It’s standard wait, about 4-5 minutes. This time we ordered pepperoni, the sausage and mushroom, and the Napoleon Dynamite slices. While the pepperoni was fine (good plant based meat) and the sausage and mushroom was a disappointment (it had maybe one sausage and two mushrooms on the entire slice—they need to get proportioning/ratios down), the Napoleon Dynamite was unreal. It had chili instead of pizza sauce with the usual layer of cheese and TATER TOTS on top. Extra points for creativity, who would have thought to put chili on pizza. Screamers you killed it, nice job.

Pros: Pizza by the slice, Super creative options, Indoor and outdoor seating

Cons: Make sure you get the toppings you ordered


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Non Veg
30 Aug 2023

so yummy!

I loved the Screamer slice the best! so yummy and slices are big!


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24 Aug 2023


I found the pizza pretty good. Price okay for NYC.


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29 Jul 2023

Amazing vegan pizza

This was such a great place to go when we were in Brooklyn. We went a bit later in the day and they still had a reasonable range of different pizzas available, and they were reasonably priced as well. The size of the slices is pretty generous, too - I couldn't finish mine, even though it was really tasty. Stop by if you're in Brooklyn!


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16 Jul 2023


Very satisfying, 10/10 would recommend.

Pros: Very flavorful pizza. , Variety of choices. , Fresh.

Cons: Lacks gluten free options.


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07 Jul 2023

Lovely place but disappointing pizza

Loved the place, the big blue outside doors and the well "decorated" bathroom but was disappointed in the food. I only tried two pizzas but I won't come back to try more.

I had a slice of the Buffalo (4,75$), which lacked sauce and was very dry. It was also super spicy, and that wasn't written on the menu (it usually is when it's that spicy). I also tried the pepperoni pizza, it's a bit better but still too dry to my taste. Plus, it's not cheap, as a slice costs you between 5 and 7$ (taxes included).

Pros: Lovely place

Cons: Pizza is too dry, Expensive for what you get


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26 Jun 2023

Everting is vegan here :)

Wow I totally love the interior design here, it feels like back in the old days and next to the beach in Florida , it feels so nice , it feels like let’s grab a pizza and go back to surfing 😆 thank you😄


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23 Jun 2023


so good! vampire pizza is my special occasion pie and pepperoni is the classic (even tho the pepperoni is salty it’s still worth that childhood pizza party experience)

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-23

Pros: multiple types of vegan cheese

Cons: salty pepperoni


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23 Jun 2023

Sooo good

Grab a few slices and eat at the park. Lots of choices. Tried many, loved them all. I’ll have to go back to try their mock twix and seitan wings.

Pros: Big slices, Fast

Cons: Limited seating/not great for dining in, No bathroom


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Mostly Veg
22 Jun 2023

Nice big vegan slices

I'm always on the lookout for good vegan pizza, and this place is pretty up there! Love that you have a lot of big slices to choose from, from straightforward plain or pepperoni to some more creative ones with mushrooms, artichokes, pesto, etc.

Pros: Good variety, Ready to eat slices


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05 Jun 2023

Used to slap, what happened???

This restaurant used to be my favorite vegan pizza. But at some point they started putting waaay too much vegan cheese on their pies. And the crust is either hard or undercooked and pretty tasteless. Everything also got saltier in general I think.

They're hitting all the right bases in terms of being an all vegan restaurant, but the pizza itself doesn't seem like it's made very well right now.

Brooklyn Pizza crew is a block away and makes a way better crust and has great vegan options.

I feel like with vegan cheese, people who aren't vegans don't want too much because they're not used to the taste. And people who are vegan don't need so much cheese because we've gotten over the taste. It's not about the amount of cheese, it's about the flavor of all the elements combined! The long-winded review is because I do want to love this pizza again but for now I'm skipping it.


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02 Jun 2023

Alright pizza

I’ve had way better in the city. I’ve heard the other location is a lot better though, and I haven’t been yet.


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23 May 2023

Good pizza

Good pizza even right before closing.

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